Violent protest breaks out in northern Afghanistan -

Violent protest breaks out in northern Afghanistan

8 UN workers killed as protesters demonstrate against Koran burning


Eight foreign UN workers were killed in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on Friday, during a violent protest over the burning of a Koran in a U.S. church. The protest began peacefully after Friday prayers, until demonstrators suddenly attacked the UN compound chanting “Death to the USA, Death to Israel!” Pastor Wayne Sapp burned a Koran on March 20 at a Florida church with Pastor Terry Jones, who became the subject of international condemnation for his own aborted plan to burn the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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Violent protest breaks out in northern Afghanistan

  1. Who says the Koran doesn't incite violence?

    • That's true . Good Point , Prairieanne .

  2. Yea cavemen! Is there any reason they won't kill you? We should just turn the whole middle east into a prison, they are all murderers and thugs any ways.

    • Does your question make any sense ? I suspect you were attempting a reference to a holy text not inhabitants of a certain peninsula.
      P S the Bible contains as much murder, killing, genocide , rape and violence as any other fairy tale stories

    • What have Koreans to do with Quran or Koran burning.

  3. Oh my, aren't we easily riled. Yeah, Yeah, those nutbars stone women and decapitate people.

  4. Too bad Pastor Wayne & Terry weren't 2 of the victims.

    • Your comment really takes the cake, JSC. Will you be joining them in Afghanastan.

      • Send Wayne and Terry to Afghanistan now.

        • Agree…or at least lock them up before they can cause anymore harm, These two maniacs Know full well that there would be repercussions, they should both be held responsible…very,very, sad Indeed.

  5. People can ignore it all they want, to their own folly I mightl add, but the second Crusades is on the way. The left nutbars will try and tell you it is Muslim 'extremists', but, damn, there seems to be one hell of a lot of them. How can dumb women stick up for them. Are they willilng to have their moral code policed by Sharia law. Methinks not. Hypocrites. I am beginning to believe our best years are behind us.

    • On you go King Richard, lead the way with your trusty steed and your broadsword.
      Go for it big man, I look forward to watching the 3rd Chairborne actually getting out of their mum's basement and doing something. Or is this another war that you wish others to fight while you talk the good talk?

  6. I hope we could hear some loving and peaceful news from Muslim countries very soon, to give the world at least a breather and hope.

  7. History is replete with horrors committed in the name of religion.
    In the fourth century, Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to become a Christian, had over 3000 Christians executed because their interpretation of the Bible did not agree with his. That is more than the number of Christians who died at the hands of the Romans.
    In 1844 Protestants besieged Catholic neighborhoods in Philadelphia with cannon fire, pistols, and by setting houses aflame, because the Catholics had protested the use of the Protestant's King James Bible in public schools. Martial law was declared, and it took two thousand federal troops to quell the rioting; eighteen people were killed and scores more were injured.
    in 1994 , a 32-year-old Catholic woman was beaten to death after she refused to enter an evangelical church in northeastern Brazil. She was passing by the Church of the Kingdom of God when two pastors ordered their followers to bring her inside to attend a ceremony. When she refused, the group held her ten-year-old daughter while the pastors dragged her by the hair and beat her in order to "exorcise the devil from her."
    Before the South seceded politically from the North, she seceded religiously. The three largest Christian denominations in the South, the Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians, seceded from their northern brethren to form separate "Southern" denominations, each founded on the Biblical right (of laymen and ministers) to own slaves.

    No one religion has a monopoly on prejudice, intolerance and violence.

    • Knock, knock; wake up, it is now 2011 or travel back in time. There are of course unhinged and nutties in every religion and society, but neither gather in big numbers/mass, nor supported and encouraged by many priests and officials in threatening death to none believers, other of course than Islamists. Or in the case of Pakistan, a large number of lawyers with mass supporters throwing petals and flowers on the murderer who murdered, in cold blood, just because his views happened to be different from his own. With the case of Afghanistan, killing UN workers whose mission and work are to help the country and the people back on their feet. To think that these murdered people are not related in any way to those who burnt the Quran, not even citizens of the same country. All these do not even excuse this crime. Would we excuse this brutality because the people who did this reprehensible crime are idiots to the utmost degree and they do not know better? Or do we have to excuse them because there are past and long dead generations who might have done similar things? Aren't you pushing moral relativity quite too far? Because of thinking like yours, it actually institutionalizes brutality, violence, and idiocy. To blame those who burnt the Quran at the same time excuse and ignore the guilt of these killers is morally disgusting. Yeah spoil them so they could stay as idiots and killers forever. Why isn't there a mass protests held everywhere to denounce this reprehensible and disgusting act, so hopefully some of them will realize that what they have done is unacceptable? Where are those hypocrites who organize the flotilla to Israel? Where are the idiots who organize Israeli Apartheid Week? Where is their "moral" outrage? Isn't that enough crime against humanity? Do they only organize against those whom they know won't fight back? Disgusting!

