We believe Quebecers deserve better, and they seem to agree

PLUS: The House of Commons is profoundly sad at Maclean’s


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Last week, Maclean’s ran a cover story about politics in Quebec entitled, “The most corrupt province in Canada.” In an accompanying column, Andrew Coyne predicted that our work, like most criticisms of Quebec society coming from outside the province, would be attacked by its political class as “Quebec bashing.”

Quite so. The story was loudly and stridently denounced by every politician within reach of a microphone.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe claimed the story was “xenophobic.” The head of the sovereignist organization Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal called it “hateful and defamatory.”

Quebec Premier Jean Charest, fresh from his appearances before a corruption inquiry,  sent us a letter demanding that we “apologize to Quebecers.” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff joined the chorus apparently without having read the article.

In fairness, some of our critics did give serious attention to our argument about political corruption in Quebec. Some denied any empirical basis for proclaiming Quebec the worst offender in Canada. Other provinces, they noted, have corruption—maybe Quebec is simply better than other provinces at exposing its own malfeasance.

It’s true that we lack a statistical database to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Quebec is an outlier among the provinces. But that does not mean we are required to suspend all judgment in the face of a preponderance of evidence—scandal after scandal at every level of government in the province, all of them involving not just one or two bad actors but systemic corruption. In the last five years we’ve seen the sponsorship calamity, with all its fraud charges and jail sentences and sinking of the Liberal Party of Canada; reports of price-fixing in Montreal public works projects, not to mention Mob influences that had Mayor Gérald Tremblay fearing for his safety; and most recently the myriad credible allegations of campaign finance chicanery and influence peddling aimed at the government of Premier Charest.

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Yes, there is political sleaze in every province and party. Anglos do it, federalists do it, even NDPers do it. That’s not the point. No province but Quebec has managed such a comprehensive litany of embarrassments over the same period of time. It’s worth noting that none of our critics has mounted a credible case that any other province better deserves the title of worst in class.

Once the initial din of wounded and opportunistic politicians subsided, more thoughtful voices acknowledged the substance of our arguments. La Presse, the province’s leading broadsheet, wrote that our claim that Quebec has a higher number of scandals is “undeniable.” As to why: “We should have been asking ourselves this question a long time ago.”

Political columnist Vincent Marissal said: “I don’t see anything that’s inaccurate or exaggerated. Every Quebec media outlet has drawn similar conclusions in recent months.” When CBC TV went looking for public reaction to the Maclean’s cover in Montreal, it mostly found people who admitted that what we said is correct. “It’s sad. But it could be true,” noted one glum-looking man on the street, about his province’s standing.

Quebec does have a problem. Quebec’s political system is failing its people. But let’s be clear about this: it is a political problem, and a reflection on the province’s politicians and its political culture, not a condemnation of the character of the province or its people. Premier Charest’s letter to this magazine claims that we said “Quebecers are genetically incapable of acting with integrity.” Like all of the “Quebec-bashing” allegations, that is not only false but cheap in that it implicates the citizenry in the misdeeds of the politicians and their cronies. It is bad enough that the people of Quebec have to put up with corruption in public office—they shouldn’t be smeared by it as well.

Quebec voters have proven time and again they have little patience for corrupt politicians—frequently tossing out governments tainted by scandal. That is cause for optimism for the future of the province’s political culture. Another ray of hope is the robust state of investigative journalism in the province. Much of the iniquity we described in our article was diligently probed and exposed in newspaper and broadcast reports.

If Quebec’s people and its press continue to expect the highest standards of ethics and probity from public officials, change will come. We sincerely believe Quebecers deserve better.

One final note. Additional outrage has followed our use of the Quebec Winter Carnival’s Bonhomme on our cover. For instance, Henry Aubin, columnist for the Montreal Gazette, said we had turned the popular mascot into a “symbol of sleaze.” This strikes us as a bit rich, given that francophone artists over the years have used and abused Bonhomme in an array of satires and political cartoons. Like all Canadians, Maclean’s remains a strong supporter of the Carnival and the great tradition of Quebec hospitality it represents.


We believe Quebecers deserve better, and they seem to agree

  1. When he(it) is temp of referendum we write we quebec coil! I see her(its) at present dégouter you to me really

    • Your sentence makes no sense.

    • Qu'est-ce-que tu dis?

    • I'm from Quebec and am ashamed of people that write like you do. If you have a critic to formulate, at least learn to write it so people can understand.

      Tu nous fait honte, pauvre imbécile.

      • Tu sais d'où il/elle vient?

    • Vraiment incompréhensible.. désolant.

      • I'm somewhat sympathetic to the OP. I often have to take French to Google translate and it comes out like the above. Maybe he/she wrote something clever in French and translated it in Google and that's the result.

        I think it's a threat of another referendum. If so, please hurry up! I doubt there will be another "No" rally.

        • I'd bet Google translator would do a better job than that!

    • This comment is a faux. I bet an anglophone wrote it.

  2. When CBC TV went looking for public reaction to the Maclean's cover in Montreal, it mostly found people who admitted that what we said is correct.

    If the CBC had a hard time finding people who were offended, then there just weren't that many who were offended. If they existed, the CBC would have found them and given them plenty of air time.

    • Of course, only our ¨¨pure¨¨ politicians (SIC) had there panties in a wad. They were the only ones affected because it's always hard to hear the truth. Charest and all his croonies should be ousted from Gvt.

    • That's all well and good…

      But our dirty little secret is what is happening out west.

      You do not get a promotion, actually advance in your field or are able to take care of your family if you do not support the Conservatives. That is far, far worse then anything that is happening in Quebec. But hey, nobody wants to talk about that…it is far easier to bash Quebec.

      • Dan you just don't get it.
        In the West the people don't look to the government as an opportunity to benefit.
        Rather the citizens of the West see the government as a necessary evil. We depend on ourselves for our livelyhood.
        You know work hard and benefit.
        We see the Conservatives as less government.
        Think about it for a moment.
        In 1975 Alberta had 1.5 million people. Today it has 3.7 million. Most of these people came from somewhere else and have and prospered without the ever present government hand outs as we witness in Quebec and now Ontario. If you read the Macleans article the most telling sentence is that it costs 30% more to build a typical road in Quebec than in the rest of Canada.
        In Montreal, why does it cost $5.00 for a Starbucks coffee when payment is by Visa and $4.00 when you pay by cash?
        Corruption comes in many sizes

        • I don't think any provincial government has a hand in the price of a Starbucks coffee.

      • This is a complete fabrication. As an Albertan, I challenge you to provide evidence for your claim.

      • How would anyone know if you support Conservatives or not? I think your contention would be hard to prove.

    • CBC has a particularly strange way of approaching stories – they decide what the result should be and then go and look for the evidence. Sometimes they can find it or they can twist into what they what their piece to show – often they are disappointed that their 'story' is not going to turn out the way they had hoped. I know several individuals in government and agencies that have been approached by CBC reporters who want them to confirm their take on a story only to be told that their facts are wrong, then the report gets all upset and accuses the staff person of trying to hide things.

      The sooner CBC is de-funded, the better.

    • It does not say that it had a hard time. I believe you have misinterpeted the original sentence

    • The culture in Quebec has been created to divide and conquer canada.These traitors have no respect for Canada,canadians or french culture heriage.France allowed canada to form.As for respect for anything french,you could not order in a meal in france speaking this gooblygook,or even get into france.Is it french culture to break up your country of birth?Maybe the heavy hand of the french is needed to deal with these enemies to canada?

  3. A nice enough wrap-up. But if, as reports have indicated, le Carnaval graciously permitted the use of its Bonhomme symbol without being fully informed about how you were going to use it, then both organizations deserve to be criticized. Le Carnaval, for not being inquisitive enough in the protection of its valuable brand, and Maclean's, for being unfairly sneaky.

    • Would Macleans have needed permission at all to use the Bonhomme? I thought parody was considered fair use of a copyrighted work.

      • jk. A quick wiki surf seems to suggest that this is not the case under Canadian law.

  4. Where does the corrupt (quebec) politicians come from ?

    • Where "do" the corrupt (Quebec) politicians come from? I'm French Canadian, but I'm neither ignorant, nor corrupt. Your comment is the xenophobia that Gilles Duceppe was talking about. The original article that Macleans published instigated a rash of Quebec bashing. Our Political leaders do not reflect the province as a whole. We realize that things aren't working well. Who wants to constantly drive through pothole filled streets that are constantly under repair? Who wants to see their provincial Government squandering money that was obtained from our heavily taxed paychecks? No one that hasn't been profiting from this. We are the victims in this. We need to clean up the Quebec Political system, no questions asked, and your hatred of Quebec isn't helping the situation.

    • From a long line of Frenchman. We finally understand their "culture" which they never seemed yo be able to explain. I laugh at anybody thinking their will ever, be a change. They haven't read their history.

    • They come from the very same province. ALL politicians of Quebec, whatever the party, IS corrupt. Duceppe and his BQ gang are part of it also. Taking our money from our taxes for doing us much more harm than good. A bunch of deceitful burglars.

      • Find me a single corruption case involving the parti québécois or the bloc Québécois. Corruption for the passed 20 years have come from the Canadian gang. All fédéralistes, again nobody have ever found any independentist guilty of any bloops. As for the bloc taking your money well all other parties are taking my money even if I am a hard core Independantist we in Québec call it democracy. On that subject we have nothing to learn from nobody. We lost the last referendum because Canadians did not respect our electoral laws and spent 10 time what was authorised so please don't give us lessons .

        • Unfortunately many soveigrnists can be far more hideous and exemplify racism, just ask the many anglos that left and the allophones who filled the vacuum.
          Their doctrine and numbers appear to be in decline. Another referendum would be most interesting.

        • The Bloc and the PQ hide it well first of all (Marois' home and "silent toilet" come to mind), as well their support for potentially terrorist groups such as the Reseau Resistance du Quebec and les Jeunes Patriotes. Hmmm maybe not corrupt but definitely backing violence in order to attain Quebec sovereignty! And you're right, they hide nothing. Gilles Duceppe feels perfectly at ease with wasting Canadians tax dollars to promote his Nationalist views throughout Canada and now Internationally, all the while telling people Canada is not his country. Will he give up his Canadian pension if Quebec separates, I wonder? And Marois visiting Catalona at the Quebecers expense to discuss the same thing. Nothing corrupt there, you're right, it's what all taxpayers want! :)

  5. It's nice CYA to say that the politicians are the corrupt ones and the Quebec populace deserve better, but in a democratic society the populace get the politicians they elect, and therefore deserve.

    How does Macleans get around this fairly obvious point?

    • Have you seen the quality of people running for political office? At every level, only the bottom of the barrel wants to be elected. Look at the federal level, we are long removed from the quality of politicians from only 10-15 years ago. And who wants to be elected? For a small salary, you get the privilege of being followed around by journalists who dream only of watching you fall, and your voters think that since they voted for you they have the right to your time 24/7. Trust me, ex-regular, right now if they had the guts to put on the ballot a "None of the above", that would certainly be the winner in almost every case. The politicians we have today are not what we deserve, we deserve a lot better.

    • As if the people vote for politicians knowing they are corrupt! What kind of comment is this?

    • That's why you elected Stepehn Harper who is turning Canada as a redneck, polluting, happy trigger country wich is demolishing the images that other prime minister took years to build on the international community.

    • Because corrupt politicians don't often announce or showcase publicly their illicit/questionable activities. To say that the people of Quebec are knowingly electing corrupt politicians is grossly inappropriate. They have a system which has some problems, and unfortunately the people around the problems are using them for their own benefit rather than that of the people. History has shown us that many a politician has been elected with a clean record and promises of good thing, only to years later reveal that there have been corrupt dealing under that persons reign.

  6. Yes that make sense. Thats just the tone you needed in the original article. You still think that was good journalism, come on! Opinion are just opinion.

  7. It's funny because in Charest's letter he claimed that Quebec has preserved the French language in North America for 400 years. "We have done so not by putting up walls but by reaching out to the world."
    What outreach is he talking about?
    I'm an Anglophone, and I've never felt welcome in Quebec.

    • I'm a Francophone and I have to say, "You are perfectly right" All this garbage done in the name of the French language… when employment, the economy and honest government should be priority. We have unilingual signs, yet as I drive into Ontario, the so-called bastion of anglo-saxon hysteria, I am greeted by bilingual signs everywhere.

      • Could you tell me where in Ontario because I travel in Ontario and have done so for the passed 40 years and I'd like to see maybe there is a small village where they are trying bilingual signs. Certainly not in Ottawa where you are lucky if you can be answered in french in Vanier . Oh! I get it you were not in Ontario but in Montreal : Bilingual signs English only spoken.

        • Yves can you please confirm to everyone here if Hopital Monfort in Ottawa was allowed to fully operate in French only?

          • No more so than the Ottawa General or Ottawa Civic hospitals are allowed to fully operate in English only!

          • yah but with a big fight from the dying french people still showing their last blow at trying to change the impossible future in this coutry for french people . Now remember that Québec has 10 english hospitals for it's minority.Not couting the english schools the english universities (3) and it'o.k. we have no problem with that but we are sick and tired to read and hear that we are intolerants racists or xenophobes is tha clear…

          • Yves, state the facts as they are, 10 English hospitals, really, can you name them? And English hospitals in Quebec? How can that be? Would that not be in violation of Bill 101 if that were the case? You know, the French proficiency tests that one must pass in order to work in these institutions and the bilingual signage throughout these hospitals and the fact that they must be able to serve the French population as well? Hmmm, that would indicate to me they are in fact BILINGUAL and not ENGLISH. As for the Universities and Cegeps, seems to me that since the Anglo population is far from "booming" in this province that many Francophones who are upset with Bill 101 and their inability to "choose" their language of education, frequent these institutions and benefit by becoming bilingual. As well, our primary and secondary schools, BILINGUAL, children leave primary school knowing how to read, speak and write French. English only? This can all be verified as well. Just call some of these institutions.

          • Yves is wrong there are 18 English speaking hospitals for 800 000 Québec anglophones. 18 hospitals is ok with me. However, we are 500 000 francophone in Ontario and we were here before any English speakers. How many French speaking hospital we have for us?

            The Montreal Jewish (111 millions de dollars)

            The Montreal General (119 millions de dollars)

            The Royal Victoria (143 millions de dollars)

            Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre – Kahnawake

            Lakeshore General

            Reddy Memorial

            Catherine Booth Hospital

            Montreal Children (62 millions de dollars)

            Lindsay Hospital (10 millions de dollars)

            Richardson General (8 millions de dollars)

            St. Mary's (53 millions de dollars)

            Montreal Neurological Institute (19 millions de dollars)

            Douglas Memorial (63 millions de dollars)

            Queen Elizabeth Hospital

            Gatineau Memorial (3 millions de dollars)

            Sherbrooke Geriatric University Institute (28 millions de dollars)

            Barrie Memorial (6 millions de dollars)

            Jewish Readaptation Hospital (10 millions de dollars)

        • Try travelling north of Toronto. Bilingual signs and bilingual city services offered in most places. Sudbury and environs are definitely French-friendly if you can call that bastardization of French the locals speak "French".

