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We know where Iggy stands now

The Liberal leader shares his thoughts on the coalition and education funding


If there were any doubts left about Michael Ignatieff’s strong inclination to pass this month’s federal budget, this morning’s interview with the Liberal leader should put them to rest. Ignatieff describe last year’s creation of a Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition, not as a serious bid to form a government, but as an attempt to jolt Prime Minister Stephen Harper into action on the economy. “Smarten up is what the coalition was all about,” Ignatieff says. “So he’s smartening up…” So, mission accomplished? On an entirely different subject, Ignatieff endorses the controversial idea that federal money for universities and colleges should flow to the provinces where students attend post-secondary school, not the provinces they come from. That would be a big change, bound to incite howls of protest from provinces that ship out more students than they attract. Overall, a brief but illuminating interview, with a couple of valuable nuggets.

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We know where Iggy stands now

  1. I guess the GG must have been in on the fact that the Coalition was all a big bluff which is why she went along with the request by the government to prorogue.

  2. Anyway, I’m starting to share Paul wells’ frustration with all this speculation. Jan 26th will be here pretty quick. We”ll know soon enough where Ignatieff stands. Until then can we talk about more substantive matters?

  3. Hey! There’s a smart idea! Give money to the places providing the education! Wow that is a hard concept to grasp.