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Wanted: Pot reviewer

No word on whether the job pays in Cheetos


A Colorado alternative paper, Westword, has received more than 100 applications for the “meagerly compensated” job of marijuana reporter. The state, which allows medical marijuana to be sold to those with prescriptions, is experiencing a boom in marijuana shops catering to all price points and social brackets. So in addition to commenting on the attributes of White Widow and Afghan Gold Seal, the journalist will also spend considerable time evaluating the various stores. “After all, we can’t have our reviewer be stoned all the time,” says the job posting.

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Wanted: Pot reviewer

  1. Ah Yes! although it was 40 years ago I remember it like twas yesterday! The deilcate aroma of Panama Red wafting through the school gymnasium whilst us young males were under the bleachers having a big fat one and watching the girls basketball team only to be run up to the principals office with red and bleery eyes giggling and laughing at the thyroid swollen throat of the Vice Principle only to have the Principal retort – Thank God it was only pot I thought they were drinking – a truer principal I have never heard before or since.

  2. Speaking of marijuana, here's Justin Trudeau giving his thoughts on legalization:

    He repeats the old (and irrelevant) talking point that "marijuana isn't the same drug your parents smoked in the '60s." Which is both false and doesn't address larger issues of why organized crime is given a billion-dollar monopoly in this country.