          • If Sudbury is french friendly, how come I did not hear a word of French anywhere when I spent a couple of days there? There may be francophones in Sudbury, but they are very good at keeping their language out of sight.

          • Actually I have worked there in Sudbury and North Bay and even though the phone directory tells me apoximately 30$ of the people have a french name I could not find even a trace of a french newspaper and everywhere I would have to speak engleis to do business but that's all right we are in Ontario where Bill 17 was in effect for so many years until Québec would start to stand up. If you don't know what bill 17 is .Go to your history books.

          • Je me souviens du règlement 17. Les choses se sont amiliorées mais je me souviens du règlement 17. Plusieurs "Righteous" ne veulent pas se rappeler.

        • Welland, Township of Russell, Ottawa to name a few. I am from Quebec and lived in Ontario, frequently saw bilingual signage. Went to visit museums in Ottawa, was greeted in BOTH languages.
          As for being answered in French, depends where you wish to be answered, no problem with the Federal gov't institutions. However, I can attest that I've had difficulties obtaining reponses from Federal institutions in Quebec in English which luckily isn't really an issue for me as I speak both and if I am not served by the Federal institutions in English in Quebec, seldom complain. Hmmm, maybe I should rethink that now.
          Also, there are plenty of French schools as well I had learned while living in Ontario when it came time to enrol my child. :)

          • I think many get confused by the declaration of Canada being fully bilingual. It does not refer to individual bilingualism but institutional at the Federal level. I haven't encountered any problems in Ontario in that respect. However, it also states "where numbers warrant". First of all, isn't a drivers liscense under a provincial jurisdiction (the province of Ontario)? It is here (Quebec). Secondly, where in Ontario was this?
            I rule out being served in English in any Provincial institution in Quebec but not Federal and at the Federal level we still have problems.

      • Moi je suis un franco-ontarien et j'aimerais avoir la même qualité de service que les anglophones du Québec ont. Les panneaux routiers bilingues en Ontario sont là pour démontrer l'hypocrisie. Quand on veut avoir des services en français, notre langue et celle de nos ancêtres, on se rend bien compte qu'on ne peut que de se réferer aux paneaux. C'est bien peu et totalement vide de signification.

        Moi j'ai remarqué qu'au Québec les paneaux sont des pictogrammes, des images représentant des interdictions ou des prescriptions. Aucun mots sont necessaires pour passer le message.

        Johnny boy, tu dois être un macleans pour écrire des conneries de la sorte.

    • If you go in a foreign country, are you the kind of tourism who will speak English and expect that the peoples will answer you in English language with always a smile in there face? I'm just asking because as a Canadian like you, when I travel in my own country I try to speak the language of the others provinces (English). I feel very welcome most of the time and peoples are very kind with me! I can assure you that if I speak to the peoples in French everywhere else I Canada, I will feel most like you, not welcome because the peoples will see that I make no efforts to be understood!!! Look in the mirror, Quebeckers are not slaves or inferior because they speak French! They deserve respect as any others countrys you will visit in the world and you can expect to be treated well and feel welcome when you respect them!

      Thanks and sorry If I does some mistakes in English but I least I try and I'm able to speak the 2 officials languages of my country!!! ;)

      Nicolas B.
      Montreal, Quebec

      • That works both ways: One time I was in Maine, USA at some store and a Quebecer complained to her friend about the service, "comment il se fait qu'ils ne parlent pas francais?" (I reasoned they were Quebecers from their accent, and the fact their car had Quebec plates)

        I agree with you however, I have augmented my high school French enormously by living here (Montreal), speak Italian (actually improved it a lot since I came here) and have picked up a bit of Spanish. Though I speak French fairly well, francophone people serving me usually switch to English when they hear my accent.

        Also I have often been amazed in other parts of Canada (BC & Alberta especially) at how many Quebecois I encounter, mostly they say they moved to get away from all the language conflicts, or a chance to let their children have some education in English, in addition to the French spoken at home.

        J'espere que vous me comprennez completement!

      • Nicolas b. . Pas la peine d'essayer de les faire changer d'idée j'ai essayé depuis 40 ans et je vis avec eux . Ils sont racistes génétiquement et ils seront encore comme ça dans 200 ans ils s'imaginent que tout leur appartient et nous on est seulement une gang de pigmées . Tant qu'on ne sera pas dans notre maison (le Québec indépendant) ils nous traiterons comme ça. Debout nous vaicrons.

        • Yves, peux tu faire l'effort de parler la langue de la majorité sur ce blog :)

          je connais tres bien ton genre, tu veux te séparer du Canada…. pas de problème vas t-en!

          • Ha! Ha! Ha! est bonne continue ton combat.

      • Born and raised in Quebec?? not the same Quebec i know. I feel sorry for your ignorance. But keep up! You might understand one day………..

      • You don't understand nothing of what I'm saying! My point is not about your superior status as a Anglo like you love to describe yourself (I'm so much better than French peoples), my point is how about being treated when you go somewhere! What you get is what you give! Anyway, there is no way to make understand you that point. Just by the kind of answer you gave me, it's easy to see how close your mind is and how I'm happy to be more smarter than you in my comments! Read again what I wrote first and you will agree that there is not xenophobia in my comments. Unfortunately it's the kind of comments like this and the one of Mclean's does every time who makes the peoples of Canada so angry about each others.

        Thanks again, just because of you, you make more proud to be un vrai Québécois ouvert d'esprit sur le monde! :)

        Au plaisir

      • Nice comment… Try to speak french and you'll be welcome in quebec… Vive le quebec libre !!!

      • You're so funny . So you admit you can work for english only companies in Québec? Wow, don't tell the rest of Canada they will have to scrap all their newspapers…

      • Good for you Nicolas! I'm born and raised in Montreal, speak three languages fluently and proud of it! If everyone in this country were as open and willing to make an effort as you and I, we would not be having such a useless discussion to begin with. Francos need to learn English and Anglos need to learn French. I am ashamed of my Ontarian cousins who were supposedly taught French in school but who can't even put a basic French sentence together. I was ashamed of the girls in my top-rated French private high school who at 15 years old didn't know the English definition of a ceiling or a stapler. Make an effort people! Teach your kids different language as early as you can! You are giving them and yourselves a tool, a gift. Learning and operating in multiple languages is not a chore but a privilege!

    • If you had lived in Quebec in the booming 60's (in Montreal) you would have felt very welcome because the English owned Montreal. It was English everywhere, and happy, due to the cream rising theory, which, later results proved what happens when the cream was removed. And then the bright Idea by Quebec Prime Ministers, Lets dumb everybody down to the same level and have equality! What a mess.

    • What I'd like to know is, what the hell does does preserving the French language have to do with the article?

      • C'mon, I read your question and honestly how ignorant do you have to be? I was educated in English schools up until secondary 1 before my parents emigrated to Quebec. I was placed in French school as neither of my parents had ever studied in Canada. I struggled and I had to fail three years before I was placed in English school. I lost three years of my life trying to learn a third language and unfortunately was not able to do it. The preservation of the French language is the "excuse" for many of the idiotic laws and rules in Quebec. What would be of the French language if immigrants were allowed to chose what language to educate their children in? I shudder to think…..

        • Well maybe you are not capable enough to go to regular school, so there are special schools for handicaped people you know in Québec…

    • Well i'm a francophone and I never felt at home in Canada.

      • Your comment makes no sense!!!, seriously. First of all, he doesn't have to go anywhere cause he already has a country. I guess that if we follow your logic, we should also ask you to pack your bags and go back to England or wherever you come from. It comes back to what someone was saying in another comment. The least you can do when you emigrate in another country is to learn the language. This is a simple thing we call respect. If I decided to emigrate somewhere else, I would have to, and would learn the language. This is really basic. I don't get how some people are unable to understand that. And don't tell me Quebec is not a country. It is not technically, but it is obvious, even for an english canadian, that we are two completely different peoples and therefore, two singular nations. This does not mean we cannot live peacefully, exchange, and even be friends…And to conclude, i would add to from my personnal experiences, i can testify that many of my anglophone friends feel more than welcome here, would not move anywhere else and Canada, and fully understand our need of autonomy. Thanks

      • Oh for god's sake DW, I'm sure you'd therefore agree if an aboriginal said "ALL OF YOU: pack your bags and go back to France/England/Ireland/Italy/India/China/Phillipines/Malawi etc."

      • The reply to DW is for you too.

      • Hey chum, just do like a lot of quebecer do, learn the other language, as you already know Canada has 2 official language, French & English or English & French, whatever you like. The day that you will know french as good as your english, you'll be a real Canadian, not just some dude living in Canada.

      • And you were conquered! You should be grateful they didn't eradicate you or deport you the way they did the Acadians. Then again, maybe it would have been better for Canada had they done either. The Acadians don't act like brats who thing the world owes them something and they've been treated far worse.

        • So you admit that the Acadians were maltreated? And you at least put up that fallascious argument that we lost on the plains of Abraham??? Wow how honest at least one Canadian who truly admits it's racism and feeling of superiority. You just showed your own self Thank you for that and I will send this to all the shaky Quebequers I know.

        • They did not succeded to deport all Acadians. Moreover, they had to stop it. Do you know Broussard dit Beausoleil? Probably not. As for the Canadiens, the British needed us. The loyalist refugee should be thankful that the Canadians (no Canadians spoke English at the time) stopped and repelled the revolutionary continental army in 1775-1776. Had we not have done it, where the first political refugees of Canada would have fled?

          Remember that dude, moi je me souviens.

      • Well if you want to be like that. Do you remember? France signed over the land they had here to the British after they kicked your butts,if you don't like it here why don't YOU go back to France.The French have no legitimate claim to this country.
        I really hate to stoop to your level but you asked for it.

        • AGAIN. We are NOT FRENCH!!! We are Francophones. There are many countries speaking french, none wanting to go to FRANCE. The general population of Quebec do not trace their roots there. Please understand that fact! Quebec is a NATION on it's own.

      • Maybe you should leave…..

        • You do not understand, Yves felt home (his ancestors) in Canada before the first wave of refugee (loyalist) arrived and began to disrespect the Canadians and their language. The first anglophone governors of Canada, Murray, Carleton, Haldimand to name a few respected the Canadians and were communicating with them in French unlike the anglophone refugees who came later.

          So, Yves nor anybody else who respect Canada and Canadians has to leave; therefore, may be you should leave. . .

      • My forefathers were here in 1642 so who should leave first?

      • And the Natives before you…what's your point? Should they be saying to you to return to France?

      • They were given a choice to remain or to be sent back to France. Many didn' t have the means to make the return and remained in Quebec as a result. Also, in any war during colonization (it's not just the English who colonized but the French, Spanish etc…) how many were allowed to keep their language? Haiti was colonized by the French, were they allowed to keep their language?

        • The Canadiens remained in Canada because it was the place where they belonged, unlike some other (other means not all) disrespectful people who sought political asylum in Canada.

    • Hi Chris,
      Sorry if you feel inconfortable in Quebec, normally we welcome everybody. I understand our culture is different from one Province to another one and this is the reason you feel the way you thinking. I'm a French Canadian where I learn to write and speak English for work – no choice. Most of the problem presently about the maclean's magazine is regarding the first page, but the rest it's true, the political partys in Quebec are all the same – mean get the power and bring their friends with them. We are recognize in different country as a Province who bring idea, also M. Charest who some people don't like (including French and English) was able or try to safe our economy in Quebec.

    • Chris, a lot of Anglos live here, in Quebec, and are happy. I'm a francophone Quebecer and in my daily life, I speak three languages everyday, like many Montrealers. Montreal is the city with the highest pourcentage of people speaking at least languages in all Americas. It's A LOT easier to live in english here than it is to live in french in Toronto, Ottawa and even New Brunswick. If you don't feel yourself welcome here, the problem might just be… yourself!

      • I don't think Chris is the problem. I speak three languages as well buddy, and yet whenever I speak French (I have an accent) people don't seem to understand what I'm saying. And perhaps you should not speak on bhelf of Anglos, I was fed up and did the right thing andleft. I'm not working to pay taxes for your crappy province.

        • Actually, even if you move out of Quebec, if it's anywhere to the west of it including Ontario until recently, you ARE working to pay taxes that are sent by the truckload to Quebec in the scam called equalization to subsidize their socialism and corruption.

          • minaka you are just another misinformed. I cannot blame you because macleans and other media outlets are fueling this twissted point of view. Of course nobody would like to bash another anglo-majority province because there would not have any room to bash Québec.

            What is important is all the money going to the federal government and all the money coming back to a province and who pays for in money value for the federal governement debt. Look at this:

        • Good : one less

    • Chris, I'm a francophone, I speak english fluently, I speak 2 other languages, and I've never felt welcome anywhere in Canada except in Quebec.

    • You never felt welcom in Québec…did you ever came? People here speak in english when they see other,s that don,t understand french. Maybe you didn't try to get along with locals.

      • Not true my husband recently arrived from the States and all he encountered were rude Franco Quebeckers. And by the way, he is learning French but not everyone is fluent on the first day of class.

        • My son in law arrived from the states and is from Romania and he could speak french within 5 or 6 months he has is own business after 2 years and is a true Quebecer, So your husband must be slow… Help him out .

        • You are right, it is hard to be fluent the first day of class. Tell your husband to continue his classes it is good, many do not even bother with it.

          May be when your husband really speak French, he would not find people rude anymore.

      • Ceci n'est pas toujours vrai car je suis un Anglophone et j'ai vecu la discrimination, meme quand je parle francais. Il y en ont partout qui sont de meme, et je parle de Canada a l'entiere. Il y a des Anglos qui sont contre le francais pareille qu'il y a des francos au Quebec qui sont contre l'anglais.

    • May be you should try to learn french it might help.

    • What ignorant comments, obviously we have learned French. And maybe we should tell everyone "just learn English" you know the language of the MAJORITY in CANADA.
      However, there are some of us who are not as ignorant and have learned both and use both!

  8. I think you have hit the nail square on the head with your articles. I'm a souche Québecois, and in all honesty, we have no one to turn to, the Liberals are corrupt, this is coming out every day, we don't want Marois and her Séparatiste rhetoric, Dumont's old party doesn't hold water, David's party is disguised communism… Not even a quarter of the population in St-Laurent bothered to vote in the by-élection despite The Gazette's call for a protest vote from the Allophone population. With the Federal it's the same, the old Liberals who could no longer take the "Soft" Dictatorship of Jean Chrétien voted for the Bloc, even if the majoritry of Quebecers don't want separation. I find it funny actually that your article got all these pirma donas together all sucking up to get our votes, which unfortunately they don't deserve. They all use these occasions to get votes. Remember our lovable idiot who went to war with Shane Doan… how outraged he was… Come on fools, get a life, Thank you MacLean for saying out loud what most of us Quebecers are saying amongts each others in our kitchens with our friends. It's been a long time since our Government has listened to us.. The best thing for Quebec right now would be for Charest and his bunch to resign and then for whoever takes over, to have a Public Commission on Corruption within our governement, the links with labor unions, the links with organized crime, all the tax dollars piled into too many pockets. Not only are we the most corrupt, but Quebecers are also the MOST TAXED in North America.