      • Thank you for your comments, but the main thrust of my post was not to defend or excuse anyone but to explain the problem is basically religion and what people will do in the name of it.
        Religions do tremendous harm to society in three ways, * Religions sometimes use war, violence, and terrorism to promote their religious goals, * Religious leaders contribute to secular wars and terrorism by endorsing or supporting the violence, and * Religious fervor is exploited by secular leaders to support war and terrorism.
        The Abrahamic religions all teach love and peace and each think of themselves as the chosen people but they rationalize that violence is a valid option to either promote their particular faith and attack competing faiths.

        • That was exactly what you are doing, justifying an unexcusable crime. No matter how you turn your tail upside down, you ignore the killers and excuse a crime that's reprehensible.

    • True, Gary. No religion has a monopoly on these things, but it isn't for want of trying to corner the market.

  8. Ge a grip, Gary we're talking 2011.

  9. The Quran isn't the only holy book that suffers at the hands of extremist churches in the United States. Here's the story of at least one church in America that burns versions of the Bible that don't meet its exacting standards:

    Intolerance knows no bounds.

    • Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God's word, and that all others are “satanic”.

      Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on Halloween, 31 October.

      The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Pastor Grizzard and his followers.

      Pastor Grizzard is a total complete idiot or delusional or perhaps a combination.

  10. Read the angry posts on various news sites: Americans and Canadians, generally speaking, celebrate the Koran burning and vigorously condemn the Muslim faith and those who follow it as murderously savage who hate Christians.

    Is this the spark that sets off a war between civilizations (religions) that will replace the pro-democratic protests currently sweeping the Arab world? If so, in part or in whole, what will fuel our business, industry — economy — and vehicles?

    Unfortunately, this Koran burning, which I didn't know about until the Afghanistan news story today, has, as they say in the news business, wheels. Let us hope the wheels don't fall off.

  11. Well the US has finally regressed to the Dark Ages….torture, and now book-burning.

    I guess the stake comes next.

    • That is disgusting! Outrage for paper burners but no mention of outrage for killers' guilt and crime?

      • Keep poking people with a sharp stick and you're bound to get a reaction. This 'minister' has blood on his hands.

        • So you consider killing as a justified reaction to a non-violent protest? Let us see, an honor killing is a justified reaction if the victim had been poking the family's eye with a sharp stick as you put it? Is rape justified when a victim's dress code was asking for it?

          When will many of us stop putting qualifiers to justify killings/mass murder?

          I used to question the mentality of the Pastor, whatever his name is, in planning a Quran burning before. After seeing how many none Muslims were killed In Africa, priests being beheaded and killed in Turkey and Tunisia, Christians being killed in Egypt, Pakistan, and other Islamic countries and not seeing or hearing any condemnation from leaders and from people like you (who easily come to justify and defend the actions of these lunatics), I could see that this is the least and peaceful protest and reaction one can do from all those many poking of sharp sticks – as you put it.

          When did societies' moral compass start deteriorating that people could excuse and justify reprehensible acts like this as just a mere and justified “reaction”? Disgusting!

          • Unless you are attacked, no killing is justified.

            However there is no point blaming Muslims when Christians do the same thing.

            So stop indulging in hypocrisy.

          • No point blaming muslims when Christians do the same thing? Is this your new excuse? You are disgusting! When at present time did you see a mass religiously endorsed and supported mass killing? Your hypocrisy and purposeful blindness top it all!

    • I'm in complete disagreement with your view OriginalEmily1. Going on rampages and killing people for a silly little book-burning seems to me to be the uncivilized actions of a culture/religion stuck in the "Dark Ages". Killing is what the Koran directs its followers to do. The Christian Bible, however, directs its followers to pray for those who would burn it. BIG difference.

