Vatican launches itself on YouTube. What’s next? Twitter?

New channel aimed at everyone from devout Catholics to casual web browsers


Following up on its website, the Vatican launches itself deeper into cyberspace with its own YouTube channel. It will broadcast short video news clips updated daily on the Pope’s activities and what’s happening at the Vatican, with audio and text in English, Spanish, German and Italian. Officials at the Vatican say it is aimed at everyone from devout Catholics to the casual web browser. The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, noted Pope Benedict had always been “fond of new technologies” and hoped to use them to reach out to “the digital generation.”

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Vatican launches itself on YouTube. What’s next? Twitter?

  1. The Obama campaign was a great example of how to use video and social networking to your advantage and I think a lot of government organizations have taken note of that.

    Those cries of “Google taking over the world!” aren’t so unbelievable now they?

  2. JTester, in this context I’d say that the Queen set the example when she launched a similar YouTube page in December 2007. It’s interesting to watch two of the oldest institutions on Earth adapting to the “digital generation” in this way.

    Of direct interest to this story is the LIFT Conference interview of Sister Judith Zoebelein, the Franciscan nun who manages the team of 17 techies that oversees the Vatican website:

    For anyone interested in technology and culture, the interview includes some incisive comments on the nature of the internet as a medium, the relevance, usefulness and pitfalls of constructing and participating in ‘virtual community’, the interrelationship of the virtual with the physical, and the significance of marrying a 2,000 year old institution with new technologies.

    Cheers – Lee

  3. Be careful about Internet viruses if you log on to that site. I hear they don’t believe in wearing condoms over there!