Vic Toews vs. the child pornographers—whose side are you on? -

Vic Toews vs. the child pornographers—whose side are you on?


If you’re worried about the government snooping on your online activities, then you’re siding with the child pornographers, according to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. Toews is expected to introduce a bill on Tuesday that would expand the police’s powers to conduct online surveillance without a warrant. When Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia pointed out the privacy concerns involved, Toews responded, “He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers.” Among the many contentious items in the bill are the provisions that would force Internet service providers (such as Rogers, which owns Maclean’s) to hand over data, including names, mobile phone numbers, email and IP addresses, all without a warrant.

This is not the first time Toews refers to opponents of the bill as siding with child pornographers. Toews made similar comments on Twitter earlier this month and during Question Period back in November. And as The Globe and Mail‘s John Ibbitson points out, similar remarks by Stephen Harper may have cost him the 2004 election.

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Vic Toews vs. the child pornographers—whose side are you on?

  1. “And as The Globe and Mail‘s John Ibbitson points out, similar remarks by Stephen Harper may have cost him the 2004 election.”

    And if they continue with this bill and more comments like that we don’t have to wait until 2015 to remove them.

    • According to the NDP child pornographers belong in Parliament, not jail.

  2. How DARE HE call ME, a SURVIVOR OF (multiple) CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSES, Of “standing with Child sexual predators”????   he is SOOOO going DOWN.  Yeah, cuz me being sexually abused as a child makes me ok with assholes who go around hurting other children like I was hurt?  F**K that.

  3. I feel that Vic Towes have good intentions-trying to protect children from predators. But invading the privacy of the genera public  is not a wise step. A better policy would be to have a strandard branding or a warning tag that will be visible on any one convicted as a pedophile. This way when one in within range of children people can keep an eye on the pedophile. Also, communities will better be able to know where they reside, as statistics shows rehabilitation does not usually work for pedophiles.

    I feel that any government that has a sensible policy that stands for the rights of victims will win my vote.

    • Thank goodness our system never falsely convicts someone, eh?

    • I assume you support stoning for adultery as well. 

    • How about one for fools and fascists?

    • Branding!!! Warning Tag!!! Are all Albertans brain dead from mad cow or toxic tar sands fumes?

       You do know that Criminal Vic Toews got a woman 30 years his junior pregnant don’t you?? Almost pedopheliac don’t you think?? When she was 12 he was 42… it was a good thing he waited until she was “legal”

    • Good grief Cindy…I understand what you are saying…and your horror at the crime. But this sounds eerily familiar – “let’s put yellow stars on them…”

      The fact is, that communities are NOT “better off” by becoming paranoid because someone on the “sex offenders registry” lives nearby. You cannot run from life. You do not know if this “registered offender” is a full-blown Christian leader/pedophile…or if they’re some dumb-butt that drank too much and grabbed the waitress’s arse! BOTH go on this “list”, and you do not know which is which.
      People -teach your children about sex, about what is right and what is wrong, stop fighting against sex ed in schools….and they will be unlikely to be victims.

      No good can come of hysteria/stranger danger! and all that nonsense!

  4. If you think your internet costs a lot now, wait till this “spy” bill goes through.

  5. This is the same gentleman that is OK with torture as a means of interegation. Shoud we be surprised that he doesn’t value Canadians’ privacy?

  6. typical right wing dis information that Harper and his lackeys spread around

  7. Hmmm, if i side with them, I give up all my freedoms. If i don’t, i am a child pornoghapher.
    I see the abuse of this new bill already in progress

  8.  Toews reminds me of those Spanish Inquisition characters on Monty Python! She’s A witch,burn her , No its torture for sure an don’t forget to fire a shot over her head.

  9. What he means is they’ll hack the opposition’s internet accounts and plant child pornography on them…

    •  Well, I don’t think he’s so stoopid as to do the plants you mention, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Conservatives, led by Harper and his gang of anti-social cretins, start to try and mine the addresses of those who they think are against them in any way.  With the disreputable treatment of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans by the Conservatives, including the lacadaisical ‘permitting’ (then tut-tutting about it) file-sharing of Vet’s health info, the Cons have shown their stripes and their level of ethics.

      Never, EVER, trust a Harper Conservative.

  10. One thing we won’t get from a thug like Toews is any kind of nuanced argument in favour of surveillance. No, just idiotic rebuttals like this that deflect from any rational discussion of the legislation.

  11. Such hypocrisy by the HarperCons!

    They want to get votes from law enforcement by violating the privacy of EVERY citizen, while also arguing that the long gun registry and long form census are violations of citizens’ privacy.

    We already have police treating protesters as terrorists, threatening their families, incarcerating without any offence or even ‘reasonable suspicion’, beating up innocent people without remorse. We are supposed to ‘trust’ police with our privacy?