    • I'm another ¨Quebecois de souche¨ (and not a freaking separatist either) and I FULLY concurr with everything you wrote. Matter of fact, I couldn't have said it any better. Marvellous !

      Lorsqu'on va cesser d'avoir un comportement de faineant, on va tous les foutre a la porte (politiciens) et ce, peu importe leur partie. Bravo pour avoir ecrit ce qu'une majorite pense tout bas.

    • Well Johny boy all you have to do is move elsewhere, or shoot yourself. If we are the most taxed why is it for pete' sake tha all Anglos are moving from Ottawa for Gatineau? Maybe because the daycare are cheaper maybe it's the Hydro bills or car insurance or the housing . Well that makes a lot of money to save hein?

      • why should I move, I've probably been living here a lot longer than you and have probably contributed a lot more money than you have. Why blame anglophones… isnt't this pure and simple racist?… It is guys like you who give most francophones a "bad" name. I would be curious to see how you speak and write your French. Sans rancune.

        • Mon cher “Johnny boy“ Il me fait plaisir de te répondre et peut-être de te remettre sur les rails mon cher frère car je crois que tu est ce que j'appelle un COLONISÉ pas par condescendance mais par pitié car je l'ai été moi-même pendant une grande partie de ma vie. J'ai eu ces discussions avec des gens et j'ai été dans l'aviation royale canadienne . J'ai habité partout au Canada et bien que ces gens sont des personnes exeptionelles et attachantes, elles sont d'une culture et passé différent du nôtre . Un jour j'ai réalisé que nous formons 2 peuples incompatibles et surtout disfonctionnels. Comme en un mariage forcé le jour est venu de nous séparer. Sans rancune.

      • You must be one of those corrupt politicians eh?

    • Since moving from Vancouver, BC Spent 53 years there and 3 years here, and oh my goodness my income is retirement income and the amount has not changed but I do not pay quarterly taxes anymore and find that I pay about 10 % of the taxes that I did in BC so for me Quebec is sooooooo cheap compared to BC, Car insurance here is 350 dollars a year and 1700 dollars a year in BC same car ohhhhh so liking it in Quebec, health insurance is sooooo cheap here and you get government pharmacare here from the first dollar spent on medications in BC you have to have spent 2500 dollars first to even get any money back and it is a percentage above that amount. Sooooo cheap to live here. So Quebec is the LEAST TAXED PROVINCE THAT I KNOW OF. I know that Quebec just finished paying for EXPO 67 and the Olypmics of 76 and BC made money on EXPO 86 and the Olympics. I learned in school to learn french that dump trucks were going in and out more than 3 times before they actually dumped their load, getting paid 3 times for the one load. Good information to give people learning the language. Also the language has changed from French to I do not know what, what with all the slang and quebecoise so much that my teacher says you should purchase a dictionary of the quebec language which is slang French. Also the school they are trying to teach the teens and young adults french so that they can go to cegep as they do not know their own language as it is quite different when written in proper french and what they speak on the street and in the homes. To me that does not seem to be the way to preserve the french language. In the last 40 years it has gone to the wayside in the home and on the street.

      • Melanie, I do not want my tax dollars used to pay for services that I do not want or agree with. Do we really need embassies around the world? Do we really need $8 daycares that only the few can get access to? Do we need to fund in vitro fertilization when our hospitals are already stressed to the max? What if I want to stay home with my child instead of sending him or her to daycare? In the end, I would rather have that money I pay into taxes in my pocket. I am quite capable of wasting it myself. I do not need a bunch of corrupt politician to squander my hard earned money on themselves and their friends. And we still haven't finished paying for that abomination of Olympic stadium! Why is it that every city that hosts the Olympics and Montreal went into debt? So all these cheap or free services you are talking about who do you think will have to pay for it? All the children of the babyboomers because our parents decided to indulge themselves with all these free services by borrowing money from the next generation. Do you know that the province has a huge debt? Now that all the babyboomers are at the age where their health care is skyrockets, our hospitals are strained and our pockets are empty. That's what having all these free services are for. And the fact that you are paying less taxes, is maybe because you are retired, living on less income?

      • Melanie, see how long your cherished cheap life style would last if Quebec paid its own way, and didn't suck billions of dollars every year out of federal transfer payments. That is why Quebec is the LEAST TAXED PROVINCE THAT I KNOW OF, as you put it. Somebody else is paying the bills.

      • Thanks melanie for sp.eaking out loud to ignorant people who don't know what they talk about and we need more of you here as you can see… Welcome in Québec and if I could help you I would .

        I always say that in Québec we may pay more taxes but we get so many services that's worth the pain. All we are hoping for is comprehension and respect.

    • What do you mean by quebecers in majority doesn't want the independance? Last time I checked it was 49.4% for . so with this article we should hit the ceiling. See you at the next referendum.

      • I'm getting tired of Quebec continually holding this threat of separation over the rest of the country. It's been going on for over 30 years. Just get it done and get on with it! Calisse. It's like a 35 year-old that has been talking about "going it alone" since they were 15, but are still living in their parents' basement, afraid to give up their weekly allowance. Pathetic.

        SOLUTION: The other 9 provinces and 3 territories should hold a referendum to decide it they want Quebec to be a part of Canada anymore. Canada will decide. When the results are in, Quebec will get its discharge papers; it can then can pack up and GET OUT!

        Have fun in the real world with your massive debt, high taxes and fear of the English language. You'll do real well.
        Bonne chance![polldaddy 3862482 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/3862482/ polldaddy][polldaddy 3862482 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/3862482/ polldaddy]

      • Last time I checked it was at 40%

    • Very well said, this from an Anglo Quebecer!

  9. I'm glad to see the magazine isn't backing down from these articles. I'm also glad that Maclean's isn't afraid to publish such controversial material, knowing the uproar that is sure to follow.

    Perhaps as a follow up you could find some way to quantify corruption by province. That would be very interesting.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Because there may be two other corrupt provinces. Corrupt in the sense that they work with the criminal element. We know who.

  10. Bravo.

    • Pauvre petit humain,vous partez de très loin..

  11. I have been taking Maclean's defense since the article came out, but I do have to point out something that strikes me. You are citing La Presse's Vincent Marrissal, but you omitted an important part of the sentence – that even though nothing was the basic claim of your article was right (i.e. the corruption in Quebec), that linking it to Quebec nationalism or genetics of Quebecers was fallacious, at best.

    I really liked your article, but I have no respect for people who selectively quote in order to make themselves look better or right.

    • That my friend is Canadian hypocrisy at it's best

  12. I have travelled and lived troughout Canada and the USA and I recently came back to Quebec to live. You just have to drive on the roads in Montreal to understand that corruption is rampant in this province. It is so sad. I left 20 years ago and the city is in a state of disrepair. Charest, his cronies and his hairdresser should all be fired. I am looking for the opportunity to vote. Thankyou Mcleans for telling the truth.

    • Fired will not do it… they should be imprisoned, for a LONG time

    • Good vote for the parti Québécois so they will clean the place and bring real democracy like René Lévesque did.

      • Actually the roads have gone down hill ever since the English left(after expo) and Rene L should have a statue put up at Toronto city hall, Toronto wouldnt be as great as it is if not for RL and maybe Montreal would still be the financial capital of Canada.

        But really, the roads are bad, maybe that's why rene hit and killed a pedestrian when he was drunk, a huge pothole?

    • Hey Brenda, if you think that Québec is so corrupted and sad why did you came back?

    • Move to Toronto

    • I am back in Quebec(last 5yrs) because of my wife, have traveled also and the roads are a joke, more money spent on them than average, worst in North America.
      Folks the roads are bad because of CORRUPTION, I would bet more in que than all of Canada combined.

      • If you are not happy, move out. If your wife doesn't want to move out, find yourself another wife.

        • Why should anyone move out? Should one not try to improve one's homeland?

  13. [Part 1]

    I'm a Quebecer and I am discouraged of what I see in Quebec.

    I experienced the government changing the official transcript of public hearing about the new power station project at the Romaine River. I have been fighting for justice for our community but the government turn his back instead. An example, the government does not care about an unrealistic security measures for the SM-2 power station or the security of the perimeter of this power station.

    I send many emails to different ministers and they all go in file 13. I was not allowable to appeal a decision of the Protecteur du Citoyen. From what it appears to me, the government only want to spend more money and do not want to acknowledge serious problems that occurred. An employee of the environment (MDDEP) that all future preoccupations coming from my community won't be received from their department.

    (A long list of preoccupations was send in Feb. 2009 to the minister and she refused to answer back to the legitimate preoccupations. The answer that I got back from the Protecteur du Citoyen, it is political. This is BS.)

  14. [Part 2]

    My web site http://www.SergeMarchand.com explains more this situation. According to me, it is more than the present elected government. The answer that I got back the opposition deputy from my own riding is that I should understand that they do not wish to pursue further my request since she is too busy. As far as I am concerned, changing party is like changing a “Loonie” for another “Loonie”.

    I invited you to visit this web site available only in French where you will see the worst history for the power stations in Quebec. The government abandoned my community. I believe that anyone that would know this true story about the power stations in Quebec should question any purchase of electricity coming from this province. Sad to say but this is the reality.

    Serge Marchand

    • Dear Serge
      Is there an ENGLISH version of your article? If so, please would ,you let me know

  15. He got what he deserved clearly Charest blasts Maclean's over article He Premier Jean Charest of Quebec can clearly now complain all he wants but the damage has been done, the horse have been let out of the barn, and the hay dispersed abroad.. too late to try to get it all back.. a good name is worth more than silver and gold as he too now will find out.. not nice to have other people despising you.. not at all.. He Premier Jean Charest now does not like the world wide negative publicity he got.. but somehow he and his MLA's seem to still have a hard time listening and dealing with the citizens concerns.. I have yet to receive one decently reply, response to the rightful hundreds of letters of complaints I myself now have sent to the Quebec government this year alone as you all already do know as well Actions speak louder over words.. now how many crooks are the governments really going to put i jail.. or just complain about the publicity they get for doing nothing good again and again and for decades now too.

    • Next time around my friend : When a Jean Chares tells you that he wants two hands on the wheel… If he is a federalist : vote for somebody else…

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgxJk1arobM

    “A nation is a state of mind.” – Andrew Coyne

    The Bonhomme issue affected the state of minds of many. It made Quebecers hang their heads with shame and confusion or react with anger. Just read Stephane Gendron here: http://www.canoe.com/cgi-bin/imprimer.cgi?id=7447… as he relates corruption to nationalism feeling the inevitable aftershock of being labeled “the black sheep”. “It’s sad. But it could be true,” noted one glum-looking man on the street — well that pretty much sums up the emotional effect on people. It cannot be discounted. It’s one thing for Quebecer’s to use the Bonhomme symbol in their context. It’s another when an outsider does it. The nuance of how this issue has been received and reacted to cannot be reduced by writing. It is something that existed for a time and only time will soften the memory. Nothing like dropping bombs and flying away. MacLean’s works on their next issue. Well life goes on for all of us too. But something changed and it remains to be seen how that change will play out.

    • Outsider?! That one word pretty much sums up your state of mind and that is truly what is sad. Dropping bombs and flying away? No point, have fun in isolated box.

    • Good. Quebec lives in a world of illusion about itself.

  17. Are we the most corrupt, sure. But that this corruption stems to an extent from sovereignists who would make life oh-so difficult for the anglo-based parties, be it Liberal or Conservative … now that's as stupid as it gets. I thought objectivit was the first thing you learn at J school (that's Journalism for the uninitiated).

    Seriously, did you think you could slip that one by without anyone noticing guys? Does Macleans belong to CanWest or something?

  18. We are fed up as Canadian with our governements, corruption is everywhere. Corruption is at every levels of governement and not only in Quebec. I live in BC for the past 30 years and stay in touch with politics in every provinces and territories so let's not just point at one province. The amount of eligible voters not exercing the right to vote is incredible.I am tired of any governement using the separation of Quebec, gay issues to divert from the real issues: jobs, economy and a future for my grand kids.Look over there, eh?

    • The response of our HoC is especially disheartening. :(

  19. I thank Macleans for bringing this topic to light. I have lived in a few provinces in this country, but have only seen such an explosion of corruption in this province. The provincial government should not be the only ones to blame, as federal government seems to turn a blind eye to everything. Why can they not step in and put a stop to it, if it is such public knowledge? I find myself wondering at times why a province that takes such a large income tax chunk from us residents, and yet the roads here are horrendous and the medical system is in shambles. Where is my money going? I just don't trust the Quebec government….never have……

    • Nice to see objective thinking about corruption in government and politics. I was in TO the only time I was hit by a car. This means that Ontario drivers are what?

      Corruption is everywhere, we have rules to try and stop it, until a serious study is able to show that there is more in Quebec (Coyne's articles are not good journalism) then you are careful how you word things, especially with the tone and implications involved.

  20. "But let's be clear about this: it is a political problem, and a reflection on the province's politicians and its political culture, not a condemnation of the character of the province or its people."

    A thought that's clearly represented with the headline "Quebec: Most Corrupt Province."

    Apology not accepted.

    I have a question though; where's Mark Steyn? Why did the national editor take the task of Quebec-bashing?

  21. What a bunch of weasel-worded, self-serving, self-congratulatory tripe, obviously written with a clear view to appease the massive outcry.

    The original article was some of the worst journalism I've ever read in Maclean's (which, really, is saying something). There was no sound rational basis for the claim made by Maclean's, and this little editorial goes on to admit as much, and yet shrugs it off as part of a, 'What, you expect us to quantify a claim like the one we made? Come on!'

    Yes, there's corruption in Quebec, but Maclean's painted it in such as way as to infer that it's almost a genetic by-product of Quebec's political culture, which is primordialist nonsense. What about corruption in BC? What about the one-party state of Alberta, in which the ruling PCs have exerted great influence and authority over election official appointments? What about the Maritimes patronage machine(s)? How about the relationship between politicians and agricultural lobby groups in Saskatchewan? Yeah, sure, Maclean's makes some passing reference to these issues, but in no way seeks to quantify their relationship with regards to Quebec's own history of corruption.

    The corruption in Quebec should never go unmentioned or unreported – but to package it together as some sort of national, cultural or genetic trait, as Maclean's did, is beneath contempt.

    The editors are now painting this article as some kind of public service form of journalism, as if the anger this article provoked was linked directly to the reporting of Quebec's corruption. What sheer idiocy. The article in question uncovered nothing new. It shed light on nothing – and even worse, shrugged off information that actually disproved its thesis. In turn, the editors of Maclean's are jumping on the anger the article ignited, now claiming that the response is the result of some kind of heroic efforts of Martin Patriquin.