      • All that tells me is that you've never read the Bible. It's pretty much the same as you think the Koran is you know….full of stonings, and rape, and killing your own children, with a genocidal maniac in charge.

        It does have a phrase though….'And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?'

        • All that tells me is that you have a faulty view of reality. When you think of terrorists, it's not Christians that come to mind, it's Muslims. A follower of the Koran is instructed to be at war until all are under Sharia. The followers of the Bible are told to love one another. Your Scripture twisting definitely shows your bias anti Christian bias.

          • YOU may think that way, however others see christians as the terroists.

            And kindly don't quote the Koran to me….you haven't read it anymore than you've read the bible.

          • I and others think this way. You must be kidding about christian terrorists. I suppose it was Christians who flew the planes into the WTC? Or the bombings in various areas around the world? No, Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim because their faith calls for it. If you would read your Bible, it says that we should not kill – that is called sin but book burning isn't nor is it a crime.

          • Just because you and a few other kooks think this way doesn't make it either true or accurate.

            911 happened because western countries have interfered in, and killed in ME countries for years.

            It was christians killing muslims in Bosnia…so don't give me any razzmatazz about any commandments

            The bible calls for massacring other people.

            So don't quote the bible to me….you haven't read it.

          • Bosnia was saved by mostly none Muslims. Those were Bosnians without the support of any church who attacked the Muslims. Those actions were all condemned by Christians as well as none Christians , without the use of any qualifiers.

          • It was christians killing muslims I'm afraid…..just like christians sent Jews to the ovens in Germany

          • Talk to the mirror, who knows you might convince yourself on your made up excuses for lunatics around the world!

          • Don't blame me for your lunacy.

          • Or is it your lunacy? Genocide of Jews are committed by Germans ; Christians, Muslims , Other none Christians, and other none Muslims. Do you know that Middle Eastern armies helped Germany in World War II – and they are proud of it too. In recent time there are Middle eastern Islam clerics, media, government officials,
            paramilitaries and terrorist groups like Hezbullah, Hamas, Fatah, Syria, and Iran adopted the Nazi salute and hero worship the Nazis and Hitler for what they did against the Jews – and that is at present times.


            Following your mentality of grouping all none Muslims as belonging in one Christian big tent, it can be said that the Jews and Bosnians were saved by the Christians .

          • Don't be absurd.

            Hitler was a devout catholic.

            Americans once did the nazi salute btw…later they changed it to a hand on the heart .

            No, ME countries don't worship Nazis….they are Muslims, the Nazis were catholic

            Muslims resent Jews for settling in their midst, taking land belonging to them

            Christians killed Muslims in Bosnia

            Now don't bother me again with your silliness.

          • Gosh you are like a child!

          • You're the one who believes in fairy tales, hon.

          • I thought Hitler killed in the name of race not religion, I have not read any history that mentioned of Hitler killing and shouting "Jesus O'Akbar" or "God O'Akbar" or "Buddha O' Akbar" or "Whateverelsethere O' Akbar". But then you will drag any excuse you can make to justify yours and the lunatics belief. Keep pretending!

          • Hitler was a catholic, and he killed Jews because the catholic church has said for 2000 years that Jews were responsible for killing Jesus.

            I have no idea why you think Hitler would speak Arabic.

            I don't care if you believe in pink unicorns. What you cannot do however is a) try to fob your belief off on me…and b) claim that christians are better than muslims….because you're no different.

          • You are delusional, Hitler's sick reason was for the purity and supremacy of the Arean race and of course jealousy and envy.

            You cut and paste the Bible, Pope's writing, past grievances, and impose make up revised history of Hitler's and the Nazis terrible crimes. Why even bring the past and make it as an issue and excuse for the lunatics killings of today, is a sign of desperation. Look around you there are more religions and non religion out there – not only Christian and Muslim. Islamists radicals hate everyone of them even minority muslims and those whom they believe are not muslim enough, they even hate themselves. So there go fob yourself! Good luck with your next excuses.

          • Obviously you don't pay any attention to the news. The pope just recently publically forgave the Jews for the killing of Jesus, and Israel thanked him.

            Try to keep up.

