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@vikileaks30 tweets coming from House of Commons


Reporters at the Ottawa Citizen have traced the @vikileaks30 Twitter account back to a House of Commons computer. The Twitter feed went viral earlier this week as it spread lurid details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s private life gleaned from court records from his divorce proceedings. The account is intended as a protest against the erosion of online privacy that would happen if the government approved the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” (AKA Bill C-30).

The feed now boasts over 9,000 followers. Liberal MP Justin Trudeau was one of the first adopters, and has been an avid “re-tweeter” of the posts.

The Citizen tricked the poster into revealing his or her IP address, which is assigned to a computer inside the House of Commons. The report notes the same address has been used to “update Wikipedia articles often giving them what appears to be a pro-NDP bias.” There is no indication that the person—or persons—behind the Vikileaks30 account has been identified. Only a formal complaint by the minister or anyone else in the House would trigger an investigation into the matter.

In part because of the backlash caused by the Twitter feed, the government has indicated it will re-consider some aspects of Bill C-30.

UPDATE: According to the CBC, Toews will send a letter to House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer requesting an investigation into the Twitter feed.

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@vikileaks30 tweets coming from House of Commons

  1. Douchebags apparently don’t like being douchebagged.

    I don’t condone this pettiness. But if you conduct yourself as a royal douchebag, don’t complain and look for an investigation when someone is a douchebag back…

  2. The short title of Bill C30 is …  Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act…   In fact, the text of Bill C30 does not once mention Internet Predators.  The information that could be accessed without a warrant under Bill C30 is NOT limited to criminal investigations.  The purpose of the request for information may be anything within the duty or function of a police officer, CSIS agent, or Commissioner of Competition, or other designated person (See Section 16 Bill C30).
    The short title of Bill C30 is Orwellian Newspeak.  What is Newspeak?  George Orwell understood that propaganda of totalitarian regimes distorts language to control the message.  In his novel, 1984, George Orwell created a language called Newspeak.  The Ministry of PEACE is the name of the war ministry, and the so called Ministry of LOVE  conducts brainwashing and torture; and of course BIG BROTHER is not a brother …  Big Brother is the totalitarian regime..
    The short title … Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act … is an attempt by the Conservatives to control the message;  While in fact Bill C30 enables invasion of privacy on a sweeping scale.