    I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!
    The police can just follow the law, where if they identify a criminal action – eg, child porn online – they get a warrant for the information and arrest them. It seemed to work fine in the recent sweep netting 60 arrests and rescuing 22 child victims and 15 adolescents.

  12. I am on the side of shame. I am ashamed that these nonsensical comments have been made by my government in the name of fascism. 

  13. Neither. We really deserve better politicians than blowhards who wring their hands and cry out for people to think of the children while trying to impose their latest whim on the public.

  14. Minister Toews says, “…if you have nothing to hide, don’t worry…” about surveillance Bill C-30. How could an investigation be impeded by applying for a warrant? And what intentionality he exposes with his Orwellian statement. Minister Toews sounds like he wants to give the police some extra sweeping powers for gathering information on citizens. We already have guys that do this job – they’re the secret guys who recently caught a nasty spy in Halifax. Our cloak and dagger guys are slick and pro.  I don’t know if our spooks work with or without warrants but Canada already has guys that can and do watch over our shoulders.

    If someone is running away from a bank and there is screaming I can understand where a warrant isn’t required to follow and take down the suspect but what happens when ordinary citizens or groups take positions that are not in line with Parliamentary policy? No Judge, means no safe guards, no jurisprudence.

    Perhaps Towes is just being frugal and trying to beat CSIS and RCMP agents for overtime pay. Shaft another civil servant, I don’t know. But I do know – I have a lot to hide. A lot. The House of Commons can pass any law they want and they seem determined, so I need to apologize in advance.

    First off I want to apologize to about fifty editors and publishers across Canada. You know who you are. You’ve been publishing my letters hurling insults at the government for years. Maybe you published a short story, photo or article by me. Perhaps we exchanged email. Maybe I said things and you said things. I guess it’s on record on a server somewhere. Sorry. I was trying to hide our relationships.

    To the Canadian Supreme Court Judges, Canadian Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, Members of Parliament and Senators who exchanged ideas and letters with me, you know who you are, I wrote you out of the deepest respect and it’s with the same regard that I may have some of your letters framed on my wall. I sincerely apologize for any embarrassment I may cause you by unwillingly exposing our correspondence to the police. I had no intention of providing your correspondence to people fishing on the beat.

    This is a tough one. It’ll come was a gift. I write books, okay? I have a couple of novels published. My mother thinks they should be funnier and she sent me a copy of Texas Rich by Fern Michaels. It’s well thumbed. It looks like I read it. It’s an old lady book. I respect Michaels but I didn’t read the book and if people came in and looked around it might look like I read it and I’d be embarrassed and take some ribbing from my Toronto pals. Speaking of which, some of my pals are writers too and they can have pretty rich imaginations as they research history, crime and mystery. So those emails about digging a tunnel under the bank and the other one about hijacking a submarine and especially that one about a printing press in the basement pumping out Brazilian Treasury Bonds from 1953…don’t take it seriously. Course since torture is legal I guess I might break down and point fingers at them, admit it all. I don’t know.

    What I’m really trying to hide is a file I’ve been working on about the Prime Minister. I think it’s so rich in vitriolic, sentiment and truth that it will bring the Conservatives to their knees. It goes on and on and I think it will whip the citizenry into such a frenzy that half of the House of Commons will find themselves on a coast to coast televised trial that will make us all proud. So as you can imagine, I have that to hide too. Turns out, I’ve a lot to hide from Parliament.

  15. Bill C30 enables access to information without a warrant for investigations that are much broader than investigations of Internet Predation and Child Pornography.  Bill C30 extends these powers to police services, CSIS, and Commissioners of Competition (under the Competition Act).  And the Purpose of the Request for information without a warrant must be within the DUTY or FUNCTION of the officer.  Read Subsection 16(2) of Bill C30.   The DUTY or FUNCTION of the officer is much broader than investigating Internet Predators and Child Pornography. And moreover, this same Subsection enables these officers to use this Act to enforce any laws of Canada, of a province or of a foreign jurisdiction.  You need not take my word for it.  Download Bill C30 and read Subsection 16(2) of Bill C30.    

  16. Say … this wouldn’t be the same Vic Toews who found that a relationship with someone about 30 years younger than he, while he was still married, was just fine and a lot of fun?

    Conservative hypocrite.

  17. The Conservatives want to get around Warrants because the Judges are smarter, and better Canadians, than they are.

  18. Since Toews sees fit to slander millions of Canadians, I have an ironic question for him.

    What do child predators and the Harper government have in common?

    They inappropriately cross and violate the boundaries of others for their own selfish gain, with no regard for human rights or consequences.

    As a former victim of a child predator, you are not my Minister of Public Safety.  You are a Menace.

  19. I enjoy my freedom, but I don’t want to be a kiddie porn supporter either… Help what should I do, I’m too a-stoopid to make up my own mind…I sure am glad we have a qualified Public Safety Minister like Vic Toews to make these kind of difficult decisions for us… Phew!

    Now I can get back to more important things… like X-Factor and “poking” my buddies on Facebook.