          • Can you please quote the New Testament verse that calls for "massacring other people"? In the Old Testament, we see God's judgement of sin on unrepentant people. This is God's perogative not man's. In the New Testament, we see the provision of forgiveness of sin against God through the work on the cross of His Son Jesus Christ that all who repent of their sin and place their trust in Him will have eternal life with Him. The message of the Bible is one of available reconciliation, whereas, the Koran's message is death. Burn a Bible, nothing happens because of the mercy of God. Burn a Koran and you die at the hands of sinful men.

          • The Bible is the Bible dude….all written by God remember?

            You believe in it all.

            Massacres of innocent people included.

            Muslims believe in the bible to, ya know…even Jesus.

            Now go preach elsewhere.

            I'm not interested in some Bronze age goat-herders wet dream.

          • None of the Holy Books of any religion is written by any Gods or Allah! It's the handwriting of humans and at present by machines.

          • They aren't 'holy' either….just books of myths.

          • Yes it is all God's Word both Old and New Testament – the same Holy God who can not condone sin in the slightest in the OT is the same loving and merciful God in the NT who laid down His life for the ungodly.

            So, you didn't rise to the challenge, did you? Show me the verse where the NT calls for the murder of any innocent person? You're the one levelling the charges now prove yourself. However, the Koran calls for the death of infidels – that's you and me (Sura 4:89 “seize them and slay them wherever you find them: and in any case take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”) And because you claim to be an atheist, you'd be among the first to get your head lopped off. Nice,eh? Yet in a country whos laws are based on the Judeo-Christian value system, you have the freedom to voice your opinion without state interference and even burn a Bible (or a Koran) if you so choose. But try to burn a Koran in a Muslim country and see what happens to you. Thankfully, you have the freedom to be an atheist here, but in a Muslim country (Sharia Law) you would be charged with blasphemy. Have you thanked your Creator and Sustainer today??

          • Yup, and full of stonings and massacres and rape and slavery…all condoned by a 'loving god'. LOL

            Calls for the death of unbelievers too.

            Canada is not based on the Judeo-Christian value system….thank goodness

            Now go take your meds.

          • I am glad that I immigrated in a country which does not have the Islamist value system. It would be too stifling and like living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and other Islamic countries. Where drawing a cartoon, writing a book, not following the rigid edicts of family, behaving differently, having an independent and differing point of views, alleged blasphemy, made up and unintentional insult, belonging to a none muslim religion, aethiesm, even being a muslim but not muslim enough, sports, arts, dancing, singing, peaceful protest, for other, and no other reason could provoke a "religiously" approved excuse and call for the termination of many lives. Had Canada been based in Islamic Sharia law, Canada would have not been a Canada of today. Thanks for those Judeo-Christian values of many people from the past. I may disagree with your religions and do not believe in any of your Gods, I may have questions and have critical views on some of your past actions and mistakes, but overall you made Canada, not perfect by all means, but a better place for us to live in. For that you have my respect, and thanks.

          • Well, that's a nice quote. But as long as someone's mind is imprisoned by myths, it doesn't matter that they immigrated to Canada….they're still trapped.

            And Canada is not based on 'Judeo-Christian' values, so you can stop with the slogans.

          • Meds might not be enough for you!

          • I'm not the one trapped in old myths, and paranoid about others.

          • What are judeo-xtian values? It's a myth invented by modern protestants in the US.
            Judaism has values and xtians have very different values.
            Both are creepy appeals to the imagination and a belief in a deity who changes its mind at the drop of a hat. Both are equally as unhinged as islam, but islam is the one that has left the reservation recently.
            If you base you life on what child rapists in frocks or child mutilators with a skull cap or old men who stone young women for being raped say then you are retarded.
            Dogma is evil and dogmatic belief is all that is needed to commit the worst of crimes against humanity.

  12. Yea! Lest ye be stoned or decapitated.

  13. Who'd have thought they'd be so stupid to think a crazy pastor could represent an entire country?

    • One Imam somewhere in the world says something, and everybody instantly reacts as though that is the belief of over a billion Muslims, planet-wide. So why be surprised when they do the same?

  14. I’m not excusing anybody in this, The whole lot of them should be dragged out onto the street and Shot/Executed…The 2 Pastors, their Congregation AND All the Afghan Protesters that participated in the UN Killings.

