Watch Live: Toronto police chief press conference on Mayor Rob Ford -

Watch Live: Toronto police chief press conference on Mayor Rob Ford

‘I think its fair to say the Mayor does appear in that video,’ Chief Bill Blair says


TORONTO – Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says they have recovered a copy of a video file that “depicts images that are consistent with those previously reported in the press.”

Allegation of a video appearing to show Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine surfaced in May when reporters from the Toronto Star and the U.S. website Gawker reported they were shown the video.

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Watch Live: Toronto police chief press conference on Mayor Rob Ford

  1. I can’t imagine for a second Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wrapping his lips around a crack pipe.

    • agreed,
      he would definitely need help to “latch” properly.

  2. TPS Chief Blair: “a digital video file has been recovered”

  3. I hope that certain commenter’s heads didn’t explode while watching this.

    Oh wait. This is evidence that goes counter to their beliefs. Silly me. They either didn’t watch it, or know it’s a clever leftist Hollywood forgery. No head explosions.

  4. Oh no, not more RUMOURS of a video by Toronto lieberals. This conspiracy to oust Ford has become an international embarassement now that news sources in the U.K. and Australia are covering the rumours. If mayor Ford has committed a serious crime then he should resign. If such a crime cannot be proven then everyone involved with the conspiracy against him should be forced to resign. That includes the police chief that thinks he is a CGI expert.

    I heard there is a video showing Mayor Ford arm wrestling with the extraterrestrial alien, Jar Jar Binks. How many rumoured videos are out there?

  5. The crack dealers were simply Ford’s constituents, and as he would of any other of his “normal” constituents, Ford kindly considered them worthy of a visit. Then, turning out to be real gangsters, they must have threatened to shoot him unless he allowed himself to be filmed while smoking crack and calling Pierre Trudeau a faggot. The great guy he is, he possibly thought that reporting it would only bring unwarranted hassle for the poor innocent neighbors. Rob Ford clearly deserves a billion dollar award for what was clearly a most selfless act of good humanity.

  6. Your stream is lame. Try not to stream your reporter practicing her lines.