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‘Way to go, Canada’

Congratulations are due for making a sympathetic figure of Ann Coulter


Esquire‘s Mark Warren, for one, would like to salute this country for its inability to handle the arrival of Ann Coulter. “You’ve achieved the nearly-impossible, and made Ann Coulter a nearly sympathetic figure,” he writes. “And you’ve got me defending the tiresome freak.” As he explains, that’s not how these things are supposed to happen. “You know, it’s funny: If you hadn’t as a country lost your shit last night, and the corrosive harridan had been allowed to freely speak at the academic institution which invited her to speak, you would have in turn been allowed to mock her and laugh at her and put her ‘ideas’ in the garbage where they belong,” he explains. “Instead, you frothed at her idiot provocation and you suppressed her speech and by doing so you have now made her ideas seem—to a certain cohort—much more potent and perhaps even important than they ever ought to be regarded.”


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‘Way to go, Canada’

  1. Way to go Esquire, you managed to get almost every detail wrong.

  2. B.S. the media, and only the media made Ann Coulter a sympathetic figure and they did so because they failed to follow basic journalistic standards and didn't do their research.

    They essentially, along with Coulter herself, made up a story that had very little to do with fact. The "threat" posed by the students was vastly overstated – by the media and Coulter – and it was Ann herself that called off the U of O speaking engagement.

    See – this. I am contemplating today whether or not to make an official complaints to the ombudsmen of various Canadian news organizations.

    • she is cultivating this image like she is opressed by the liberal media so the young students, who have little knowledge or experience, fell right into it

  3. No one suppressed her speech at all. But i tend to agree ; much as it must gall anyone who cares about the debate of real ideas, however controversial. A tiresome freak and corrosive Harridan she may well be, but even they have a right to free speech. I'm a somewhat reluctant believer in the eventual therapeutic value of aversion therapy. People like her, if allowed to open their mouths, will always offend enough of us to keep them out on the loony fringes where they belong. Much as i'd like to shut her up, the price we have to pay to do so is way to high – frankly the lady isn't worth it.

    • It's the inverse of Twain: "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

      Jack Mitchell was complaining yesterday about Maclean's allowing Steyn articles to be published. If you follow Warren's logic, then a nut (as many would describe Steyn) would be eventually discredited by having his views exposed to the blinding light of public scrutiny.

      Of course, the latter component has to be working properly for that to be effective.

  4. Since we are saluting, let's salute Mark Warren and his inability to do research properly. Ann Coulter canceled that event!! She was given the opportunity to change venues to accommodate the 1000 some odd students that showed up to hear her speak. Her security decided that it was a safety issue and declined. Really, who gives a shit?! It was one event! She has been able to speak at other schools… if those Canadian schools had no problem, I do not see why Ottawa would. It was her decision and then she blamed it on someone else. Get over it and read something of substance.

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  6. Ms Coulter is a coward for not wanting to face a crowd of protesters. I've yet to see a little demonstration gone violent here in Canada.

  7. You can call Ms. Coulter a lot of things but "a coward for not wanting to face a crowd of protesters" is idiotic. She loves protesters, it's her bread and butter, if she didn't she wouldn't say half of the controversial speeches she's already made. Don't tap yourself on the back for anything, quite the opposite she got what she wanted, and you gave it to her.

    • I know she makes her money from all the attention she brings upon herself. I do know that the event was canceled because her organizers thought it would be a security threat to her. I don't think that it would have turned out violent however. Now she's trying to turn this around by saying she was a victim of hate crime, and that the University of Ottawa are idiots. She also wants to sue the university for this…when it was her organizers that pulled the plug, and she was paid to go there. I guess this is just another one of her ways to grab attention and money.

      I go to the U of O, but I really did not care about this event. I did pass by the building on my way home, but I didn't really notice the demonstration. I can't take this woman seriously, and she is quite comical. I sometimes think that the U of O just has a bunch of complainers about just anything. I am not one of them.

      I'm sorry you think that my comment is idiotic. I didn't pat myself on the back for anything. I just love a good showdown.