    • You hippie pinko commies and your boundless common sense and understanding lol. Now if we could only have Taliban Jack Layton and Iggy dragged into the street and shot…that is something I can get behind…

      • “You hippie pinko commies”
        Hippie = Maybe, but I was only 10 years old in 1970, so I kinda missed that movement.
        Pinko = Nope, I hate the colour pink.
        Commie = Definitely Not, I don’t believe the Government should Own and Control Everything.

        Although some days I feel like a Marxist ….’Kill the Rich’.

        I guess I must admit to being somewhat of a Socialist, considering I think our Government, that represents ‘We The People’, should provide ‘Basic Needs’ like Health-care, Law & Order, National Defense, Education, Water & Food Safety, etc…even going so far as Electrical, Gas, and other Natural resources. It makes no sense to me to sell the Tar Sands to the Chinese or our Aluminum to the Brazilians, or Potash to the Australians, or giving our Water away to the US…etc, etc, etc…

        I consider myself a Social Libertarian, I’m fine with the government providing ‘Basic Needs’, but I don’t need another mother to save me from myself. Considering that I’m Fiscally Conservative, Neither Mulroney’s OR Harper’s Conservatives fit that description.

        I would agree with dragging Mulroney out into the street and Charging & Executing him for Treason, For selling us out, (especially our Oil & Water rights) to the U.S. in the NAFTA deal.

        • "We the people" is American, we're Canadian, there is a difference, believe it or not.

          • “”We the people” is American, we’re Canadian, there is a difference, believe it or not.”

            I agree that there is a difference between Canadian & American, and that the words “We the People” is in THEIR Constitution, But, in the Context that I was using it, I believe it still applies as it is the idea behind a Democracy.

            We, the people, elect a Member of Parliament to represent us.

  15. Savages…time to turn the Middle East into a giant parking lot.

    • LOL and you think THEY are savages?

    • Considering there are 5 Billion too many people on this Planet….I can agree that the Middle East is as good a place as any to start.
      My only concern is the loss of The Archeological history buried under all that sand as it is the birthplace of civilization, along The Euphrates and Tigris Rivers.

  16. It should be obvious by know that, if you have reason to expect violent protests from Muslims, you cordon off the mosques at noon while the worshippers are still inside. These things tend to start after noon day prayers, you know.

  17. Agree with Ariande post. Also consider the event of 9/11 was a declaration of war by one individual/group on the USA/West and indeed an individual (?) OBLaden did declare war in 1998 but he and/or supporting terrorists countries hide behind a religion and then incite their unfortunate uneducated/poor ( why are they so poor given the B$$ oil money and western charity?) people to violence. The counter violence due to an incident in the west is incited by individuals/or supporting terrorist countries. The beheadings are an indicator of the 12th century mentality that still exists in some areas of the MEast – we needed to stay out of there and indeed the USA was focusing on Africa – but the 9/11 attacks put the MEast on the international stage and started the current wars – it will take along time before some M East countries get into the 21 st century but note its happenning in Tunisa/Egypt/Libya/Syria…

  18. Now you are blaming us of religious kookiness as an excuse for these killers? How many excuses do you have left before you admit that these people are lunatics without any use of qualifiers?

    With you justifying, making excuses, and defending the reprehensible actions of these lunatics, and sharing the same mentality as these kooks, I bet you you are more of a religious nut than you wish and care to admit. No matter how you turn your body into pretzels finding excuses for these lunatics, your excuses are just beyond the pale.

    • Religious fanatics are all the same….doesn't matter what religion it is.

      As your post indicates….all crazy.

      I, btw, am an atheist.

      • If you are what is sane, then I would be happy to be a kook!

        Aethiest? You? Not likely!

        • Well then be happy, because your wish has been granted.

    • The murder of George Tiller is a good indication that the same intolerance is just lurking under the surface in countries where xtians hold sway.
      Irrational yet acceptable thought processes in one area make irrational behaviour in other areas more likely.
      Listening to the voices in your head is scary whether it involves education or killing the kuffar.

  19. To hear neither denounciation nor outrage from a useless UN suppose to be "head" Mr. Moon, or any Islamic leaders, international leaders, and media is what empowes these lunatics and their apologists.

  20. A lot of people will either be disappointed that either, "A" there is no God nor an afterlife or "B" there is a "God" but everyone made it into the big exclusive club anyways.
    I tend to lean towards "A", thus thinking a lot of people die and murder for nothing more than lunacy.

