Wedding bells for Prince William by 2012? -

Wedding bells for Prince William by 2012?

The prince and Kate Middleton reportedly planning their wedding


Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly planning a 2012 wedding, so that William is wed before his 30th birthday in June of that year. According to News of the World, the couple want their wedding day when the world’s spotlight is on London—for the Queen’s diamond jubilee in June and the Olympic Games in late July. The 28-year-old William met Ms. Middleton, also 28, at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and have dated for eight years including two brief splits. A senior insider said: “William and Kate are aware a royal wedding followed by the jubilee celebrations and the Olympics will really put Britain on the map again.”

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Wedding bells for Prince William by 2012?

  1. Oh no! What will happen to Macleans main source for their constant "Ladies, he's not going to marry you. Look at Kate!" articles. Now they'll have to do twice as many "Trashy teenage girls!" articles.

    • Yes, that would be terrible.

  2. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

  3. What else did News of the World have to say? Are aliens visiting earth again?

  4. And the divorce will be planned when? I am so sorry to offend anyone, but I got tired of Royals public spat and ugly divorces. Let us just hope this will be a different story from the rest of the family.