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We were talking about an opposition coalition at the beginning of November


This weekend saw the “breaking news” of a potential coalition government. Talk of a coalition of the opposition parties to defeat the Conservatives was in Capital Diary in the issue that hit the newsstand on Nov. 6. At the time, the buzz was the Bloc and NDP would accept a financial steward as PM and the name Ralph Goodale was at the top of the list. Looks like Stéphane Dion has been busy. Click here see the story.

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We were talking about an opposition coalition at the beginning of November

  1. So what, do you want a medal or something?

  2. Wow,

    So some Tory surreptitiously (and possibly criminally) recorded the NDP’s caucus meeting and released the recording to the press to get a “scoop” they could have read in a month old issue of Macleans?


  3. Maclean’s was obviously part of the conspiracy.

  4. So, the special interest groups and the small minded parties that they control…. ‘er support, have pulled the cheating ace (coups d’état ) out of their sleeve. This undermines the democratic process that the majority of Canadians hold dearly and as the only real way to express, in their small way, the direction of our country.

    We apparently wasted our valuable time to step up and do what is expected in a democracy and the legal documents (ballot) are apparently demoted to no more then scribbles on a piece of paper……. and into the shreader it goes. Where do they get the gall !!!!!

    As a Canadian, I find this sickening and intolerable and will not stand for it !

    Point me the way to the biggest rally this country has ever seen !!!!

  5. Shorter Cris: “Our 37% majority demands satisfaction! How dare that 63% special interest group try to get along and interject themselves in the King’s path!”

  6. I think it’s safe to say that PM Harper also knew.

  7. Another good reason to subscribe to Maclean’s! Spoilers!!!

  8. Is there any body out there who can help me with this problem:

    All day I’ve been trying to figure out how parties can claim they’ve won 62% of the popular vote, yet, now when entering into the coalition, they are prepared to throw most everything they had campaigned on, out the window. So what exactly does the 62% represent if nothing of their platforms remains in tact because of the proposed coalition?

    So, ‘they’ claim ‘they’ have the right to govern (62%) yet once ‘they’ present ‘their’ package for forming government, ‘their’ original platforms collapse together with the 62%. So how does this work?

  9. Francien Verhoeven writes: So how does this work?

    It’s called reconciling mutually incompatible platforms. What the hell do you expect? Do you want the Liberal-NDP coalition to simultaneously cut AND raise corporate taxes? Come on, do a little thinking before you post.

  10. Francien: I refer you to Stephen Harper circa 2006-2008 for your answer.