  21. In the spirit of SCTV's the MacKenzie brothers' Question of the Day, I ask: Which storefront preacher exhibits greater dementia, Pastor Terry Jones or Rev. Fred Phelps? Jones, who ceremonially burns a Koran following an absurd "trial" to provoke wrathful mobs; or Phelps, who heaps scorn on bereaved families of U.S. military personnel killed in action, whose funerals he pickets to vent his roundabout homophobia? Is there a Solomon in the house who can help us decide?

  22. .
    Main points raised and response:

    Stupid act. If Christopher Hitchens put a holy book on trial, that part of it would have been applauded in many circles as one of his (typically) brilliant acts of social satire. Of all the dumb things Jones has done, this is the LEAST stupid.

    Insensitivity. Agreed.

    Consequential foreknowledge. Salman Rushie knew the consequences of writing 'Satanic Verses'. Obama knows every time he gets on T.V., some Glen Beck cultist releases the safety of his Uzi.

    Obama's response. Very disappointing from a professor of U.S. Constitutional Law. He should be denied tenure in the future. Voltaire said however much he disagreed with you: 'I defend to the death your right to say it.' Obama should have proclaimed BOTH. A culturally provocative and insensitive act, and Jones right to do it.

  23. Burning any holy book has one main purpose and that is to inflame, insult and antagonize whoever follows a particular faith. If you disagree with the contents or its adherents there are more cerebral avenues within which to express your contrary views.
    Burning books tells us more about the people who would commit such moronic acts.

    • I agree it is a moronic act but what does it tell you of what kind of people are those who kill in response to a book burning, a cartoon drawing, book writing, encouraging to change a blasphemy law, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. When you think about, anything even the simplest thing could inflame them to kill. This is not the first time they kill in protest of a "perceived" offense – think back a month, year, and years ago. With these kind of people do we just keep quiet and tolerate their actions so as not to offend these lunatics? How much time have you spent in denouncing the reprehensible actions of these criminals, now compare that to how much time you spent in denouncing the book burner? What does it say about you and your priorities?

  24. Gary…someone(?) or group has an agenda in the middle east and clearly its war/hate against the west because they have known that our western goverance systems would dominate in the future
    ( egcommunications). Just look at the what the feet – in- the-street of the Arab word is seeking today in Egypt/Lybia/Iran/Syria/Tunisa – it aligns with western governance/values. Despite our lumps, the wests ability to prosper speaks for itself.
    How can one equate a western incident, like any book burning or cartoon, by murdering non-involved people from the UN or any people who represent the west? I believe it says more about the murders ( including 9/11) – where is the compromise, understanding, the Mother Teresa'/Nelson Mandella/ Martin L King/Ghandi/ approach.
    The terrorists/despots have made it a religion issue ( against the great satan – the west ) so they can recruit and incite – and its very successful for them – as per UN attack.

  25. Riots only proove that mosy of Mulims are wild, brital, primitive barbarians.
    The idiot who burned Koran did not bit up his wife, he did not stone any woman, he did not kill anyone.
    Islamists hate us no matter if we do or don't burn Koran so what's the point in paying attention to buch of primitive
    apes killing each other on strets of Afghanistan or Pakistan.
    In adition we should stop sending them pile of cash as "humanitarian aid"……

  26. There's a saying that goes: "I may disagree with what you say but defend your right to say it". That, I believe is one of the essences of democracy. This is a democractic country, the moronic pastor have all the rights behind him in doing his moronic act. You either believe in democracy or you don't.

    To ignore the reprehensible act of the mass murderers while condemning the moronic Pastor for his action is a perfect example of enabling, hypocrisy, misplaced morality, and unhinged societal moorings.

  27. To the people on either side of the pro/anti-Islamic argument, I recommend watching the documentary "On Orientalism". It's based on the work of Edward Said, a Palestinian-American Christian and a former professor at Columbia. It's a very good documentary/commentary on the conflict between the West and the Middle East. Said, being a Christian and a Palestinian offers a relatively neutral take on the conflict.… is the youtube link for the first 1/4 of the film, you can find the rest by navigating the links the follow the clip. Watch it and give some thought to it. Whether or not you agree with it or dismiss it is entirely up to you. But regardless, I hope you think about it.