Venezuela accused of assisting rebels -

Venezuela accused of assisting rebels

Spanish judge ties government to murder plot


Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco has accused the Venezuelan government of assisting two rebel groups in a conspiracy to assassinate Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. The accusation comes in a written indictment against members of the Basque group ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known by the Spanish acronym FARC). The indictment quotes a Spanish probe into the organizations, an investigation that turned up evidence, Velasco says, that “demonstrates Venezuelan governmental co-operation in the illicit collaboration between FARC and ETA.” The indictment also accuses Arturo Cubillas Fontan, a man known to have worked in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government, with co-ordinating relations between the two terrorist organizations.

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Venezuela accused of assisting rebels

  1. Reality is …..Mr. Uribe is the one who has tried to kill Chavez, they caught over 100 Colombian paramilitaries in a farm near Caracas a few years back, the farm belong to Alonso, maria conchitas' brother, this actress was going out with a well known drug dealer at the time is is connected to the drug trade just like Alvaro Uribe is a drug lord supported by the USA.

    They always tie to blame Chavez of wrong doing but always fail. It is Colombia the number one drug producer in the world and the USA the number one junkie!