Washington considers border-crossing fee for Canadians entering the U.S.


Jason Kryk/CP

Is Washington really considering a border-crossing fee for Canadians entering the U.S. by land? Or is this a late April Fool’s joke? The Department of Homeland Security slipped the item into its budget as a means of paying for more security on our ever-thickening border with the U.S.—to the dismay of New York politicians, who note that it mocks the spirit of NAFTA.

Ottawa should make it clear we will not—repeat, not—retaliate with a similar fee. Americans are more than welcome to come here to shop, invest and do business, free of charge.

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Washington considers border-crossing fee for Canadians entering the U.S.

  1. It is a very good idea in these very dangerous times.
    Thank God we benefit directly from the works of Homeland Security, which save Canada millions of dollars each year.
    As the recent arrests in Toronto prove beyond a doubt.
    It is the cost of doing business in the age of terror.
    Of course, I want to triple the budgets of CSIS, the RCMP and the Military and decrease the costs of political and economic irrationalism in Canada.
    And I want to furnish them only with American technologies.
    We do not want Euro trash.
    God bless the Prime Minister and Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

  2. And in border towns thruout Canada a massive cheer goes up in gas stations, grocery stores, and corner stores.

  3. Politcal system and “security” paranoia aside (their “security” agencies aren’t even talking to themselves, never mind each other), this is just one more reason for me to completely avoid the US. Good thing I’m too far north for them to be an economic incentive…

  4. I agree with the New York politicians – it mocks the spirit of NAFTA. Imagine if that were to happen in the Euro zone. Not to mention that Homeland Security is already way too large and out of control. My personal experience has been that it is not well-integrated with Customs and Immigration staff since the latter roll their eyeballs at the advice given to me by Homeland Security people. Speaking as a Canadian temporarily living in the US .

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