Walking away from Afghanistan mission would have “devastating” consequences

Nato’s secretary-general says it would give “free run” to al-Qaeda


In the midst of what is already the deadliest month for Western troops in Afghanistan since the war began, and facing growing opposition within countries sending soldiers to Afghanistan, Nato’s secretary-general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has warned that walking away from the mission would have “devastating” consequences and would give “free run” to al-Qaeda. “As much as we may long for the near-perfect security of Cold War deterrence, we must accept that security today requires engagement in far away places – engagement that is dangerous, expensive, open ended, and with no guarantee of success,” he said today in a speech in London.


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Walking away from Afghanistan mission would have “devastating” consequences

  1. The greatest damage would be to the NATO bureaucracy headed by Mr. de Hoop Scheffer. Without the "excellent" Afghan adventure most of the Nato bureaucracy would be hard pressed to justify their continued employment. Heaven forbid we should bring such a lucrative job creation program to an end.

  2. Do we remember 911? The intent was to destroy the western economy. They failed. But according to peter began, in The Osama Bin Laden Know, bin Laden has two more plans waiting to be executed, and one of them is a complete knock out punch of the west

    . It sounds incredulous doesn't it. But if someone had mentioned a year before 911 that some religious lunatic was putting together a plan to destroy the Twin Towers, who would have believed it? Likewise Neville Chamberlain couldn't come to grips with the notion that Hitler had a grandiose plan for world domination and that Britain was on the hit list.

    My guess is that if we left Afghanistan, allowing the criminal taliban to retake the place, Bin Laden would emerge from his cave carried by a thousand Taliban warriors, and would appear far more powerful than any mullah or ayatollah ever has. And he would make good on his intentions.

  3. Of course, we should leave. We went in for the wrong reason and it's even more wrong to continue a wrongful action.
    Afghanis managed their own affairs long before foreigners went there and will do so long after foreigner are gone.

  4. Dear Deiter:

    Turn off CNN/MSNBC and Fox news.
    Grab a bottle of rum and give yourself about 12 hours with google.
    Then report back to us about Osama Bin Laden (LOL)
    The Mossad, MI5/6 ect.
    You all live in a lie :(