    While Patriquin and the editors behind this irresponsible piece might have lured a few sympathetic readers to their cause, as divisive and misleading reporting often does, I'd submit that if your current analytical skills need a bit of work.

    • How is the last journalist that spoke out about corruption in Quebec? He recover from that gunshot? And

      "almost a genetic by-product of Quebec's political culture", not exactly! French genetics! Need the name of a variety of history books? Want to do a world survey? The French compulsion for the aristocracy creates corruption. Did you know Napoleon was inches from conquering the British, but being crowned as an Emperor(a few days too early, lol) lost him that chance! Did you know that FACT! Why do you think the french are in torment? So close to being World rulers!

      • I suppose you are referring to Michel Auger, the journalist who was covering the Hells Angels, a transnational criminal organisation operating in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, BC and in several US states, and who got shot in 2000. That has nothing to do with corruption in Quebec, and everything to do with organized crime.

        As for your rambling about "French genetics" causing corruption, dating back to the 19th century… I'd rather not reply to that, because it's a waste of time to argue with a racist idiot (by definition, look up both words in the dictionary). I'm only tempted to say that it must suck going to Germany and finding yourself surrounded with people with the genocidal gene. Right?

        • Oh no! Todays media headlines on Quebec and its lovely inhabitants has again added to my "racist idiot (by definition"! Woe est moi!
          Plus, I was not, nor any of my ancestors, one of the people, rounded up by the French and sent to Germany, whilst confiscating their riches. How could you have got me mixed up in that?
          Primordialist insistence by the recipients!
          Did Mr Auger shut up?
          "surrounded with people with the genocidal gene. Right?" You mean more recent, like the french who controlled actions in Rwanda?
          Reading is interesting! Try it.

          • I love racists like you dude! Yes, some french persons are idiots, you know what… That's also true about blacks, asians, even anglophones!
            "But wait, did you say some anglophones are corrupt ?"
            Yes I sure did!
            Stop trying to prove that we have corruption in our genes, that's ridiculous.
            The real problem I see with this is that we are being separated for our differences while the ruling class is the corrupt element, Not the the bulk of the population… Your playing right in their game… Stop bad mouthing for no reasons and open your eyes, we are all in this together !

    • Thanks Kaplan you should send your résumé to Macleans they need good journalists who can produce intelligent articles.

    • If Quebec wasn't the isolated pissed of brother of the family of CANADIANS! Then maybe reporting about the province to rest of CANADA wouldn't be so simplistic in your view. The fact is that we never hear from Quebec, about Quebec, or what is going on in Quebec unless its extremely negative or serves some sort of entertainment value. Anglo Canada senses it feels it and is sick and tired of it. Come back to the family dinners so we can all get along and be a country again!!

    • Right on ! But are you surprised? Patriquin and Coyne will be deleted and this circus will go on for another 200 years.

  22. Martin Patrquin TVA , n'est pas le bon endroit pour expliquer votre point de vue concernant Jean Charest, surtout si c'est pierre bruneau qui pose les questions.

  23. How in the world could you put the ftq in this???? just to let you know the ftq is not the only union who was againts a public inquiry go and get your facts right befor publishing something do some research .

  24. How in the world could you put the ftq in this???? just to let you know the ftq is not the only union who was againts a public inquiry go and get your facts right befor publishing something do some research .

  25. You got that right… Quebeckers deserve better than your article, where you said that corruption is a genetic disease of French Canadians.

    Now if that is not RACIST, I'm Elizabeth the 2nd.

    • It's worst than racism it's hipocrit racism. Patriqui smells and exhale racism, the worst kind of them the ones who tries to cover his vomit by putting perfume over it .

      • A new definition of truth, racism. lol But it has worn out its meaning, by being used by the ignorant of history. Just like their kneepads. Shouting down, never changes the facts.

    • Where in the article does it say corruption is "genetic"? Did you read the article? This whole controversy, as the above reply makes note, is about the POLITICAL culture of Quebec. It has nothing to do with language or "race" or Bonhomme.

      • Bravo Derek–I have been reading many of the replies to the said 'Quebec Corruption". You are correct in saying they should actually READ the article before writing their less than understood views
        Thanks Macleans

      • @DerekPearce: LOL… welcome to the daily 'typical' hysterical hate filled schreeching distortions we, 'Well treated Anglos' are subjected to – every day – every hour – every minute when & if we dare tell the truth about what is really going on in la belle province. We are slurred – insulted – labeled crazy – extreme Anglophones – angryphones – liars – devils and any other ugly description they can hurl at us – again for daring to 'expose' what Quebec has become. .

    • El_Muchacho: If that's not enough evidence for you – then how about the French Canadians who champion the ugly – and destructive illegal language laws – that absolutely discriminate against 2.5 Million Quebeck Canadians – in EVERY area of their Lives – especially their survival and their lack of ability and freedom to earn a living in English and for that matter in French – because we ALL know Anglos are Not Hired no matter how fluent they are in French!! Ex: The media and public outcry of disgust and rage – when Charest named Saba – an Anglo – to head the Caisse – just last year! Or how about last week when Pauline Marios demanded that No English Schools be allowed in Quebec – whilst the President of the (what's left of) English School Commission – was reduced to begging Charest – to allow our English schools to stay alive!! Now – That is beyond any shadow of a doubt PROOF of RACIST QUEBEC. In case this is not enough proof for you – let me know I've got volumes more: that should in fact be examined for corruption — and asked how our monies are being spent… We can start with the CRTC – CBC etc… Provincial offices and their hiring practises – All Government Offices for that matter – Corporations like Hydro ..etc…
      I mean the list is miles and years long. Bravo Macleans for honoring the Journalist's Creed!! We've missed it – very very much! Bravo for honoring the Truth!

      • Ooops – I forgot to include a link that gives an example of the 'evidence' you may be looking for El_Muchacho:
        Start with this one and remember I have plenty more for you. Hope this helps clear things up for you a bit: http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net/i

      • I wonder why Québec had to pass laws to protect its language. It is may be because people were moving in and disrespect the Canadians, who spoke French.

        I always find it funny that people simply omit important facts to make their points.

        I also like to be called a racist by people who go in other people's country and never bother to learn their language.

      • The reason is simple Québecois DON'T speak french , they speak "québecois" a dialect . The vast majority of "québecois de souche" fail even the most simple linguistic exams by the "québecois" government . Spare us all the propaganda ,Only 20% of québecois are understood "hors-québec" . Instead of a cheap shot , accusing the ANGLOS" of racism , learn the french language . Arrete de " barraguiner" l'souche.

  26. Now I know why I never bothered renewing my subscription to your magazine way back in 2002. It was once an example to follow, not anymore, and this brand of so-called "journalism" is tabloid worthy. This, and your fundementally flawed universities' rankings make me seriously question your own political leanings and motives in delivering what should be an impartial view of what is happening in the news.

    • LOL Marc – typical separatist – pur laines reply to anyone who dares tell the 'Truth' about what's really going ojn in Quebec. As for flawed universities – I suggest you explain why FLQ terrorists are teaching our children – as Professors – in Quebec universities – The same terrorists – responsible for the deaths of over 40 people – too many bombs to count – threats and all the other insanity that only the 'insane' foist upon people who are not filled with their sickness in the head.

  27. Question what is corruption ?????

  28. Thank you Maclean for this great article. I am quebecer myself and I totally agree with it (the article). Jean Charest is himself involved in lots of controversies, and odd things are tied to his governement. It is an insult to all Canadians that he goes to the media to argue about the text. If he had any pride left he would leave his job and dissapear of political life. Don't let this politician win! (sorry for my poor english)

  29. Andrew Coyne also wrote this:“What explains Quebec's unusual susceptibility to money politics? Deeply entrenched deference to authority? A worldly Catholic tolerance of official vice?” (MACLEANS,24 septembre 2010) Un relent du vieux préjugé “priest ridden province”?Cette phrase mesquine, insidieuse et sans fondement est de toute évidence de trop dans l'article d'Andrew Coyne.Et c'est effectivement du “bashing”." A worldly Catholic tolerance of official vice".Vraiment?Pouvez-vous avancer des arguments à cet effet?Ou s'agit-il tout simplement d'un vicieux coup de griffe,en passant?

    • Jean – the words are true. Go take a look at how the French Catholic leadership of Quebec – preached to its 'flock' the farmers – barely able to eke out a living – that it was God's will – they stay on the land – even if they were starving! That they leave school in the 6th., grade and go work the land… and to stay away from those English Protestant devils. All the while making sure that their 'flock' give their last pennies to the Church – and advised them to pray and be obedient to the Church – and they would get their reward in heaven, blah, blah blah. All the while – these same Church leaders were living the 'high life' putting their neices & nephews into businesses that made a fortune… while the 'flock' went hungry!! I remember the priest visiting our neighbors – the Bernards – poor like most of our town – with 8 children every Saturday demanding the weekly donation!

      A note: My father gave him a 5 gallon can of paint (he was a painter) and we never saw the priest at our door again… :):)

      So yes – it's the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So deal with it.

      • What a wonderful peaceful God loving reply Roxanna. Act savagely… how? What are YOU saying that EQUALITY to you and YOUR GOD… is dangerous?

  30. Just keep that same English supremacist logic and now apply it to the English Canadian nation. Just use some facts : 1- The rate crime is huge in Edmonton 2- You have Robert Pickton 3- You have Paul Bernardo .. So the English protestant society is bad .. . As the right wing English in Canada say about this Maclean's story : «These facts are real. Do you denied the facts.. no ?.. so our analyse is neutral and just and fair. If you are not happy with it it is because you are big babies.»
    Despite the English right wing separatists … Vive le Canada

    • Quebec does have Karla Homolka.

      • Whow !.. That contradicts so much what I meant … hé hé …. She moved there cause she wanted to be in another nation. The Englishs wanted to keep French only in Québec So the Québec nation was builted buy the right wing English separatists who has a history of being bad with their French Canadians minotity.

      • Another reason to become sovereign. In a sovereign Quebec, Karla Homolka's request for citizenship would never have been accepted. Canada can keep its criminals, as far as I am concerned.

    • If we're playing Psychopath Poker, I see your Pickton and Bernardo, and raise you a Lepine and a Gill. This kind of ridiculous tit-for-tat could go on all day. For the love of god the issue has NOTHING to do with "English supremacy"– there is no such thing as "English supremacy." And re: Edomnton– the crime rate in Canada starts lower and gradually rises west from the Atlantic to the Pacific because the farther west you go, the more young males make up a larger percent of the population. There, let's change the subject and all pick on young males together! (Kidding.)

      • LOL… Derek: Welcome to the kind of 'Dialogue' that's been foisted upon the english & non franco community for 40 years!! They have nothing to argue with – and are so blinded by their madness & hatred – all they can do is shriek and hurl insults, slurs & and then the typical lunacy you see on these pages.

    • The issue is about corruption. The names you mentioned are not actually voted in by people. Had it been the most number of criminals, then that would be another story. Don't worry, next time you can suggest to Macleans to dig each province, which has the most criminals living in them for its next issue.

    • You did more insult to Quebec than Maclean ever could. Once you start comparing your politicians to unelected serial killers, that means the situation there in Quebec is dire indeed. Your logic is so laughable.

    • I don't give a flying leap about Edmonton. We're talking about Quebec and the ethnic cleansing of its English population. The French language is NOT Illegal in any other Province – and no other place on the face of the earth has Language Police terrorizing citizens! Your comparison is ridiculous. If you really 'Vive le Canada' then denounce the crimes being committed against 2.5 Million English speaking Quebec and Canadian citizens! That is if you are a real man or real adult. Start with speaking the truth. You'll be amazed at how free you will feel.

      • Didi, do you even know what ethnic cleansing mean? where are the massive graves? poor thing, you obviously have it so hard that you compare yourself to a victim of ethnic cleaning. This adds to the credibility of your serial (and rational) postings.

        • I sure do guest: Lost my 18 month old sister in Germany and many other relatives because of that ETHNIC CLEANSING INSANITY. And I repeat – go look up the definition of Ethnic Cleansing. You are mistaking Hitler's final solution – the concentration camps – the gas chambers and the rest of the sick insanity that took place.

          I'm talking about – how Hitler BEGAN his Ethnic Cleansing campaign…. And THAT mon ami – is what has been and is going on in Quebec. First Hitler started with the Signs on windows… Then it was the schools… etc…. go look it up little boy.

          • I see – like Hitler you are positioning yourself as a victim – while propagating hate towards a culture, in your case French Canadians. Your remaining relatives must be dissapointed to see that you weren't able to raise beyond this hate. Good luck with that, and I send my double condolences to them.

          • Guest: I believe you are not well and truly need help.

          • My mistake. You propagate love towards French Canadians, then?

      • Wow !!! You are from Texas or Alabama ? Where did you study to come with so wrong informations and you seam to beleive them. (2.5 million) ??? of anglo-québécois … hé hé. An english supremacist is been blind cause he wears his hate visor. And do you know, my dear Don Cherry intellectual how many french canadians out of Québec we are ? We have no bilingual commercial signs in towns where we are an importanty minority and we are still fithing for schools. English have a history of been bad with us (you talk about ethnic cleasing) ??? We pray to be in the same situation of the anglo-québécois. Vive le Canada where English, French, Aboriginals could be equal. Vive le Canada withouth ultra right wing english separatists who want Canada to be USA with a european queen. Vive le Canada without english supremacists.

        • @pwopwo: You pray to be in the same situation as the anglo Quebecker you say? Well then, that's easy. Just erase French as an official language in Quebec. Open an Office de la language Anglais and CLOSE the L'Office de la Langues Francais; Fire all the French Language Police in Quebec and replace them with English ones. Make the WORKING language in Quebec – English and get rid of all French employees. Take down All French signs and replace them with English ones. Close all French schools and replace them with nothing. Close ALL French daily newspapers. Close ALL CBC French TV stations including all local ones. Close all French cultural institutions. Close all french services. And there you go – your wish will come true. Happy now?

        • pwopwo: I repeat for the hundreth time: List the examples of the English being 'bad with you'. List the proof – show some proof. I've been asking for some proof – any proof for almost 30 years . Good grief – don't tell me you STILL haven't been able to find ONE piece of proof after all this time??? And what is your problem with Don Cherry? Hell – compared to Landry, Marios & Parizeau – he's a pussy cat. T'es malade mon enfant. Tres, tes malade.

    • And they should add Colonel Russel Williams :-))

  31. If people are offended by your articles, they are a bunch of *****
    Jean 'John' Charest and the rest of the political class should stop crying and ask forgiveness to us, all tax-payer, and change the way they administrate the province. The problem is not about judges nominations, it's about the construction. The trend is to put signs on the street saying : 'Réfection de la chaussé , 10 000 000$'. They told us a few month ago that road cost less in Qc than Ontario. They said the average is 300 000$ per kilometer. Whenever I look at those signs… the price is a LOT higher than 300k$.

