Waking up (Molson) Canadian


Jason Kenney has put out a video promoting the new changes to the citizenship law. Beaver, moose, hockey players. Yep, it’s Canada alright. As seen through a beer ad.

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Waking up (Molson) Canadian

  1. Well that was cringe inducing.

  2. Welll Done or what! – I love it – then again any video of anyone wearing a tuque does my heart glad!

  3. The girlish screams when the RCMP showed up at the door made me think “so they’re finally laying charges for in and out?”

    • Generally they only lay charges for things that are illegal.

      • Except when there’s a LIberal government to be defeated, then they publicly peddle innuendo.

  4. Jason’s twin brother should consider laying off the poutine and watching his weight.

  5. I actually think it’s pretty funny.

    • Agreed. And non-partisan too.

      • I liked it too.

        • Written by Monte Solberg. Directed by Don Cherry.

          • I didn’t find it “partisan” at all, personally. I get that it’s a bit of a shallow view of what it means to be Canadian, and maybe it’s a bit weird that the guy waking up newly Canadian is a middle aged white guy, but I don’t think it’s meant to be taken terribly seriously on that front. It’s just a funny little ad. I’m no more offended by this than I was by the “I am Canadian” ads, and I really liked those.

            Also, it DEFINITELY wasn’t directed by Don Cherry. Not a single punch thrown in the whole thing, and there’s a fleur de lis right there in the room!

      • Do you mean that, or are you just doing your Potter-love thing?

        • They are kindred spirits, although separated by age and geography.

  6. Not bad, as far as Canadian government ads go.

    And hockey, toques … are things that a wide variety of Canadians enjoy/use whereas you normally get 5 people sitting around someone playing the hurdy gurdy, or reading a passage from an obscure book on the immigrant experience of the Chleuh, and told that is the Canadian experience.

    • tuque J : a toque is kinda like a toke :)

      • Toque, tuque alternative spellings for a sock hat or beanie.

  7. They ought to do an alternate version, in which he wakes up in a Syrian dungeon.

  8. Some shoddy ad-making going on. When he goes to bed, he marks a rather funny looking ‘X’ on the calendar, with wavy and thin lines, unlike all the other ‘X’s on the same calendar.

    When he wakes up the next day, somehow the ‘X’ he wrote has been repaired, it is now solid with straight lines. What a miracle!

    Anyway, the commercial is pretty good. However, it does assume everyone has access to the web, which is not true. A phone number would help.

  9. Just read the new rules. This is a great law, long needed.

    • Too short, is it?

  10. Can’t they get sued from Disney for using mounties in the commercial?

  11. I like it, except for the inclusion of Quebec paraphanalia 0:28 in.

  12. Keerist, that’s embarrassing.

    • I mean c’mon, is that really our self image? Sigh.

      • No, it’s not really our self-image. The ad is actually poking fun at our so-called “image”. I thought that was obvious.

        • “Poking fun at our self image”, as portrayed in the ad. Exactly my point. The exaggerated stereotype is not funny, it’s sad.

          And it’s as lowbrow as it gets.

          • Maybe Billy Bob is right, we are mashed potatoes and gravy.

          • Honestly, I think you may be taking this ad too seriously, imho.

            And this is NOWHERE NEAR “as lowbrow as it gets”. I highly doubt this would even be the most lowbrow ad in any random commercial break.

          • True, Tory election ads aim even lower. But for a GoC product? Sheesh.

          • Didn’t Billy Bob omit the gravy?

          • I stand corrected.

  13. I hate to say this but, given recent history, wouldn’t most Canadians’ reaction to finding an RCMP officer on the other side of their bedroom door be to dive under the bed for cover and assume a fetal position?

    Love the little shout out to the Quebecois nation (though, interestingly, no specific shout outs to any of the mere “provinces” as far as I could tell). I wonder, are we meant to assume that this particular chap also woke up as a member of the nation of Quebec, or merely that we all have a certain affinity for our Quebecois neighbours, even those of us without “dual citizenship”? I hasten to add that I have no problem whatsoever with the inclusion of the fleur de lis, but I did find its small inclusion, along with the lack of any other visible symbol that wasn’t “federal” in nature (except for poutine, which is also Quebecois) worthy of note.

    • ETA: The West wants in (to this commercial).


    • I like the subtle monarchism in the including of a picture of the Queen on the wall. And is there a poster with a bunch of red ensigns by his bedside?

  14. The West has the Queen! Did nobody else appreciate the sudden materialization of the portrait of Her Majesty on the wall?

    • Hahaha I caught that too!

    • Is “the West” even really all that enamoured of Her Majesty anymore (and I ask as someone who is)? Maybe I’ve fallen for a stereotype, but it seems to me there are as many republicans as monarchists in “the West” these days.

      • Well Im in the West, and I have 3 pictures of the Queen spread around my abode. So I’d say some of us are still enamored.

      • same here I’m in the west and have a photo of her on my desk at work. I would man the barricades before I let Canada become a republic!

        • Spoken like a true democrat.

          Well, I’ll try not to point and snicker when I drive by your “barricade” on my way to work. But just as a warning, you may have to move it when the snowplows come through.

    • My favorite part.

  15. I can see the conversation now…

    Dude A: Hey we need a bunch of stuff that exemplifies what it is to be canadian…

    Dude B: Agreed, eh

    Dude A: But where are we going to get such items?

    Dude B: I know, there a little generic tourist shop with all sorts of great stuff. You know: carvings, maple syrup, stuff with the canadian flag, T-shirts from major cities, etc…

    Dude A: I know that place! I and many other canadian citizens shop there all the time! Its the quintessential canadian experience…Where else would I get my (often fake) Innuit art and smoked salmon from?!

    • Dude B: Why, from the importer, direct of course!

  16. Sigh. Nothing like having the government of Canada promoting dated stereotypes that many of us, particularly travellers and expatriates, have tried to remedy in foreigner’s minds. What is needed is a new “re-branding” of Canada (the “Keep Exploring” tourism campaign was actually a pretty good start). But innovative thinking is clearly beyond the powers of the current dimwits in office…

    • How about a red flag with a tiger’s head and claws?

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