Veterans miffed at Quebec premier over Fleur-de-lis in poppy -

Veterans miffed at Quebec premier over Fleur-de-lis in poppy


MONTREAL – The premier of Quebec has swiftly removed a Fleur-de-lis pin from her lapel after some veterans complained Friday about her wearing it inside a Remembrance Day poppy.

A spokeswoman for Premier Pauline Marois said she wasn’t trying to offend anyone by combining the Quebec emblem with the red poppy.

“Her objective was not to create a controversy,” said her director of communications, Shirley Bishop.

“Madame Marois has a lot of respect for veterans and a lot of respect for all the people who’ve lost their lives for their homeland. The fact of putting a Fleur-de-lis was not at all, not at all, a political act…

“She’ll continue to wear the poppy but, given the controversy, whe will not put the Fleur-de-lis.”

The sudden sartorial reversal came after complaints from a veterans’ group Friday.

The Royal Canadian Legion said some of its members were insulted that Marois stuck the Quebec symbol inside the poppy she’d been wearing in the legislature this week.

Margot Arsenault, the Legion’s provincial president, accused the Parti Quebecois premier Friday of playing politics.

“I find it’s very political and right now the veterans are very, very, very upset because they fought for Canada not just for Quebec,” she said Friday. “We are in Canada. If she wants to wear the poppy she should just wear it like it is.”

She said she’d even sent a letter to the premier saying it’s not proper to wear the poppy with a pin inside.

Arsenault, whose father was a veteran, said the poppy is a Royal Canadian Legion symbol and nothing should be attached inside — even the Canadian flag.

“The poppy is the Royal Canadian Legion symbol and nothing is to be worn inside like a pin — whether it’s the Canadian flag or anything. We’re not supposed to,” Arsenault said.

She said she received about 15 phone calls and about a dozen emails yesterday from veterans who complained the premier’s gesture was not acceptable.

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Veterans miffed at Quebec premier over Fleur-de-lis in poppy

  1. Quoi ???? There is no Kebec bashing on this one ?????

  2. This woman only thinks of how she can offend others as it is her agenda to do so! Get a life Pauline and be happy that you live in one of the most wonderful countries in the world of which Quebec happens to be a wonderful part of, and all of us treasure Quebec and its people so leave it alone.

  3. She should be put behind bars and the key trown away .If she does not what to de canadien she can leave I`ll even pay for her ticket .Beside the poppy is not a political it is about remembering being exmilitary what she has done is disonnering those who fought for the freedom we enjoy.

  4. Ignorant. It’s like stepping on the dead. I have my issues with the military, but I honour those who gave their lives in WWII. They all fought as allies to keep us free from the nazis who would enslave or kill us. How dare you bring your own unresolved issues into this day of honour. Shame on you, you selfish, ignorant bitch. Time to get honest with yourself.

  5. Ignorance and she has many followers just like her who believe and would o the same thing. it has been said that Quebec is the dumbest province out of the 10. Now i can see why

  6. I heard that during the 2nd world war some of her relatives were drafted, sent to Newfoundland to learn English before being shipped oversees.After the war ended some one shook a tree and they all fell out. So there you go. They do not respect our vets