Wanted for arrest? No welfare for you

B.C. won’t dole out social assistance until outstanding warrants are “cleaned up”


The British Columbia government—determined to crack down on wanted criminals who abuse the welfare system—has introduced a bill that will deny social assistance to people with outstanding arrest warrants. Rich Coleman, the provincial minister for housing and social development, said the new law is aimed mainly at people from other jurisdictions who move to B.C., although it applies to anyone with an outstanding warrant for an indictable offence anywhere in the country. “They will now be asked if they have an outstanding warrant,” he explained. “If they have, they will be advised that they won’t be eligible for social assistance until they clean up the warrant.” The bright side? The government will pay “transportation costs” so would-be welfare recipients can travel back to the scene of their crimes and clean up those warrants.

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Wanted for arrest? No welfare for you

  1. This will not last long – wait until the combination of anti-poverty groups and civil liberation groups get hold of this combined with some sob stories about a single mother and the law with vanish. Too bad because it is a good idea – actions = consequences.

  2. What a deep political philosophy you have there Maureen.

  3. You don't even need more laws for this. If you are sending cheques to people on the lam, why don't police arrest them for whatever crimes they are wanted for?

    • The charges are so petty the cops can't be bothered to take the time to pick them up and process them I imagine.

  4. I really, really dislike "liberals" in this country with their love of socialized medicine and nanny statism (e.g. gun control, seat belt laws, tobacco controls, etc.), but stories like this remind me that I really hate conservatives too. Appealing to the populist lust for punishment is recipe for eroding basic legal protections.

    • I don't see this as appealing to the populist lust for punishment at all.

      Social welfare is something we provide to the members of our society that require it. However, part of what it means to be a "member of our society" is that you have certain responsibilities to the laws and order that society has designed. As such, it simply makes sense that if you want to receive the benefits our society provides, you need to live up to the responsibilities, and part of that involves submitting to the justice system when there is a question about whether the law has been broken.

      It's not so much a case of actions come with consequences for me as it is one of benefits come with responsibilities.

      • Couldn't have said it better. Now expect to be demonized as an agent of the "Evil Harper". Cheers

      • Nicely stated, and I'm confident that you aren't a Harper agent.

    • what is the legal protection? the right to be wanted on an indictable offence and disappearing…lets call this new right the Polansky

  5. This seems unusually…sensible.

    • Except for the They will now be asked if they have an outstanding warrant part.

      A fugitive from the criminal justice system being asked to fess up on the application form. Yeah, that'll work…

      • Well, at the very least it means that the money can be reclaimed once they're arrested on the grounds that they lied to get it.

  6. poverty is terrible place and space to find oneself in, such as crime, some feel this is the end of the rope for them, basically no one cares…it is a cold cold world with little empathy or compassion for fellow man or woman for these decent good traits depend on the rich who turn the nose up and look the other way…it is a catch 22 and it is not getting better or easier..it is an established third world condition and sociologists declare society needs people in this predicament…

  7. I get the feeling the dude will eagerly then appear before the bankruptcy court, but then lose his way two floors higher for criminal court.

    • Probably. That's definitely what I did when I was brought in for… I mean… oops.

  8. it always amazes me that the government agencies are not all connected …if i were running things if you owed any money to the government (any branc) and didn't pay then you can forget about getting a tax refund…also if you showed up looking for something from the government and were wanted they would haul your a$s to jail,,, canada isn't the only place like this though…in california i believe they are debating whether to give illegal aliens drivers licenses

  9. Is this true about having outstanding warrants means no welfare assistance in all states?

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