Viral Vannelli


The internet has a limitless ability to throw off these little cultural shivers of viral popularity, but this is one of the weirdest. At Boston Celtics games this season, during pauses in the action they’ve been playing this old American Bandstand video from the 70s showing dancers doing retro disco moves. This one guy has become really popular — he looks like the shoe bomber and is wearing an extremely tight Gino Vannelli t-shirt. Fans have started making their own “Gino Time” t-shirts and are now practicing their own disco moves in the aisles of the stadium.

It’s a fun read — and the high irony of the piece has a rather sad ending.


Viral Vannelli

  1. The dancer Massoni is a flashback to Tony Manera, AKA John Travolta. The music is pure Saturday Night Fever.The dancer’s moves are perfect and so is the figure of the Italian boy. That’s why the fans are so ignited by the spectacle.

  2. The proceeds from the Gino t-shirt sold on ginov.com are donated to charity.Unfortuntely this was never mentioned.

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