    Thank you for reading me

    (sorry for my english… I'm french)

    • God Bless you Louis for speaking the truth. They rape our pay checks – tax us into the poor house – erase all our rights….. while they live in freaking castles and fly first class all over the freaking world – on our money – laughing at our stupidity – while they treat us like puppets. And they have been using fear and illegal laws – to keep all of us in li9ne. By the way our Hydro rates are far from the lowest. Another total lie. Just one lie after the other.

  32. Bravo MacLean's!! You don't always get the story right, but this time you hit the nail on the head. And of course those being accused of corruption are going to rail against the article, it is embedded into their character. There is always a loud cry when those operating in the dark corners are exposed by the light.

  33. Ontarians deserve better than this Nazi popaganda Magazine called Macleans….

    • A TOTALLY undeserved comment–what have the Nazi's got to do with this article?. You are so lacking in knowledge that you are pathetic .

      • John: They do NOT teach world history in the French schools in Quebec. Most of the under 40's have no idea who Hitler or the Nazi's were. Same for Geography…. Oh but they do know that some Anglo disrespected their grandfather or great grandfather and for that – they must PAY! Erase the Anglo is their mantra.

    • First person to say Nazi loses. Better luck next, bonhomme!

    • Oh God spare us from the 'never ending ' separatist plageration of 'words' and phrases… like 'Nazi propaganda' etc… trying desperately to put the truth tellers on the defensive. What's the matter with you all – you've been trying to use that silly Republican right wing – method – that their militants – their 'God Fearing Christian' robots parrot all over the net.

      What's wrong – still can't come up with anything on your own? Is Louis Riel not working anymore?

    • Montreal Power: They did not understand your meaning of the word "Nazi". This person was talking about intolerance. The Canadians are so emotional, so insane in general compared to the Americans (having lived there). French Canadians would be in their just mind and right to secession with this bunch of nuts.

  34. The federal parties' denunciation of the Maclean's article is laughable. The article is tame compared to what "Frank Magazine" used to print. And like Maclean's Frank was an equal opportunity " FILL IN THE BLANK" basher. Keep up the good work Maclean's!

  35. One thing surprises me ; the Bloc québécois has not demanded an inquiry in the construction world in Québec…

    The Bloc can not talk about "xenophobia" from macleans, since the Bloc itself used the "scandale des commandites" of the federal liberals in 2006 to win the election…

    And c.gagnon is upset beacause I say that the FTQ is the only union in Québec that don't want an inquiry in the world of construction along with the PLQ…It's not surprising since they control most of that field ( construction )

    And since the Bloc is close to the FTQ, maybe that's why the Bloc don't join the rest of Québec who want an inquiry in construstion…

    • Julie: None of them want an inquiry into anything. They are probably all quaking in their boots – at the very suggestion. The PQ especially – I'd love to see a forensic account take a look at their financial history and have them explain what they did with tax payer money. I'd love to see all the Party's go through it Federal and Provincial. It's time they explained why we are always in a deficit position no? And time we elect some professionals who know how the balance the books and run our business properly instead of spending like drunken sailors. Forgive me sailors…

  36. Macleans want to simply provoque the separatist mouvement to break the country ..by saying negative thing on Quebec you are feeding the hate in Quebec. you shoud be sued by the federal gouverment for hatered racism praganda and attend to break the untity of Canada

    • Okay……………. Maybe you should come to Ontario to learn how to spell. Oh wait , you're French

    • Look – that 'threat' won't work anymore. This Montrealer – can't wait to see YOU separate from us! And don't worry about Canadian Unity. WE ARE STAYING IN CANADA – get it? But please you – please go!

    • This hatred is published pan-Canadian. Yeah, excuse me, but I live in an other province of Canada and this pamphletisism is hurting my ethnicity and my dealings with peoples on a daily basis.

  37. Congradulations Maclean's for writing yet another incredibly racist article against quebecers. Not impressive. You just lost many readers.

    • On the contrary, there are a lot of readers from Quebec on this page that have never been seen before on this site. All of you people complaining were never Maclean's readers to begin with.

      • Everyone I know is calling and cancelling their Macleans subscription.

        • I hope they would cancel also their votes towards corrupt politicians.

        • Everyone I know is subscribing !!! Finally a news magazine that tells the truth !!! Bravo Macleans. Count me in!!

    • @ APROUDQ: I disagree. I believe their subscriptions are going to skyrocket. At least in the English speaking community of Quebeck. And 2.5 million potentially new subscribers ain't something to sneeze at mon ami.

  38. Like I said in french we deserve it ( I mean because of the people we have elected)…. But we'll take care of this by our self ( maybe Gomery could help)

  39. NON ON EST PAS D'ACCORD. WE'RE able to read english idiots.

    • But you're unable to form legible sentences with proper punctuation. Try again.

      • That is so arrogant –

        • Funny. I thought that 'arrogant' was synonymous with 'french'.
          I'm only kidding.
          It's just irritating to try and follow some of these threads with their butchered language. Garbled arguments certainly don't do the posters' any favours.

      • She was just saying that "We do not agree." So if you would know the French language, you would have been able to read her post and not be insulting her with: "But you're unable to form legible sentences with proper punctuation. Try again." Not making an effort creates conflicts.

    • If you can't handle the truth – then go elsewhere.

  40. Question for the editors – using their same vaunted methodology and analysis, which province is the least corrupt? Surely, if Maclean's can distinguish the worst offender, it must also be capable, by a similar yardstick, of identifying the best…?

  41. I used to think Macleans was a serious magazine well we will have to reconsider . Finally it proved to be at best a opportunist at worst a racist magazine. Thanks for coming open.

    • Where is it racist yves? If you make an accusation – then offer some proof. Otherwise you look silly.

  42. I think your article only makes Macleans look corrupt because its smells of bigotry. Canadians who value national unity should all BOYCOTT MACLEANS!

    • The – gimme, gimme, gimme, threat is useless Guest. No one cares if You and Yours leave Canada or leave Quebeck. As a matter of fact – we Quebeckers are desperate to see You and Yours go! Maybe Parizeau will put you up at his Chateau in France – until you get settled?

      • You are promoting intolerance?

        • Intolerance to Anglo & les autres hate – you betcha! Intolerance to ETHNIC CLEANSING being legal in Quebec or ANYWHERE for that matter – you betcha! Intolerance for ugly Anti Anglo lies and myths continuing to be taught to our Quebeck children & a LIED to public , you betcha!

  43. I think at the basis of reaction is the basic predictability of a right-wing magazine naming one of the more left-wing provinces 'the most corrupt'. This ignores the 'corrupted' nature of the smoother politics that come with close government/business relationships.

  44. As you can tell by the Quebecers that are posting here, they demand better of their politicians. Why do you think this stuff comes out and commission and enquiries are being held? Canada is to busy congratulating itself on how wonderful it is to ever look under the rug and see what they've been sweeping there.

  45. Im a quebecker and i support Andrew Coyne, Macleans and these so called controversial articles

    Good job!

  46. MR Coyne,____Do you really think that quebecers are more tolerant to political corruption ? that we accept easily corruption because we were raised catholics? that we shrare an attitude of deference to authority. Do you wish to start an open dialogue on ethicle public spending? First thing get rid of your lousy and xenophobic theories.

    • What does religion have to do with it?

    • No, HE just hates your guts like certains anglicans and protestants because you are Catholics and…. because you are French Canadiens and the conquered prisoners-of-war (who should obey): a Colonel Russel Williams' thinking!

  47. $1.5 billion was spent on a 3-day photo-op. I consider that the mother of all scandals.

  48. quebecers had theire chance before, they will always be
    the most corrupted province in canada.
    they always think about referendum ect…
    Quebec will always be the dark side of Canada
    even that clown racist Duceppe and Marois cant even do nothing now loll

    • wow really intelligent comment !!!! stay in your little world my friend and don't come out

    • Hey john. Don't put all Quebeckers in one pot my man – or you will be falling even further for the Separatist style – brainwashing. There are 2.5 MILLION English speaking CANADIANS living here in Quebec. Or have you swallowed the media 'hype ' that all the English left Quebec or something?

    • Quebec will always be the dark side of Canada ….

      It tells something, perhaps, that recently Frère André was canonized by the Vatican and, if you do a search in Google for news, in Canada, only Montreal Gazette said something about it (and to complain about their neighbours who sang in unisson and consequently would like a street named after him).

  49. Comment prendre au sérieux ce genre de journalisme.C'est tout simplement du travail d'amateur.À votre place j'aurais honte de dire que je suis journaliste.Est-ce vraie que vous éprouvez des problèmes financiers? Cela pourrait expliquer ce comportement de vouloir vendre votre petit magasine à tout prix.C'est quoi le prochain numéro !!!!!!!

    • Oh no yuo're not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luc: Get some manners. This is an ENGLISH publication and an English board. Get it?

  50. Quebec suffers from corruption.

    Haven't we heard that over and over for the last 20 years? How about some real investigative journalism, we sure need the help getting those crooked politicians in jail. Kind of a hard thing to do when the prime kills the stories.

  51. As a Quebecer, I would agree that Quebec is the most corrupted province. We pay so much taxes compare to other provinces. Look at our poor health system! Look at our bad roads. Where does the money really go?

  52. Excellent articles! This is why i am fan of Maclean's! If the commons is complaining and whining like 2 year olds then you are definitely doing something right! I am also happy to finally read about and hear something about Quebec! Reading Canadian media you would think Quebec is the long lost relative living in the jungle. Keep up the good work. Speaking of controversy, where is my Steyn fix!

    • Yeah, keep up the good work promoting nothing but hatred of anything different than you.

    • typical english response nothing will ever change

    • This was not speaking of controversy: this article, and this magazine in general for it was not the first time I read it talks badly about this artist, this and that, promotes hatred against French Canadians of Quebec. But there are not alone if you add The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, all these pan-Canadian newspapers; this kind of constant bashing about whatever happened to the French Canadians in Quebec. The same kind as the Blacks in 1960's America were shuned and bashed there.This is serious for a society living in the 21th century.

  53. Nothing new here! I'm intelligent, educated et open to the worl and I'm reacting to ths article. No it's not my gene babe, no it's not me being blinded by nationalism babe, not wanting to face the truth!
    It's me being fed up with these english canadian using these O so cool rethorics, pretending to know Qubec (like Andrew Coyne) when in fact they know exactly nothing and not speaking a word of french and pretending being these great intelliectuals, humanists caring for the poor lttle stupid people of Quebec when in fact they just want to indulge in their self oblivious ethnocentrism and racism. Come on, Andrew, spit baby spit!

    • I have good news for you. House of Commons is going to censor the hate. See those rich people of Quebec aren't so poor after all. ha ha

    • Well Slyva, you just stay in your corrupt little Kebek. Enjoy yourself with most of your money going to politicians raping the province. Or better yet, just seperate then you won't have to read the truth.

      • See Sylva, here is another "righteous" anglophone who does not want to see the truth that all Macleans is doing is fuelling xenophobia. A righteous anglophone who does not want to see that the people in Québec are demanding that the truth is uncovered and way before any makkkleans articles were written on the topic.

    • Well Sylva, I’m from Quebec too and I don’t wanna stay in a corrupt place. So if you want to live with corrupted politicians, go in Africa. With stupid people like you, we look like stupid for english canadian. Thanks Sylva, thanks a lot.

    • @Sylva: Well I'M a Quebecker and I KNOW QUEBECK – and I know what you are writing is a big pile of racist rhetoric – that has Become the Rally cry for uninformed – ignorant (not taught the facts & truth) – terribly brainwashed with lies, lies and more lies, about the English and turned into the opposite of 'humanist' my dear.

      I suggest YOU go learn – demand the truth – demand proof – about all the garbage you have been forced to believe – through deliberate feeding of misinformation. And then ask why You have been taught to hate human beings – fellow citizens who happen to speak English and who have done You and yours – absolutely NO Harm whatsoever. As a matter of fact – in case no one told you – the English and French – and all other languaged Quebeckers who moved here… lived in HARMONY … for hundreds of years and worked side by side to turn Quebeck into the richest Province in the country!! Come on Sylva – wake up – wake up… find the truth for yourself, and then asky why you have been lied to and turned into someone who hates another human being because they speak another language.

  54. [Cliquez ici pour lire la version française]

    Every single page of this website should have that option…..if this is truly a ‘National’ newsweekly….

    • Not until the French publications do the same thing – mon ami.

      • why would the French publications have to start first, didi?

        • Why not?

          • one has nothing to do with another. As Karen points out, Macleans seems to think its a National newsleekly. Or is it a ROC newsweekly? that would explain the bias, now, woudn't it?

          • That depends on how one thinks. Just because Le Devoir et al, has NO subscribers outside Quebec – all that means is – Le Devoir does not appeal to most readers… Example: the 600,000 Francophones in Ontario reject it.

  55. The problem for Maclean's was that it committed a gaffe. A gaffe is when someone or a group says something offensive that is the truth.

  56. Oh my dear Canada, tonight i wanna talk to you.

    Quebec's separation is more about patriotism for me, its a realy basic thing. I want my own country! Just as you do guys! Just like all the others country arround the world! Just like the american does, just like the canadiens does, just like the italians does, just like nigerians does! Just like the human does since the begaining of the times. Simple as that. Its a realy basic human needing, You canadiens want your own country for a million of good reason, and me, as a quebeckers, i want my own country too. Simple as that.

    lets go back to the genetics and social argument about corruption. Maybe on a psychological point, corruption is the result of the general quebecker's irony about politics. You know,we are in a kind of historycal error, a kind of unachieved war who give us (the looser of the war) the half of a country, a province with our own culture and institution in the middle of the winner country, a kind of compromise to stop the war on a far and cold land. A kind of forced marriage.

    • Problem is you act as if you have your own country,but those nasty old Anglos (your term for a multicultural ROC) are forced to pay for your unsustainable socialist lifestyle. Thank god for the oil sands eh? By all means aspire to a Nigerian style nationhood, that's all you can really afford.
      re; the second part of your comment, more narcissistic nonsense, it is very simple, Quebec acts like a large pig in a small puddle.

    • Good comment, Leander. I'm not sure I like what you say or agree, but I commend you for being constructive. Keep at us (ignore the people who automatically shove down the 'racism' key on their keyboard) and you might get through to us. cannot resist saying that I am glad to be 'forced' in a social 'marriage' with most French Canadians, and could only wish it were the same in reverse.

    • leander: You forgot there are 2.5 Million English speaking Quebeckers and another 2 million Federalists who DISAGREE with you? Here's a newsflash my dear. Canadians don't want their own country. We have it already. It's called CANADA – It's our home and native land and we love it – big time.

      You want your own country? Then go get one. No problem. We all wish you well. Bear in mind – you will not and may not take one inch of our country with you. It is NOT YOURS TO TAKE. So go – hope you find a nice piece of empty land somewhere and hope you live happily ever after.

