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Washington scrambling over Pakistan crisis

Islamabad threatens to draw down cooperation on Afghanistan after soldiers killed by NATO drone


Pakistan has closed its borders to NATO supplies, and gave the U.S. 15 days to vacate an air base used for drone strikes, after a NATO attack reportedly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on Saturday, the Financial Times reports. U.S. officials profusely apologized for the accident, which they said was “highly likely” caused by a NATO aircraft. But the deaths of Pakistani troops, who may have been mistaken for Taliban militants along the ill-marked border, threw a new wedge between Washington and Islamabad at a time when the U.S. needs Pakistan’s cooperation to ensure an orderly withdraw from Afghanistan and to pressure the Taliban into negotiations. The diplomatic rift also gave China an opportunity to play up its strategic posturing as Pakistan’s ally, Reuters reports. “China believes that Pakistan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected and the incident should be thoroughly investigated and be handled properly,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement.

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Washington scrambling over Pakistan crisis

  1. for every soldier that has died america should now pay compensation towards those 24  loyal armys of pakistanis family say  in tune of 24 billion  in english  sterling and america  should now leave imediatly, and this incident allso gives a great opturnity  for pakistan  liberate from united states, and never to trust  america again
    pakistan is not an paliestenine were they can  kill pakistani armys and simply appoligse if pakistan compomises  after all this then pakistan its self is allso a bastard country, which means  they will only understand  when  one day they will become  a nation of slaves this will happen if it softens its hard challenges, which stupet bastard country  gives an airport  on there own soils so they can pretend they are on your countrs side , pakistan needs to wake up

  2. Nato is behaving like an imperial army of 100 years ago, They do not have respect for human lives, they only show crocodile tears if one of their own is killed , They love to talk about the money they have given to Pakistan, expecting that they will stop protesting the loss of their lives , It is very low of  America to expect that Pakistan will allow them to kill their soldiers for the cash they constantly talk about. I know they took a criminal out of jail and hoisted him as the president of Pakistan(Zardari) , expecting that he will remember that favor and sell his conscience but unfortunately he is not the only one who runs the country. American Politicians are so used to selling their own conscience to please Israel that they begin to think that other countries will sell their conscience for money too. I think they are mistaken . Nato and US are human rights abusers committing war crimes. if some poor head of the state in Africa was doing the same , they would drag him to some court in Belgium.

    • I do not always agree with the Americans or their tactics but Pakistan housed Osama Bin Laden.
      No one on this earth will ever convince me that they did not know that he was there. They will stab you in the back if you are not careful. Unfortunately, NATO screwed up but they are not the only ones to do this during a war. Pakistan has made it’s own mistakes.