Watch live: Toronto City Council motion to limit Mayor Rob Ford's power -

Watch live: Toronto City Council motion to limit Mayor Rob Ford’s power

Video from City Hall


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Watch live: Toronto City Council motion to limit Mayor Rob Ford’s power

  1. Their is no such thing as reporters in Canada anymore, they have now become Paparazzi. I have to be honest, im sick of having to watch this rob ford everyday. This has nothing to do with me, I live in another part of the country. thank god for local news broadcast.

    • There are three million people who these proceedings DIRECTLY affect. If you’re tired of watching it, don’t watch it – it’s quite a simple solution really.

      • Well, keep it on your local broadcast, im sick of it taking up so much time on our national broadcast. this is nothing but local Toronto news, not national. Give it up, your making a disgrace of your self.

        • You understand that Toronto is part of the ‘nation’ right? Also, I’d feel must more chastened if you were actually able to differentiate between their/there and your/you’re instead of sounding needlessly annoyed AND silly.

          • You’re both idiots. Root canal, you would sound more convincing if you had proper spelling. MaggiePie, it is the lead story over and over again on national news and there are over 30 million people that this does not affect directly!!

          • It’s absolutely astounding how unable you are to see the big picture on proceedings like this. The majority of Canadian cities have a weak-mayor system like Toronto, and as far as I know this is the first time that one of those cities have attempted to strip powers from an elected mayor like Toronto is right now – which sets a national precedent for all the other cities moving forward, and let’s not forget that there are cities outside of the GTA who are currently struggling with mayor-related scandals.
            In addition to that, this affects not only the three million people in Toronto, but the extra three million in the outlying GTA considering the implications it has on projects like TransitCity which directly affect them both socially and financially. That’s six millions people which is roughly what, 18-20 per cent of Canadians?
            So really, there’s not a single person in Canada that this may not have an impact on in the future – much less on an anecdotal and reputational level.