  57. I think this article speaks of what many Canadians see from their politicians and bureaucrats. The stench of corruption is evident in all levels of politics and government. Those I speak with are absolutely without faith or trust in our political class. This from someone in BC. I would hope that this kind of article can start a long needed cleaning. Whereby our politicians are there to truly serve Canadians and are taught swiftly that those that elected them have the power to take them out of office at any time, yes any time, if they are involved in scandal or corruption. It is time Canadians realize the power is in their hands. Use it to stop all the crimes against taxpaying citizens.

  58. So basically Macleans is implying that more scandals = more corruption, and justifying the obvious lack of empirical data with "hey, whatcha gonna do?".

    I learned something today. Provinces with no corruption scandals aren't corrupt. The more corruption scandals appear, the more corruption there is. Because corruption automatically and instantly generates a scandal and you can quantify corruption with the number of scandals, in a neat and nice little linear graphic.

    I'd be ashamed to work for a magazine that published such illogical, sensationalist nonsense.

  59. I'm with Kaplan on this one. While it's certainly undeniable that there is a corruption problem in Quebec, there are corruption problems in every Canadian province and territory; selective reporting of anecdotal evidence doesn't do your argument any favours. What's genuinely different in Quebec is that there's a vastly stronger culture of investigative reporting, at least among the province's newspapers, than there is anywhere in English Canada — Le Devoir alone puts both the Globe and the Post to absolute shame in that regard.

    Far, far too many of English Canada's newspapers (especially the ones in smaller cities) are cheap dishrags that just paste copy straight off the Canadian Press wire, and couldn't mount a credible investigation into their own city council's mob ties if they tried. Whereas there's not a single daily newspaper in Quebec that's even close to being such a rotten excuse for a media outlet. With the debatable exception of the Montreal Gazette — which, rather non-coincidentally, is not owned by one of Quebec's locally based media companies, but by one of the national rip-and-paste chains — every last one of them could flatten its city council with the flick of a pencil.

    You'd do well to explore the distinction: is Quebec really more corrupt than other provinces, or are its stories of political malfeasance just more visible because their media are so much better at ferreting it out? In reality, you'll find the truth falls much closer to the latter.

    • LOL Craig: I know you are 'funnin' here. Gotta be. I haven't seen the truth out of a Quebec publication for 40 years!!! Including the Gazette that is managed by language law loving 'nationalists' that have cleansed just about all their English staff out of their jobs… and run the paper right into the garbage can – with the lunacy they have been publishing – especially since Conrad Black left. Please – talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Le Devoir??? Don't make me laugh at that joke of a pretend paper. Shame shame on you. It's not good to lie… careful your nose is going to grow.

  60. Chers sympathisants francophones du Macleans's,

    Il y a des crosseurs partout au Canada. Tout simplement, les Canadians n'enquêtent pas sur leurs gouvernements autant quon le fait au Québec .Vous pensez, par exemple, qu'il n'y a pas de collusion entre les grandes pétrolières et les gouvernements. Ce magazine de droite n'a pas fait une enquête exaustive dans tout le Canada. Il utilise juste un ramassis de faits que les Québécois eux-mêment avaient mis au jour.

    Macleans en tire gratuitement des conclusions belliqueuses d'Anglais suprématistes de droite qui nous méprisent parce que notre existence rend le Canada différent du pays qu'ils souhaitent: des É-U avec une reine. Ils ne connaissent rien de nous, ont toujours creusé une séparation avec notre société et en agissant ainsi, ils se croient Great Canadians.

    • It is you pwppwo, that knows 'nothing about the truth' mon ami. You have been brainwashed into believing a pile of lies – designed to make you hate – your fellow countrymen – and your Anglo provincial citizenry – and you follow that direction blindly – like a prorammed puppet – without wondering – if what you've been 'fed' is true or not. You have been programmed to 'hate les autres' – and I suggest you take a good long look into why – and an even longer look – for the truth.

    • J'ai vécu aux Etats-Unis et en général ils nous aiment et nous respectent. C'est que les autres: les anglophones Canadians ne veulent pas que l'on soit heureux et que l'on s'épanouisse pour toutes sortes de raisons d'intolérance; c'est pourquoi ils déblatèrent et font de la polémique systématique sur n'importe quoi qui se passe au Québec. Une preuve? Regardez la réaction, sans mentionner cet article écrit par Mr. Coyne et ceux écrits par le Globe and Mail, le National Post, le Toronto Star qui sont publiés à travers le Canada. Dernièrement il y avait – encore une autre – polémique à propos de l'aréna de hockey que l'on veut faire construire à Québec. On disait une "société entitrée" (entitled society) dans le National Post et les autre journaux, alors qu'on a fait le même débat ici à Hamilton pour une aréna de hockey et les journaux ne leur ont pas tombé sur la gorge avec des articles publiés à propos d'une société entitrée (entitled society).

  61. Chers sympathisants francophones du Macleans's, (suite)

    Cette histoire est un exemple où ces Anglais séparatistes nous crachent leur mépris à nous Québécois ou Canadiens français; et ce crachat, quelques sympathisants francophones du Macleans ouvrent la bouche toute grande pour mieux y goûter. Relevez-vous donc ! Don Cherry est fier de vous. Vous usez vos genoux.

    Anglais et Français sont égaux. Comment peut-on souhaiter vivre dans un pays uni quand vous servez de modèle ?

    • pwopwo, es-tu déjà sorti de ton Québec natal? Si tu avais moindrement voyagé dans le reste du Canada, tu saurais qu'il s'agit d'une minorité qui méprise les Québecois. Pour être honnête avec toi, la majorité des canadiens anglais "se colisses" pas mal de nous. Ils en ont rien à foutre des Québecois.

      • Non, c'est la majorité du ROC qui méprise les Québécois. La preuve, McLeans en difficulté financière avait besoin d'un bon 'reportage' anti-Québec pour mousser ses ventes. Mission accomplie.

        Le ROC salive de ce genre de reportage, pauvre petit francophone à genoux.

      • Tu as raison qu'il ne faut pas généralisé. Cependant, les anglophones sont bombardés d'articles de ce genre. Alors, qu'est-ce tu veux qu"ils pensent des Canadiens francophones.

        En passant, je vis à l'exterieur du Québec et pwopwo a raison, mais à cause de l'endoctrinement auquel ils sont sujet. C'est pour ça qu'il faut dénoncer les articles comme ceux de makkkleans.

        • The 30+ year long Ethnic Cleansing program going on in Quebec and endorsed by our provincial and federal politicians – is what should be OUTED and questioned by ALL our major publications – particularily the ones who profess to be 'journalists' – who have been 'ordered' not to discuss the topic all these years. The ones who have abandoned The Journalist's Creed (or felt forced to – with their jobs being on the line – if they dared say it as it really is) are going to be held accountable – because the 'muzzling of the truth' is coming to a quick end – due to the internet. The public deserves the truth – the facts – It is after all why they pay the very substantial taxes they do – for – services they no longer get. Take a look at CBC – and how its been spending OUR money. http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net/i

    • Cher ami,
      Cet article n'est que le mauvais journalisme d'un individu bien placé dans l'hierarchie d'une revue pour créer un scandale qui va vendre beaucoup, beaucoup de copies pour la revue et son pendant francophone. Je serais même curieux d'examiner ce qui arrive aux revues et journaux qui se font censurer par la chambre des communes… est-ce que l'action de Roger's n'aurait pas augmentée par hasard…? Certes, c'est du mépris, mais ce n'est pas anglophone, c'est extrêmement individuel.

  62. Wow! Great news just heard that the house of commons will censor Macleans hate speech and comments. jejejejejejejeje. You people that hate others because of differences in language, ethnicity, religion, etc. need help. The internet has become a vehicle for you extremists to express your hatred towards others. Unfortunately, there aren't enough hospital beds for all of you.

  63. Hi everyone,

    First time forum poster here. Just wanted to say that as a Quebecker, I am not at all offended by this article and I would doubt that honest Quebeckers would also be.

    For my fellow citizens, I would have one recommendation to make: talk to your parents and grand-parents, they will tell you what our province has been built on and our "history" of government corruption. Unfortunately, I believe a lot of what was written in the original article and hope this will help get things moving in Quebec.

    As for Mr. Charest's letter requesting excuses from MacLean's, I would like to ask Mr. Charest what right does he have to ask for excuses on behalf of all Quebeckers? As far as I am concerned, he's more part of the problem than the solution.

    Thank you for reading and please keep the comments free of racism and provocative comments.


    • ha ha ha you fake

      • Was expecting childish comments like this one. Being polite and not swearing freely to make your comment "stand-out" is not being fake, it's being respectful. Obviously, something your parents didn't teach you or you didn't care to learn.

      • You must be one of those who must have benefited from corruption, or one of the corrupt politicians.

    • Bravo GGQc! Bravo, bravo. You make me remember why I used to be proud to be a Quebecker!

  64. Me thinks Charest doth protest too much.

  65. Is it really being "racist"?

    A few years ago, NOVA (PBS) did a documentary on how the way we interpret our reality (or environment) has a direct impact on our body's gene expression. Here is the same documentary from the BBC.

    Research for this work is being pioneered, right here in Quebec at McGill University.
    http://www.psychology.mcmaster.ca/bennett/cp2008/… aHtcNcdb9d0&feature=related

    In this day and age, we have no excuse to play the fool. We have information, science and technology, and the understanding of WISDOM so that we can use these tools to better our societies.

    If we appreciate and value what it means to be human, we must by consequence accept who we are and how we best represent ourselves to others. If people are incapable of being honest with themselves, then why should we expect them to be honest with us?

    If corruption and scandals are the crowning achievements of politicians and governments then it simply shows that they cannot keep up with the times and have outlived their usefulness.

    Quebec, your brand of politics and governance is no longer compliant for use by modern standards. You're Fired!!

    [youtube aHtcNcdb9d0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHtcNcdb9d0&feature=related youtube]

    • You are wrong to pretend that people in Québec do not want to look at the reality of what is happening. You should look at the underlying message that macleans wants to convey. Therefore, people who love this type of journalism should capable of being honest with themselves, and discover who they are.

  66. Who elected Chretien? Not Quebec.

    The truth is simple : in order to keep Quebec in Canada, you have to buy a fraction of the elite. Corruption affects federalists, not separatists. Quebecer's fidelity goes to French Quebec, not to Canada, where they are a resented minority.

    It is still a colonial situation with its social distorsions.

    We have to let Quebecers go. The scolarised, working french Quebecers are separatists. Let's help them.

    • Not Quebeckers. We have to not only let the separatists go – I'm ready to pass the hat – to help them on their way!! QUEBECK BELONGS TO ALL Canadians and the separatists have to go find their own piece of property and hopefully sooner than later. Much sooner – so we can start living in FREEDOM again and speak and be any bloody language we choose! Time to get some fresh air back in to Quebec. It's gotten real smelly here the last 40 years.

  67. The thing is you wrote this article about Quebec, not about Alberta or Ontario, and you put it on front page, associating in with a strong symbol. Associating, then, the idea of corruption to the idea of tradition. Of course we would react. I don't know if this editor has read the letter our prime minister sent him, maybe he should read it and then try to understand why we are reactive like that. Most of us are afraid our language and culture will diseapear. The best analogy I could put in words in english is that this reactivity is linked to an instinct of survival.

    In the article, the "argument" about "genetics" is one in the sense of distanciation from our two "nations". Most of Québécois who wrote here wrote in english, even if like I, some aren't syntaxically gifted in the language of Lord Byron. This shows, in a way, some respect we have for you. Dividing us further, now on the genetic plan, is the real problem. Relating negative facts to the idea of a different constitution is the main idea behind racism.

    But, nonetheless, McLean's has freedom of speech, like everyone of us.
    By the way, comments were disabled on the page of the "article".

  68. Greetings… I am a frenchman that immigrated about 5 years ago to Canada. I did my homework and … had an idea of the animosity between french and english. I am proud to speak a proper english that I learned in the UK and find it a little weird that Quebec wants to separate. Back in Europe, there are projects of sharing military missions between France and the UK. There is even a tunnel linking the best ennemies in the world now! Yet over here, old animosities still seem to prevail.
    I must say that within 3 months of my arrival to Montreal, the corruption in the cinstruction field was pretty obvious. The only other countries I've seen with a construction site blocking an area with absolutely no worker present for weeks are banana republics and certain regions of southern Italy notorious for their underworld activities. One striking exemple that one can check just today: I took the metro at Mont-Royal because it's a heavy rain day. last time i took the metro was back in april because in summertime, I use my bike. So at the Mont-Royal station back in April, the escalator was being rebuilt. Today the same escalator is still closed and being rebuilt. 6 Months for a small escalator… In Dubai they would have built a whole metro line complete with 17 stations.
    Also I am motorcycle fanatic and the price we pay in QC to ride a motorcycle is by far the most ridiculous in the westen hemisphere. We pay a lot and get the worst roads in the country…
    I truly believe the Quebecois deservent much better but, same as in France, there is no political entity that can claim moral high grounds… all rotten they are… but the politicians in QC seem a little more stupid because they get busted more often then their anglo countreparts.

    A bon entendeur , salut!

    • Palant de votre vision romantique et naive à propos de l'Europe, vous avez rien pigé. Le Canada est un pays unitaire construit sur l'appropriation et la colonisation qui se construit selon les désirs égolstes de sa majorité anglophone.
      Quand on arrive dans un pays, on lit des bouquins d'histoire, on ne fait pas des comparasons stupides avec son monde autoréférencé.
      C'EST FACILE D'ÊTRE CONTRE LE NATIONALISME QUÉBÉCOIS QUAND ON A LE CUL BIEN CALÉ DANS LA SOUVERAINETÉ DE SON PROPRE PAYS, EN L'OCCURENCE L'HEXAGONE. Hé, à quand un parti qui vise à faire de la France une province de l'Angleterre ou de l'Allemagne. Ainsi, il y aurait des gens de toute origine dans votre beau pays; des allemands, des turcs, des polonais et ha oui j'oubliais une importante communauté culturelle les français.
      Les pauvres, ils risqueraient d'être vraiment racistes. Ils n'accepteraient pas que les nveaux arrivants décident de s'intégrer en allemand ou en anglais. Mais voyons, mon mignon, il faut être ouvert!!! Ashtung!

      • Chere Sylva, je trouve les nationalismes simplement stupides. En Europe ils nous ont accouchés de deux horribles guerres mondiales.
        Et sachez donc que je me considere Europeen bien avant de me considerer francais. La preuve: j'ai vecu bien plus longtemps hors de France qu'en France. Ma ville Europeenee s'appelle Amsterdam et je parle le neerlandais par respect envers les gens avec qui j'ai choisis de vivre.
        Je ne me considere surement pas un expert en histoire quebecoise mais je connais les grandes lignes et les atrocités commises par les anglos. Mais je sais aussi que les atrocités sont l'appanage des humains. Je digresse par rapport au veritable sens de l'article commenté qui ne traite que de corruption mais je me gausse des québécois qui se disent brimés dans leurs droits. Aujourd'hui en 2010 je ne vois pas comment l'oppression anglophone peut etre justifiée. Sachez que pour immigrer dans la Belle Province, j'ai du me faire selectionner par les québécois ( les non francophones sont donc pratiquement exclus) avant d'aller m'addresser au fédéral. D'autre part le QC est la seule province que je connaisse dont les interets sont représentés par un parti politique.
        Et sachez que si un parti decidait de faire de la France une province Européenne, je leur donnerai ma voix sans hesiter. Mais pas pour en faire une province allemande ou britannique.
        Je reviens au sujet de l'article commenté: la corruption au Quebec. Votre petite replique en dit long sur votre facon de penser et c'est pas demain la veille qu'avec une attitude de meme vous me convaincrez du bienfondé de votre logique. Finalement Achtung s'ecrit comme ca.

