Virginia to sue over Obamacare -

Virginia to sue over Obamacare

State attorney general plans to take the federal government to court


Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s attorney general, is planning to issue a legal challenge against the U.S. federal government for the “unconstitutional overreach of its authority” created by President Barack Obama’s health care bill, which passed through the House on Sunday. Cuccinelli says the bill, which is meant to provide coverage to 95 percent of Americans, goes too far because it forces citizens to purchase insurance. The government has claimed authority to regulate health care through its jurisdiction over interstate commerce, but Cuccinelli says that “just being alive is not interstate commerce,” and that his state’s citizens are not subject to a federal mandate. He plans to use a unique Virginia law, which protects citizens from having to buy health insurance, to make the challenge. Similar laws are in various stages in 34 other states, and at least two other attorney generals are also promising to file a legal challenge to the health care bill.

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Virginia to sue over Obamacare

  1. Sounds like a slam dunk to me, even without the Virginia law specific to health insurance. The US Constitution does not mandate that government can force citizens to buy health insurance, and all rights not specifically granted to government in the Constitution are held by the people according to the 10th Amendment.

    It's one thing to force people to buy car insurance if they're going to own a car; citizens can opt out by simply refusing to own a car. It's quite another thing to force people to buy something by virtue of the fact that they're alive.

  2. The whole idea of healthcare was to help lower cost not strong arm american to pay for Obamas rampage of spending money as fast as he could print it.,he defies the American people just making up his own rules on how we should live and breathe we dont want him as our president because he is a liar and and done the American people wrong he comes in here and just wants to turn us into a mold of his sick agenda known as socialistic ideas next he will be having us in gas chambers for not agreeing to his tactics.He should not be a president to our country he is a discrace to even be called president,I say that 2012 cant come fast enough.My fear is what will he do to us in the meantime?

  3. America a rich industrialized Country has millions without access to health care which translates into thousands upon thousands of preventable deaths each year, no to mention a third world quality of life for many. How a society treats its poor and under privileged is very telling. Obama is just trying to right a horrible wrong. The health care delivery model in the U.S. is based on profit, not silly notions like caring for the weak, sick and those in need. The US spends more on Health Care than any other nation in the world but gets less bang for their health care buck than all other industrialized nations.. Just follow the money and you will understand.