Watch Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s election ad bloopers


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Watch Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s election ad bloopers

  1. I don’t live in SK, but this video makes the guy likeable, and probably doesn’t hurt his image at all.

    • Passion does not have to be memorized….performance is not a vision..nice guy…but a passioned leader…yet to be seen

  2. Awe, how adorable!  Isn’t it just wonderful that Macleans deemed this important enough to post on its site!  It certainly counts as newsworthy, and doesn’t hurt the image of this Reforma-Con premier as he quietly privatizes all the public assets of the Saskatchewan people, and increases oil exploration/production at an exponential rate in hopes of turning Saskatchewan into the Petro-State that is Alberta–  40 years with the same oil industry-friendly party in power.   

    • I’m sure, todd, that when the day comes, folks like you will make sure that this Reforma-Con is not able to “quietly” privatize anything.

  3. Braddie’s ads show the same level of success as his business ventures and role as premier. What a joke!

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