Victoria hospital prepares for Tamil migrants sick with TB -

Victoria hospital prepares for Tamil migrants sick with TB

Canadian officials still mum on how they will respond to incoming voyagers


A closed ward at Victoria General Hospital is being prepared for dozens of Tamils on a migrant ship heading toward the B.C. coast who are believed to have contracted tuberculosis during the voyage. An estimated 300 to 500 Tamils are believed to be on board the cargo ship, which has been at sea since last April, but sources told the Toronto Star it is unclear how many of the migrants on board the MV Sun Sea are sick with TB. The MV Sun Sea is a Thai-registered cargo ship and was turned away earlier from Thailand and Australia. All of the migrants, who officials are expecting to make refugee claims, will undergo a rigorous health examination in an isolated area as they disembark. Canadian officials are revealing little detail of how they plan to respond to the incoming voyagers, including what agencies or officials had been dispatched to intercept, board and begin the likely months-long investigation into who exactly is on the ship.

Toronto Star

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Victoria hospital prepares for Tamil migrants sick with TB

  1. This is so ridiculous. We need to change our immigration laws so that we won't be taken advantage of.

  2. This is just wrong, either the UN raps Australia on the knuckles for ducking out of the refugee agreement, or other UN members (Canada) should be able to send these illegal aliens home. Yes look after them then fly them ALL back with application forms to try to enter using the same channels everyone else must. The war is over, if they can afford the passage fees, they can't be as destitute as many. They are bringing disease into our country, into our hospitals, they probably once again have no documents, they are bringing in terrorists, what more on the not elligable list needs to be checked off?

  3. Wow. I suppose we're the new "Australia".

  4. I have always been proud of Canada for our humanitarian efforts..we are known around the globe for this, But there has to be a limit as to how far we can go, accepting this ship and it's human cargo is putting the safety and security of the Citizens of British Columbia at Immediate risk , Bringing people that are apparently ill with T.B. to Victoria General Hospital is insane.If we must, tend to them off shore!!

  5. Canada has a precedent of trying to keep out desperate people such as the boat carrying Jews trying to escape Hitler's Germany. The sense of entitlement and lack of compassion of the sons and daughters of immigrant settlers and occupiers of Canada: make us look bad.

    • It's a different time, there may of been good reasons then, just like there are good reasons now. Talk about living in the past!

    • Making you look bad. Spreading an infection. Take your pick.

    • This is no Carecanada, this is CareBC. Send them to Ottawa if you care. We here don't need them.

  6. "who are believed to have contracted tuberculosis during the voyage"

    Why would a responsible media say this? Were they tested for TB before they left and have they been tested since they arrived? Th answer to one or both question is obviously NO.
    TB is such a slow developing disease it is unlikely it was contracted during a few weeks at sea. Also it's very curable.
    WE have no idea if there are terrorists or human smugglers on board as Vic Toews so irresponsibly suggests.

    • Wanna take a few home to find out?

  7. The way we are treating these poor souls is an absolute disgrace. As I write, the vessel carrying some 490 persecuted innocents is being escorted into CFB Esquilmaut on Vancouver Island – a military compound. I see no reason whatsoever why it cannot tie up at Victoria's Ogden Point, alongside the cruise ships, which would give us a chance to show thousands of cruise passengers just how welcoming and warm-hearted we can be. The world would be able to look on and see just how awful the facilities are for Canada's number one vacation port and mass immigration hub, so we could make a grab for some serious stimulus money and make the place the envy of the world. In the future, there should be no need for shiploads of needy people to seek refuge in such lousy dumps as Thailand or Australia. They will know that they will be welcomed by the thousand at Victoria, and there is more than adequate housing space available for them in BC as the Winter Olympic accomodations are just crying out for such an opportunity. This is what we proudly do best.

  8. Sri Lanka has a serious T.B.problem, over 9000 new cases are reported every year, and being that the war torn country has such a poor health care system, thouands go undetected.Also being that these people are being smuggled out of their country, one would think that they did not go to the Clinic and ask for a Dr.'s note so they can go on vacation in Canada…….

    • ooops, the above response was for ..bepele….

  9. dougj/ You're an IDIOT!
    Give them a free meal and put them ALL on a plane back, NO exceptions! This is madness on SO many levels… Get a map out kids! From Sri Lanka to, say, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia?! Nope, ALL the way across the globe to Canada because the 'innocents' (human trafficking by enterprising smugglers!) KNOW that Canada will foolishly take them in. Australia would be overwhelmed had they not acknowledged to themselves and the world that they cannot and should not be a dumping ground for the worlds' overpopulation, economic, political problems… THIS, in relatively good economic times. Give the world's economies a bit more wobbling or outright collapse and SEE how many thousands of ships with tens of thousands of 'refugees' come flooding in. Canadians are SO desperate to be liked by the world that we allow anyone to willy nilly float into the country or land at airports and skip all that annoying and lengthy 'immigration' process! Come ONE, come ALL! Doors open… Globally naive, economically foolish and patently ridiculous on SO many levels people! WAKE UP!

    • Too bad there are no more of RJMs. There is still too many dougjs. Lots of them in our government. And they are not about to WAKE UP.

  10. Tamils are freeloading on us. Taking them is not humanitarian , it is vote getting. We have an IMMIGRATION Dept. let them apply like other immigrants. Taking them is setting a precedent. Can we take all Tamils. T HEY WILL BRING IN ALL THEIR RELATIVES.

  11. Tamils are freeloading on us. Taking them is not humanitarian , it is vote getting.Let our immigration department deal with them. Taking them in is setting a precedent. We cant take them all. They will bring in their cousins and uncles and aunts and where will they live?