Vernon Makes it Plain


Tonight PBS replayed a great interview that Tavis Smiley did with Vernon Jordan a few months ago. They talked about everything from the future of capitalism to the  Sotomayor confirmation to being black in America. It’s a fascinating chat; Jordan is a smart man who has had a remarkable life.

I like the part where Smiley asks him the difference between being articulate and being eloquent. Smiley also asks Jordan how he came out of the whole Lewinsky thing with his reputation intact:

“I did the only thing I knew to do, and that was to tell the truth. That’s integrity. [Pause] I did one other thing: I kept my mouth shut.”

The whole interview is here.

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Vernon Makes it Plain

  1. I could only watch the first 15 minutes, so if conversation gets better excuse me, but Jordan said little more than Dem boilerplate with what I saw. And I hate Tavis Smiley, he irritates me beyond sense or reason.

    I watched a Loury/McWhorter conversation on bloggingheads yesterday and they had an interesting discussion about Obama that pretty much avoided the talking points we have been hearing the past couple of weeks.

  2. He cannot resist pointing fingers at Republicans in order to create more division.
    He is a smooth talker whose reference to Princeton as one of "their schools" (referring to Republicans) is typical of his racially antagonistic style.