We are such ouinies



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We are such ouinies

  1. Is that a satirical page? I can’t decide.

    (That said, if someone started up a page to respond to it “nononcanada” would sound even stupider as a domain name.)

  2. It’s a project of “Leadership Ottawa,” a leader in the promotion of leadership among leaders, particularly telegenic ones with high levels of enthusiasm, “can-do’ism” and spunk.

  3. We interpret your initials, “BHO” as “Bringer of Hope to Others” (…) we are launching the BHO Community Organizer Award to recognize a peer who embodies the spirit of “Yes We Can”, hope, change and possibility. Thank you, President Barack Hussein Obama, for inspiring hope in all of us.

    Wow, that was so saccharine I almost gagged when I read it.

    • Worse, they’ve set an alarming precedent for acronyms based on our leaders’ initials . . .

      • Stephen Joseph Harper = Spending Jumps Higher.

      • Michael Grant Ignatieff – Machiavellian Glowering Intellectual

      • John Gilbert Layton = Just Government’s Larger

      • Peter Gordon MacKay = Preening Government Malcontent

        (This is way too fun.)

  4. The longer this goes on the more I feel sorry for the people involved. Sooner or later they are going to wake up and realize the guy is a politician : if fact if you pay attention you can start to see the little snippets of reality break through the miasma of the personality cult being played out in front of us. Obama’s platform of a new kind of non partisan politics being shotdown by his own people is usually the start, like the recent stimulus budget where if he were sincere about the hype he would have included the ROC in the writing and designing of the bill – this has happened before and is trhe basic criteria of non partisanship and if the desire is indeed really non partisan … however as events play out and the so called non partisan approach slowly evolves into the same o same o … no doubt there will be those that won’t let it go nor will they even see it .. until it’s too late and then comes the invariable disappointments that will continue to build and build resulting in the conclusion that the guy is only human.

  5. Gah.

  6. As a silent protest, I’m going to show up wearing the minimum 15 pieces of flare.

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