Vatican strikes back against allegations -

Vatican strikes back against allegations

“This is what happens in every family”


The Vatican today denied allegations of any cover-up in the sexual scandal allegations and denounced the recent revelations as a “smear campaign” against the Pope and his aides. “This is a pretext for attacking the church,” Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins said. “There is a well-organized plan with a very clear aim,” he said. Saraiva Martins also said that while he was in favor of zero tolerance now, he could understand why some bishops covered up cases of child abuse in the past: “We should not be too scandalized if some bishops knew about it but kept it secret. This is what happens in every family, you don’t wash your dirty laundry in public,” he said. He also accused lawyers of “wanting to make a lot of money” by digging up decades-old cases and filing lawsuits.


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Vatican strikes back against allegations

  1. This is where the Cardinal is wrong. If you've ever seen the inner workings of the church, you'd know that it's more like a business with employees than it is a 'family'. It's one thing for a mother to protect her son or daughter but if you knew your boss or ones of your employees was sexually abusing children, would you cover it up and not tell the police?

  2. Happens in every family? Not in mine.

  3. religion? gawd! could be the beginning of the end of this scandalous ridden church, abuse and domination over millions of innocent humans!

  4. “We should not be too scandalized if some bishops knew about it but kept it secret. This is what happens in every family…" What an outrageous thing to say. Covering up cases of child abuse is a criminal offense. It usually perpetuates an ongoing crime.

  5. While vague, a public omission of not being scandalized at the prospect of covering up child abuse is pretty significant…

  6. the news estimated that in excess of 500,000 children were abused in the Catholic Church .. if any other organization did that the government would be all over them.. well at least in the USA they will be suing like there is no tomorrow

    • Are you trying to say only the Catholic Church has abused children? Other organizations and churches have been doing the same thing, it's just that media always gives front page and full coverage only when it is the Catholic church. The Anglican church, Jehovah's witnesses, Rabbis, Scouts, the public school system, and so on. They are all still good institutions for the people who choose to attend.

  7. …there should be mass arrests of these pedophiles and an inquiry into the vatican bs and so called secrecy meant to fool individuals who are innocent and ignorant of how man can deceive millions by abuse of power and control…this old school must be brought down and burnt….

  8. EVERY family. Can he possibly believe what he is saying?

  9. "family" — such as that other well-known Italian family, the Mafia?
    Families break up for much lesser reasons than this — time for the kids to split from the "family" and seek a reconstructed, healthy life.

  10. This is the beggining of the unraveling of the third secret of Fatima………. Lucia Satos's third and final vision!!. Get ready folks, its gonna be a bumpy ride!!

  11. To conceal (keep quiet about) criminal activities is strictly against the law. Child abuse is a crime especially when you are a person of authority like priests, deacons and bishops. When someone confesses a criminal matter or confesses the intent to commit a criminal matter to a priest, that priest is committing criminal negligence by not reporting what he knows to the police or any other legal authority. If priests, deacons and bishops are to be gate keepers of right or wrong, the least they could do is recognize what is wrong and ask for advice from our friendly police forces. If they can read the bible, then (duh) they can also read the law.
    The law applies to everyone without exception.