Ward Churchill wins, sort of


Ward Churchill won his case, sort of. The jury decided that he had been indeed fired for his political views, not for academic misconduct. But they awarded him a dollar, and it isn’t clear if he’s going to even get his job back. The crux, for the jury, seems to have been that the school did not convince them that he would have been fired even if he hadn’t written the “little Eichmanns” essay.

That seems right to me. The problems with Churchill’s scholarship and academic integrity were longstanding and well-known, but it wasn’t until there was an outcry over the essay — four years after he wrote it — that the school decided to finally do something about. In many ways, if they have to take him back it will serve the university right.

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Ward Churchill wins, sort of

  1. Wow. As bad as Churchill was, I can only imagine that CU was even worse. How he even won a dollar out of this whole mess is beyond me.

    • Awesome result. It seems the truth hurts people of ignorance. The public are like lambs to slaughter. We are convinced everything is OKAY. It is time to wake up!

  2. Churchill’s opinion didn’t fit the “story” of support for the “wrong war”. the nazis promoted the big lie because they knew little ones would’t work. the overreaction to this man continues to have me wondering what universities are for if not for free thought.

    and the way the dollar is losing its value these days, seeking “justice” is a more noble course.

    • Yeah but would you want to pay thousands to have your child taught by this goof ball? That’s the problem for the university. The guy had become a liability so they had to can him. Probably they never should have hired him.

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