    • I love it JJM, you're very cool. Simply another of the many stories I've heard about Quebec corruption, particularly in the construction industry. How sad that there has been no grass roots movement to arise into a political party with ethics, one that would obliterate the entrenched aristocracy and mob organizations.

  69. I agree that it is inappropriate to view this as being about Quebecers. It is about their political class — the old boys network — and Quebecers as much as anyone know this and should be glad to see this problem exposed. Charest is a hypocrite to attempt to twist this attack on himself and his cronies into a generalized smear on Quebecers. They are cowards to try to hide their own corruption by exploiting Francophone/Anglophone relations. Same goes for all the "me-to's" in Parliament. Those condemning the Macleans piece are abandoning the interests of all law abiding people in Quebec. New blood is needed in the political ranks. I hope Quebecers take this as a wake-up call.

  70. I am a proud french quebecer and yes, I think that Maclean hits the target again (tho I believe that linking it to separatist is extremely far fetched). I am sick of the politicians and their scandals. The Bastarache commission is a joke and an expensive one on top of that. Nothing good will get out of it. The prime minister is saying the exact opposite of what Mr.Bellemare is saying, so the bottom line is that someone is lying and again I am sick of it. What a waste… Instead of taking care of the real problems like our health system or our crumbling roads, we get this.

    Indeed we deserve better.

    • You haven't got what it takes to separate, anywhere in the World. Your debt has hit the IMF stage. period.

  71. As a Quebecer myself (and a native french one) I was displeased…no, was disappointed.. no, i was totally ashamed by the reaction over here. I can't believe that Quebecers are so easily out-of-their-mind. A large majority of them instantly criticized the article, the magazine, and its editors without even reading it. I never felt so embarrassed for my own people. I believe this text is an enlightening piece of work that every Quebecer perhaps only in their subconscious knows all about. It's undeniable facts. Cold hard truth. Perhaps that's why so many had a problem with it. It is also quite revealing to look at your own province through the eyes, through the perspective of someone else than an other Quebecer. But probably the most Über-ridiculous debate was the one over the Bonhomme Carnaval. Damn, it's a mascot come'on. A simple image. I think Macleans would have gotten less hate-mail if they chose René Lévesques himself !

    Some call it racism. Pardon me ? Damn you're killing me. Go take a look a the signs and shirts some people wear in the southern states of the US of A against their own President. Or what the young africans, indians, and Japanese children live everyday in schools of the poorest neighborhoods. And who told them Québec was it's own race ?

    Everyday they are drawings, ads, and articles against everyone. Every politician, every government, every corporation. Why is Quebec so good at being offended ? Often for nothing. I deeply hope this kind of over protective feeling against somewhat blurry convictions could slowly vanish someday. Call me utopist.

    I too believe Quebecers deserve better. Perhaps a better understanding of the world surrounding them. You know, the world past Ontario, New-Brunswick and Labrador.

    Simon. Quebec Basher from Montreal.

    • "Why is Quebec so good at being offended ? "

      It's more comforting to play the victim rather than the author of one's own misfortunes.

      • Why is Quebec so good at being offended? Never could figure it out in spite of having lived in Quebec for seven years! Why is a debate about corruption turning into a nationalistic tirade and language debate? This so ridiculous. The article was meant to provoke and it has certainly succeeded, beyond the author's wildest dreams. My father used to say, anyone in the family can criticize what's going on, but not outsiders. As a family we must stick together! Maybe that is the logic one should follow.

  72. While I definately agree that corruption is a problem all across Canada, I also agree that Quebec seems to lead the parade by a large extent.

    I have yet to read a single rebuttal to the factual arguments made by Maclean's. Instead, it seems many Quebecers prefer to cry racism than face the truth.

    End the corruption.

    • It is easier to boycott a magazine than get rid of corrupt politicians, they are like cockroaches.

  73. "Ca fait des siècles que les québécois ne sont plus opprimés par les anglais" Mmmmm. You surely can have an opinion, but please check your facts man. I don't know what they tought you in your history classes but go get yourself a book on quebec's history and adjust your comment according to the reality of the past centuries for the French in Canada. You can disagree with Nicolas's comment but not deform history.

    • Ok wrong term. I meant "décennie". Unfortunately, I cannot re-edit my comment. The point still stands it's been decades since the Quiet Revolution. You guys have proven your point and should we say won the fight? Is it not time to bury the hatchet?

      It pisses me off that 25 year old Québecois de souche lament about how they feel misunderstood and don't fit in with the rest of Canada but feels more in common with French from France. When for the past two decades all the rest of Canada has been doing is accommodate Quebec. At this point, I don't think the Quebekers are being oppressed, to put in my two cents, I think they are the oppressors now. Instead of dwelling on the past, please move on, don't treat anyone who is not Quebecois de souche as an enemy. It doesn't mean forget what happened, I am not trivializing what your grand-parents and parents have gone through. My point is, get over it. People are not out to get you. Is this the legacy you want to pass on from one generation to another a never ending grudge? Some of you were not even born when this all happened and yet you feel as thought Canada did you a great injustice. Do you ever stop and think of the good Canada has been for Quebec also?

      On another note Bob, how much do you know of Canadian history or the rest of the world? If you went to Quebec schools like I did, it probably isn't much. There's to "lesprit ouvert sur le monde"

    • You mean like the Québec élites deformed (or "corrected" history, depending on how you want to look at it) during the Quiet Revolution to support their political goals?

  74. Bonjour,
    Je suis d'accord qu'il y a de la corruption au quebec, je suis un immigrant ca fait dix ans que j'habite au Quebec. Quand on cherche du travail quelque soit votre competence s'il y a un quebecois de souche il passe avant meme s'il ne sait calculer 1+1 .
    Un ce sont les commissions scolaires francophones qui avantagent les quebecois de souche meme les syndicats sont complices.

    • Gros cliché! Il y a plein d'immigrants qui réussissent et il y a plein de québécois de souche qui ne sont pas des plouks illettrés contrairement à ce que vous pensez et qui n'ont pas la carrière de leur choix.
      La différence entre les immigrants frustrés du Canada anglais (oui il y en a) et ceux du Québec, c'est que dans la province francophone il peuvent cracher sur les québécois minoritaires au Canada pour passer leurs frustrations.

      • Pas vrai. Les commerces du Québec font leur possible pour embaucher des minorités visibles, même s'ils ne sont pas capables de pitonner sur une caisse enregistreuse, sont lents et bêtes.

        • les quebecois sont non seulement bete mais des malades mentaux regarde le taux de suicide, si un jour tous les immigrants decide de rentrer ca se sera l'ambiance d'Haloween au quebec toute l'annee telement toutes les maisons seront vides.

          • Ah bon, pauvre toi, as-tu pensé à retourner chez toi?

          • pauvre toi meme tu sais c ou chez moi . vous les quebecois vous n avez aucune culture vous savez juste payer les cartes de credit et travailler comme des anes pour. ca c sure que je vais retourner chez moi.

          • On ce qui me concerne j arrete ici. Il faut eviter de tomber dans les generalites parce que il y a des quebecois tres gentille et tres humains. Je m excuse aupres d'eux. A dieux

          • et comme la plupart des immigrants sont des gens très gentils et désireux de s'intégrer.

  75. ALL Quebecers I know keep saying that there is too many corruption here. None of the ones I know is happy with that fact and they just want to find a way to get rid of it.
    Is there more corruption in other provinces? I don't know, and the article didn't give any facts to prove it, and they are to blame for that.
    One of the things they did wrong is they blam the separatist movement for the corruption. It is untrue and just biais. Corruption started way before the independance movement was born. René Lévesque is responsible for the best anti-corruption laws we have in Quebec. Those laws are not enough? Don't worry, we'll kick Charest out at the next elections and we'll find a way to have a better system.
    Another thing Maclean's has to be blamed for is that the "journalists" (I would call them chronicors) associated corruption with all Quebecers (like the Bonhomme Carnaval, a symbol representing all Quebecers), instead of targeting part of the politicians and part of the business people.

  76. Here's your headlies tonight :

    Quebec is more corrupt than any other province in Canada. What a bad joke. Of course it is corrupt, but how do you measure the flow of brown enveloppes???

    You could have pushed it further and state that italian names in those "quebec" scandals are way out of proportions.
    Franco Fava(PLQ "fund raiser"),
    Luigi Corretti (who was giving his company credit card to a liberal Minister among other things),
    Tony Tomassi (who's accused of using a credit card of Correti) ,
    Tony Acurso (who is a construction contractor and was seen on his yacht with Julie Boulet transport minister).
    Frank Zampino (water counter).

    And the list goes on.

    Now let's state the real question : Is pinpointing a community in a worldwidespread problem xenophobic?!


  77. … and McLean's sells more issues than it has the entire year. Good to see Canada is becoming more like my barbarian countrymen to the south.

    The article doesn't state anywhere that it's a "genetic disease". The quebecois should stop acting like they are some genetically separate ethnic group, some kind of race, it just makes it harder for Anglos like me to integrate and speak French here. If you want some real political corruption just go to Albany, New York, this country and this province is just peachy keen.

  78. Can you tell us which province is the less corrupted in Canada?

  79. I believe Maclean's views on Quebec are absolutely right. I live in Quebec and, trust me, a lot of people here agree with the magazine. And, come on! If we can't use characters for figurative imagery anymore (like Bonhomme), in what kind of world are we living? It's pure freedom of speech! I don't believe little ones and families will associate Bonhomme to a vilain from now on… Get real!

    I'm a french-speaking Quebecer and I am ashamed of what my province has become. I sometimes feel like fleeing to the US (since I'm under the impression I wouldn't be welcomed in the rest of Canada). Not only is there a corruption problem, here, but there is also a -serious- social problem, which Barbara Kay and Denis Bombardier called a "collective depression" in their respective columns, a week ago or so.

    Of course Maclean's article couldn't be published without some "pleurs et grincements de dents" from the establishment of the province. What else was to expect?

  80. Hi Julie, I'm Martin, also from Quebec and you are SO right. Weird, but nice at the same time, isn't it, to see some of our nice fellow Canadians defend our province as they do in this thread? But, what they need to know is that Maclean's is absolutely right and we both know because we both live here.

    Please, people, the only ones telling you Maclean's wrong are those who have an interest in keeping this sick system going.

    Merci, Julie, d'avoir publié cette opinion, partagée par tant d'autres Québécois.

  81. "Quebec voters have proven time and again they have little patience for corrupt politicians—frequently tossing out governments tainted by scandal. That is cause for optimism for the future of the province's political culture."

    This has been the case for some time, though…

    This newer story is a fairly sad attempt at backing your retrospective claims that the original articles were aimed at Quebec politicians rather than the general population.

    For one, the allusion to Catholic heritage being a possible reason for a higher tolerance of "official corruption" in Quebec rather than elsewhere is absolutely laughable considering the province probably has the highest proportion of atheism or very lapsed observance on the continent.

    Whenever someone offering a "critique" of Quebecois culture references catholicism as being a big part of the Quebec consciousness, I conclude that the critic is basing himself off old, worn prejudice that might have been accurate in the 50s or 60s at best. Newsflash: Most Quebecers under 30 never go to church, and most of their parents don't go to church either. Consider that "number 1" on your crash course in "what is Quebec like today".

  82. No its not being racist or xenophobic to denounce the corruption affecting the federalist in Quebec. Its an old, old, old problem that we got here in Quebec. And i really thinks its one of the reason why me, my friends, my family and a big majorities of francophone want a new country for our people. If Quebecois federalist could be more honest, fair-play and respect their promises, the desire for Quebec to separate could change a lot. I want to separate not for the fun of it, or because i don’t like the rest of Canada, but because i want to get rid of those impostors that is the liberal party of Quebec and the federalist movement here in our province and make sure that WE the people will be master of our destiny. Not only they are stealing us but they are also slowly destroying our democratic institutions. Trudeau, Chrétien, Martin, Bourassa, Charest those are the one responsible for all that mess. And don’t forget certain elements of the Italian mafia, not all the Italian community, but only a small group of them who seem to be everywhere. And like another said in a comment, the Parti Quebecois (founded by Rene Levesque) have been one of the most democratic and anti-corruption movement in all the history of Canada and of North-America. Ask anybody who study political science and you’ll see that i’m right about that and i’m not the only one saying that.

    And Jean Charest is just a ?&%*# joke with his fake protest against your article. You did an honest job Maclean’s, except for the part about the separatist cause for corruption (dont know were you went to get that???) and even if it was a little bit spectacular with the poor Bonhomme being used like this. lol. Thanks.

    Jean-Sébastien Tremblay, historien

    • I find it interesting Jean-Sebastien, that Quebecois like you have much in common with many in the West. There's lots of us too that think just maybe separating is a good option. We too are fed up with the corruption at the federal level, and so much of it centres around the feds buying off Quebec politicians in one way or another so they won't threaten to separate. It's a sad way to get along. Sometimes I think that if Quebec separatists and Western separatists could somehow get together and form a new country, it would no doubt have a much higher standard of ethics than present, and sure would be interesting.

  83. BREAKING NEWS that I do not yet see on the Maclean's site (maybe it's here somewhere, maybe not):

    "On behalf of the company [Rogers Publishing], we sincerely regret any offence that the cover may have caused.

  84. To the editor Mr Coyne,

    On top of using xenophobic theories in , you ethics regarding the use of private trademarks is very poor. Any professional graphist would confirm. Le Carnaval is going to court and it will cost Rogers a lot of money. Do no expect any year end bonus my dear Andrew,

  85. I thought the article just rehashed old stories. In other words the content, although factually correct, didn't live up to the hype of the cover. Poor Bonhomme, since when did he take the money and run? Unless of course he heading out for a few drinks after a hard day of carnivaling like any good boulevardier should be doing, bien sur!

  86. I work with immigrants in Montreal and the most common comments about Quebec are 1) the Quebecois cannot see themselves; they are not ready to be critiqued (which this uproar testifies to in spades) and 2) the Quebecois are facist. Quebec needs to take a good hard look at itself.

    Lastly, an Acadian girl moved to Quebec to be in the midst of French culture. She said the Quebecois turn their nose up at her French (ironic considering how the Quebecois react to the French from France). In addition she said there is an underlying hatred of Anglophones that is dangerous. They feel because someone is Anglophone it justifies treating Anglos badly.

    Quebec has a lot of reckoning to do.

