Vancouver's Olympic ad drought -

Vancouver’s Olympic ad drought

Where’s all the ad money gone for the Winter Games?


The Olympics are normally an easy sell for companies looking to advertise their brand and stick the five rings on their products. The potential audience is massive. The Beijing Olympics, for instance, lured nearly five billion TV viewers (about 70 per cent of the world population). But things have not been easy for the Vancouver Games, which are still struggling to land big advertisers just months before the opening ceremony. Names like GM and Home Depot have already dropped out as sponsors of the U.S. team. The recession is largely to blame. But experts say there are other challenges looming, like the fact that much-coveted younger viewers are straying from TV and the Winter Games in favour of the web and extreme sports featured in the X Games. One sports marketing expert suggests the IOC itself is largely to blame for having taken major sponsors for granted in past Olympics.


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Vancouver’s Olympic ad drought

  1. The financial boondoogle know as the Vancouver games, I predict will take longer to pay off than the Montrteal fiasco. For those who are unaware, it took about 40 years and just got payed off last year. I suspect Canada is about to make history again as a man gives birth to a baby . I know my last sentance will be totally meaningless to the generation of twittering twits, who read nothing, know nothing and have no idea of history, thus we are doomed to repeat it. Cheers.

    • A sparkling, green new convention centre, booking 30 years out; new facilities built on time and under budget, and even an Olympic Village that will be finished and sold in the rebounding property market. As I recall, even though I am a twittering twit, you leftist loons wallowed in negativity and cynicism in the year long run up to Expo 86: "nightmare traffic! 20 dollar hot dogs!! Bankruptcy and debt forever!!!" You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. Comparing 70's Montreal and 00's Vancouver shows the lack of historical knowledge on the part of whom?
      Cheers, at Heinecken house in Feb 2010!

      • Anyone who knows me would double over with laughter at the idea of accusing me of being a "leftie". No sir, I am a realist and can read and do the math. What in God's name are you smoking. What fricken facilities were built on time and under budget? Perhaps the Athlete's village which was funded insanely with hedge fund money at a whopping 11%. I guess they couldn't go to a bank for conventional bridge financing or a morgage. By the by, the hedge fund went belly up with the other pipe dreams about this time last year and the province(the taxpayer) had to step in and pony up the cash. The condo market will never recover to sell those lemons off to even break even. The last I head about the convention center was that it was about 40% overbudget and yet another honco was brought in to try to reign that mess in. The 150 million for security is now a billion and rising. Personnel that the mounties and armed forces don't have are being secunded for a year. Law suits from U.S. security firms launched as contracts were broken to try to reign in those costs. Conventions booked 30 years in advance…HA-HA. Get real.

  2. The IOC has missed the mark on the importance and power of proper web distribution for their product. The Olympics could make waves on the web this year and the IOC will miss the party as it continues to neglect next generation technologies.

    By pushing distribution to the network the IOC lacks economies of scale. All the networks distribute the events in a very specialized way. No watching the runs of specific competitors or centralized listings or search of events.

    To the Vancouver Humbugs, leave town, it's already set to go. No way to stop it now. Canada seems to 'take one for the team' to host the Olympics (See Montreal and Calgary). But let's do what we do best and pay our tax dollars to help the world see itself as possibly united in some ways. We are global citizens. Think about how good we have it compared to the other 6+ billion global citizens and get over your squabbles.

    To quote some dead greek philosopher, I am a citizen not of Vancouver or BC or Canada but of the World.

    Left and Right get over the fight and unite.
    to know what I mean (See Citizen – )