    • it suits her purpose to say protesters shut her down more than to face the crowd. The media is playing right into this hags hands. This story is absolute BS. This braindead witch will go to Calgary tonight and enrage people about how unfair she was treated by the "East". This is what this woman wants, controversy, the best way to rid the world of her is to stop listening. Ann Coulter is a C*nt. And if anyone can sympathize with her, then they are braindead as well.

  8. Why in the world would Canadian universities invite this hatemonger in the first place? Was she to receive a speaking fee or even a refund of her expenses to deliver her diatribe ? The universities are about 80% publicly funded and should know better ! Would they invite Adolph Hitler in the name of " Free Speech " ? ? Enough said !

    • Sorry Rabro, but free speech does not exist on a gradient. We either observe and protect the right of EVERYONE to say what they please, or we don't have free speech. Free speech one the the most important cornerstones of any society that can be considered free. Remember the old nursery rhyme about sticks and stones?

      And really, Hitler? I hate Ann Coulter with a passion, but she's not quite in Hitler's league.

    • Oh yeah, they paid her $10,000.

    • Perhaps it was a publicity stunt by the universities to prove that the Canadians truly are a bunch of communists.

  9. U of Zero lives up to its name

  10. Ann Coulter certainly hasn't aged well, has she?

  11. Go on Anne. I'm from Southern Ontario and I can see you call a spade a spade.. Keep telling it the way it is since Canadians are all afraid to say it. Love your speaches and honestly never hear of you untill the Ottawa gig went sour. Love your stuff and beliefs.

  12. Someone needs to go to her next conference and ask her some questions about why she's stating that the police are ones who cancelled the event when in fact it was her.
    Somone also needs to ask her how she felt threatened by 20 or 30 people at most since all accounts from people that were actually there all point out that the protesters were much of a threat.

  13. Coulter should restrict her bigotry to smokers, gun owners, and fat people just like most Canadians do. When in Rome, Eh?

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  15. What the heck is wrong with you Canadians? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid and listen to what the communist tell you. Ann Coulter represents less taxes and limited government. All you cry babies up in Canada can't make it in the real world so you want the government to take care of you from craddle to grave. We the tea party people and ann coulter and fox news reject your european world views. We do not need to be like u or anyone else. Our country didn't grow to be this great because we were like everyone else, we were just the opposite. all this crap is about is you all hate the U.S. and want to bring us down to your level.

    • Randy, you are so right! I have many good friends in the US, and I don't appreciate it when I hear some smug and judgmental fellow Canadian bash you people! I spend a fair amount of time in your country and I do admire it! This is NOT the same country I grew up in, and I sure don't like the direction it has taken over the last few decades. We do have free speech here…as long as you are a Left Lib. Anything else (as you can see) is apparently not tolerated!

  16. wake up suckers, You've been had by a real pro.

  17. Dear Mark, poor Annie discovered that in Canada insulting groups of people nilly willy might get you thrown in federal slammer or have her "hard earned" doe taken. So, brave but prudent Annie, found a convenient excuse to stick her tail between her floozy legs and get out with a modicum, dare I say, of dignity. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. hah, Canadians, I LOVE YOU! YOU ROCK!

    • well said!

  18. Why was she invited to speak in the first place? It is embarrassing for Canada that somebody in Canada actually invited her to speak in this country. She told a Muslim woman to “take a camel” to get around. She is obviously an idiot. Why would anybody care what she has to say? I agree she should be allowed to speak her mind but I don't understand why anybody would want to listen to her.

    • Hey listen, obviously there are people here who want to listen to this lady, and I am one of them! I did'nt see any problems when Al Gore came up here! But, I guess that's different? I'm tired of being Lectured and shouted down by fellow "Proud Canadians" like you just because I see things a little different.

  19. It's gets even stupider when the Americans start commenting on this.

  20. Instead of serving the interests of Coulter and Levant by blathering about free speech ( her speech
    wasn't free) the media might better serve by informing us about the sponsoring organization, its' personnel,
    and its' funding sources. Information we can use.

  21. at Ottawa U they have the only Quebec separatist student group outside of Quebec ..people should be protesting that instead