    • Positive criticism is good; macleans is not positive criticism. People in Québec are lucid; the Bastarache commission is a good example of it. People should look at themselves before being critics of others.

      Leave the Acadians alone. Know that they are our familly. Why don't you talk about the treatment of Acadians in Acadia and Louisiana through history. Really, your advice is very good and you should try to live by it. People should look at themselves before being critics of others.

    • This is false. I remember seeing anglophones from New-Brunswick (bilingual?) who were taking a ferry with me and they weren't even able to ask for their hamburgers in French while the poor waitress all that she wanted was to being spoken to in French.

  87. All I can say is: "Good on you Andrew Coyne and MacLeans". It's not "bashing" when you call a spade a spade. I've heard of Quebec corruption for decades. From who? Quebecois I've met over the years who were as disgusted with it back then as they are now. Endless scandals emanating from Quebec is one of the major reasons the West has rejected then trashed both the Liberals and the old Progressive Conservatives. It's always the Quebec politicians who scream "foul" and drag the ordinary Quebec citizen into the fray and claim everybody else is bashing them, when we all know its the politicians and the business elite we're talking about. Quebec government, you want everybody to stop bashing you? Here's what you do. Grow up and stop acting like spoiled rotten 30 year old teenager. You are a huge rich province; stop sucking on the equalization tit and get your financial act together, you should be a contributor, not a drawer. Finally, get some ethics, get rid of the greased palm business model you so cherish. You do these things, and lo and behold, suddenly the criticism will magically disappear.

  88. Right on Franca, I'm with you all the way on this one.

  89. I just do not understand why people (besides local politicians) are taking this topic so personal and offensive. I know Quebecers are proud, hardworking and with their heart at the right place. For me racist allegations are complete BS, it`s not about that and everybody using this worn out line is a complete ass and moron. It`s really about getting out of this corruptive slump and finally get as a citizen some "bang for our buck"…and this applies for all provinces. Look for example at our streets here in Montreal, the public transportation and infrastructure as well as health care system. Do you have a family doctor?
    We should benchmark ourselves as the best of the world and not pad ourselves on the shoulder as mediocre!
    We are already within the best of the world for many things here, but we have to get the rest done too.

    All the best


  90. Since you like to label us with the worst epiteths, how would you feel if I asked you which clan you belong to? Cotroni? Rizutto? Cuntreras?

    If Quebec isn't good enough for you, then hit the 401 and you won't be missed.

  91. As a proud Québécois I thought of one thing I needed to do after reading your article…and I did it! Yesterday morning I closed my account to Rogers for my cell phone and I recommand every Québécois to do the same, there's nothing better than voting with your money!

  92. As a proud Québécois, there's only one thing I thought of doing after reading this non-sence…I closed my Rogers account yeaterday. I think all Québécois that don't agree with the article or found it offensive should close their accounts to Rogers. Souvenez-vous chers Québecois, il n'y a pas de meilleur façon pour voter, que de voter avec votre argent!

    • Bonne chance avec Bell

  93. Hey, these bunch of hypocrites at the house of commons, they make the mafia look aristocratical. The biggest crooks this province as ever seen. From municipal to provincial all the parties Liberal or PQ. These old dinosaurs need to be sweep over, taken out of power. Believe it or not I never liked Réne Lévesque, but one thing I must say, he didn't do any for money, he was passionate, emotionally endeared to his beliefs, imagine and I'm an Anglophone ! But the rest of the PQ or Liberals are all old dogs with deep corrupted roots in it for personal financial reasons. Your article hit a deep nerve, it took gust and courage to write it. The nerve of this prime minister to ask you to apologize to the Quebecers. As a Quebecer it hurt, but the truth always does. I want to thank you for writing it.
    All you have to do is listen to a song called ‘Lavalou, Whatcha gonna do', it tells the whole story.

  94. Sorry, Ms. Alcantara, I do not agree. An anglophone, I find Coyne's argument shallow and needlessly offensive.

    What if a Quebec magazine were to proclaim that Quebec's corruption resulted from anglo-federalist influence? (I'm not sure if a French headline could be as in-your-face about it as the Maclean's title was, however.) Then suppose some equivalent of Coyne suggested that there was something in English political culture, left over from imperialism or whatever ('whatever', after all, is more or less what Mr. Coyne appears to be fishing around for), that tolerates and encourages corruption? It would not be difficult: starting from the role of Van Horne, an anglo railway magnate involved in the Pacific scandal, continuing with the 1985 McKassey/Harrison scandal and later the sponsorship scandal, the most egregious incidents could be traced to anglo-dominated elites. The 'analysis' might be far-fetched and malicious, but the writer, like Coyne, could end by predicting that the anglos will show their narrow-mindedness by denouncing him.

    Quebec newspapers have exposed this corruption very effectively; we do not need Coyne to shout it down from his pedestal.

  95. "It's true that we lack a statistical database to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Quebec is an outlier among the provinces." This is an admission of lack of data. You can still put out an article, but you change the tone if you don't have the data. It would have been nice if the article was toned around the idea that "There is concern over corruption in the province of Quebec" as everyone in Quebec is concerned. But of course, such a title, that is really closer to the actual data presented, would have sold a much lower number of magazines. Another honest approach would have been to take similar incidences and compare their occurrences in different provinces, but this was not done. Again, this was not done. Quebec politicians or businessmen are not more corrupt then elsewhere. That is simply slandering a very large group of people.

  96. For an idea of how to word articles, have a tone that is more interested in communicating information or not solely interested in the bottom line, there are several magazines out there that do the job. The sooner everyone dumps their Maclean's subscription, the better. But I have to admit, this won't happen anytime soon. The magazine has sold like hotcakes and now, the Roger's French-language "L'Actualité" will respond to this set of articles and also sell like hotcakes. The lowest common denominator indeed…

  97. I love Canada. Canada though we are mostly in denial. Censorship has no plcace in my country.

    Reecently on an air flight I was reminded by a retired nurse from the Royal Victoria Hospital of the Canadians' who she attended their injuries resulting from the branding of "FLQ" on their arms during the crisis during which I lived in Montreal.

    Check it. It is true, do you have the courage to print it?

  98. Great Job Maclean's – you've got the country thinking about what to do with the disinterest its elected leaders show to the citizens they are supposed to 'serve'.

  99. Political columnist Vincent Marissal said: “I don't see anything that's inaccurate or exaggerated. Every Quebec media outlet has drawn similar conclusions in recent months.”

    In this morning's column, Mr. Marissal sheds a different light on this quote. He makes it a point that what he was referring to were the historical event presented by Maclean's, not the magazine's conclusions. He also adds that he wrote these conclusions were rubbish (des âneries).

  100. Nice distortion of Vincent Marissal's comments. He was talking about the historical facts cited in the piece. He thinks the conclusions Coyne draws from that are totally idiotic.

  101. You are the living example that english is flourishing in Québec.“You never worked for a french Quebecker company,“ you say“ the cost of housing is cheaper here“ wow! what a declaration my friend don't mention that to your fellow Canadians or they will hang you…

  102. I hear you. To give you an example, about 15 years ago, I was greeted at school one morning by a graffiti-ed wall near the entrance that read "GO HOME LES IMMIGRANTS". This was at one of Montreal's top three French private schools where privileged and educated people send their kids. On my last year at that same school a friend told me that a whole bunch of kids never spoke a word to me throughout the entire five years of high school because I was supposedly "Anglo". Imagine that! Who's to blame? The parents?After high school I found the French school environment so detrimental to my mental health and happiness that I switched to an English school and evaded fanatic Francophones as best I could. I encounter less discrimination and when I did it was more often discreet. I don't mean to generalize and say that most Francophones are Anglophobes or Xenophobes but I do agree that some are real hypocrites at once crying how unfairly they are treated all the while treating Quebec's own minorities unfairly. I was born here, I live here, I work here, I pay my taxes here, I support my local community, I run a Quebec business, and support other Quebec businesses …..but apparently, that's still not enough. A "pur laine de souche" on B.S. (welfare) is more highly regarded that upstanding Anglophone and Allophone citizens by these morons!

  103. Well.. so on it goes! Crooked Politicians, whiny Quebec….. Canadians say "so what? it's been going on for years". We'll continue to shut our eyes and ears and walk the other way. Bravo! Macleans for having the balls to say out loud what most people were thinking any way. Frankly I'm sick of Quebec threatening to separate just to get their own way. For the love of Canada let them go. And for that matter where would they go? I don't hear of anyone rushing in to scoop them up to save them. Give them exactly what they want. Let them separate. Sometimes it's better to just let go.

  104. The Andrew Coyne piece is the worst piece of etnic xenophobic diatribe published in a supposedly canadian magazine that i have seen in years. While quebec canadians are dying in Afghanistan doing their duty for our country, racists like andrew coyne are trying to drive a wedge between us. I ask the Canadian Jewish Congess to take a stand against this racist filth as it does against all forms of racism. This kind of attitude smacks of Slobodan Milosevic or Ignace Murwanashyaka. Gee guys you sure must be proud of yourselfs.

  105. Congrats on this piece Maclean's. You have now joined a select group that grovels at the lower end of the journalistic spectrum (such as the National Enquirer (also from Toronto)). By the way, do you remember Hydro One? The cost overruns and the poor management that wasted taspayers dollars for years? I wonder where the money went? But hey, you are now buyintg Quebec hydro power (and they say Quebec is poorly managed)
    "Ontario Still Seeing the Effects of Years of Lottery Corruptiom"-
    etc, etc, etc, There is a rock lyric that goes something like this:
    "check out your own back yard before you check out someone else's"
    I think that was boz scags that wrote that.
    Yvan in Montreal

    • Watch out Yvan, they will say that you cannot take criticism!

  106. I think the fact that Quebec has the most "reported" corruption cases is a testament to the intolerance of the Quebecers to corruption which in turn gives the Quebec news media a greater incentive to uncover corruption.

    I live in BC and there hasn't been a provincial government in the last 30 years that hasn't been free of corruption scandals. In at least two cases, sandals have forced Premier's to loose their jobs! Talk about the wild wild west!

    Then there are places like Alberta where one wonders how much hidden corruption exists where everyone is sucking from the teet of Big Oil. We know the Alberta government is complicit in the questionable environmental assessments of the oil sands industry. Yet the Alberta news media rushes to the defense of Big OIl…

    When you have that much money flowing around, I find it hard to believe everyone is being honest…

    • At least in BC, they boot them out, and continuing to boot. In Quebec you are always in the talking side, less action.

  107. Good job Macleans. I'm happy as a reader to see that you're standing up for yourselves. As a Quebecer I'm tired with the double standard.

  108. I would love to see Macleans publish a French version of Coyne's 'What lies beneath Quebec's scandals… I just find ironic that they write this article in French to correct any misunderstanding Quebeckers may have about the article, but don't bother translating the offending article… but of course, it wasn't written for the benefit of Quebeckers, and to 'help' them get rid of corruption, it was just meant to allow Coyne to rant about his views of Quebec

  109. Speak for yourself El_ : You are dead wrong – but hey – you're free to share your 'opinion' as strange as it may be.

  110. La xénophobie, c'est-à-dire ce qui est étranger suscite normalement la peur ou l'anxiété. Ces deux émotions sont associées. La différence entre les deux réside dans l'origine de ce qui est perçu comme dangereux. La peur est la réponse de l'organisme à un danger réel; l'anxiété, à un danger qui peut être réel mais surévalué, ou bien imaginaire, voire inconnu.. We are all subject to xenophobia, we should serously think about it. The rationale should prevail over our bad feelings.

  111. generic when passed on from generation to generation,when elders refuse to pass on knowledgeRespect for cdn libertyis twisted,by these pathological,fanatics.Is it legal in france,to threaten to break it up?

  112. All those who stubbornly refuse to admit that Québec IS a corrupt regime and has been so for generations. My mother's ancesters arrived in Québec two centuries ago, and I,m sure corruption and Travail-au-noir was rampant then.
    This article ,though merciless in nature, in perhaps the beginning of an awakening that Québec can no longer resort to third world policies and govern itself like a banana republic. The reason is simple . the majority of Quécers angloo AND franco have had all they can stomach of this open corruption.

  113. Quite frankly, MacLean's has re-written the page on sleazy journalism. In fact, when was the last time have you written such an article about any other Province in Canada … surely there is rampant corruption going on everywhere else in Canada, not the least in Ontario and elsewhere.
    Your choice of Front page content is an Insult to a Quebec iconic mascot.
    I am no longer subscribing, buying or reading MacLean's, until such time it PUBICLY apologises to Quebec and Canada.

  114. Johnny boy: YOU ARE QUITE RIGHT…. However, the Political history of Quebec Governments demonstrates that it is the Labor Unions that call all the shots. No matter which party rules, by majority or otherwise it is "… always, THE SAME BREAD … EXCEPT, A DIFFERENT BAKER."

  115. Roxanne: It was YOUR Catholic Church that insisted the Francophone 'Stay on the Land' and 'leave school after the 6th., grade' and go make more babies.. that they couldn't FEED on those farms! And the French Catholic Church were the political leaders of Quebec – and they told the 'flock' they'd get their reward in heaven! That it was God's Will. And what do you mean the Anglos didn't provide food & education? Hell the Anglos were NOT ALLowed into the French system – or did you NOT know that? And if you want to blame the Anglos for the Catholic Church first letting their FLOCK starve – on the land they wouldn't let them leave – then you REALLY have some big hate problems – that must have infested your very soul..

  116. Roxanna: You obviously have no idea whatsoever about what the TRUTH is re: Quebec's history with the French and English settling in Montreal. For you to use the word 'apartheid' because Francos settled in the East End of Montreal a couple of hundred years ago – (against the Church's wishes) and then talking about a pulp mill – what pulp mill – what was its name and what did it do? Like I said – you have NO Proof of anything – becase there is NONE get it? You have been programmed to hate Anglos over a bunch of LIES and ugliness – to hold you captive – over some ugly FICTION that took place supposedly 2-300 years ago! Go ASK YOUR Teachers of hate – why they have done this to you. And stop making ugly accusations that are nothing but disgusting LIES.

  117. The MAJORITY in Canada is English. Quebeck belongs to ALL Canadians. Quebeck belongs to the NON Francophone Quebecker. Quebeck does NOT belong to a pile of Anglo hating bigots that create hate filled illegal laws that have been designed to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE 2.5 million of its population out of their home and THEIR Province. If you don't get that – then I suggest you go to ISRAEL – and they will be more than happy to TEACH YOU WHAT ETHNIC CLEANSING IS ALL ABOUT.

    • Go look up the United Nations definition of Ethic Cleansing, Roxanna.

  118. I'm talking about the TRUE History of Quebec and the TRUE History of MONTREAL – and yes – BEFORE THE DISGUSTING Disgraceful illegal language laws – Anglos did also live in Sept Isles and the Gaspe — and for you to say the typical – I know someone who knows someone who had Anglos unilingual living on their street — makes YOUR racist sickness much clearer than anything I could write in response.