Visions of sugar-plums -

Visions of sugar-plums


“I’m sorry for your situation, but it is difficult to justify giving trillions of US taxpayer dollars to a private company that is outmoded, headquartered offshore, and, frankly, imaginary.”

Latest bailout applicant faces skeptical reaction in Congress.

(Swiped from one of Wells’s commenters.)

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Visions of sugar-plums

  1. How mirthful. I’m tittering.

  2. Respectfully Mr. Coyne, you gotta learn to lighten up.

  3. Frankly, I haven’t had much faith in that corporation since I was six years old. Since that time they have failed to deliver any thing of substance. Sure I got some socks and underwear, but no gold bars, cadillacs or silver spoons. Show us the loot and then maybe a bailout would be in order. Only the little people will suffer from no bailout, but there is always work for elves in the service industry.

  4. Hmm, here’s a chance to stick up for our Arctic sovereignty, Steve-and-Jim. The Yanks don’t recognize that territory for themselves. Time to invite a certain jolly old elf for a clause-by-Claus review of a Canadian North Pole Opportunities Agency grant.

    Oh geez, I didn’t say that out loud, did I?

  5. What, you read those things? Comments! Sheesh. Next we’ll find out you have 1,180 Facebook friends or something.

  6. Oh, and Prime Minister, I have it on good authority the grantee has a soft spot for cookies. O’Malley will explain it to you.

  7. MYL,

    Perhaps O’Malley also will explain the origin of the surname Coyne from the derogatory nickname for a miser, from Middle English and later immortalized in the book by Charles Dickens — the one that introduced Scrooge.