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Weiner faces calls to resign on both sides

Democratic Representative says he will not resign despite scandal


Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner, who was revealed this week to have tweeted lurid photos to several women despite being recently married, is facing calls from both Republicans and fellow Democrats to resign. Weiner tearfully confessed to sending the photos to the women in a press conference on Monday, after denying the photos came from him amid claims his Twitter account was hacked. But he stopped short of saying he would step down, saying he hasn’t broken any laws. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has called a House ethics committee to investigate whether any rules were violated by Weiner. “Lying is unforgivable, public lying about something like this is unforgivable,” said former Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine. “He should resign.”


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Weiner faces calls to resign on both sides

  1. As long as you don’t break a law, and elected official can do whatever they want, without repercussions. (Sarcastic)

    What I find most funny, is that I hear people in the States, on the left, saying any talk about him is evidence of a media bias. They claim that this is a non-issue, and the media attention should just go away. Laughable.

    • I’m just going down the list of Need to Know.
      How do you square this comment with your comments on the previous number, about G8 funding? 

      “As long as you don’t break a law, and elected official can do whatever they want, without repercussions. (Sarcastic)”

      You were so in favour of it just one number above!

      • I will stay consistent with my opinions and say that I don’t think this man should lose his job over what is obviously a personal matter.  It is between him and his wife.  Should the constiuents decide not to elect him again, then I guess they will show him they can’t get past this but frankly, I don’t feel it is anybody else’s business.

        • You are consistent and get points for that.

          And in many of these affair-type scandals, I’d agree with you.  But this is bad judgement of an unprecedented scale–more than bad judgement, it defies sense of any kind, thought processes, etc.  Remember, these pictures were sent to people who had given absolutely no hint that they’d be welcome.  Not like, say, Prince Charles and Camilla, where that was nobody else’s business (except Diana, but even then the affair was her business, what they said to each other on the phone–not so much).

          So I worry about somebody with a lack of sense to this extent having anything to do with running any country.  Or corner store, for that matter.  The man obviously has some mental health or emotional issues and I do hope he’ll get treatment.

          • I am always on the side of giving someone a second chance, especially a person who appears to have a mental health issue…perhaps a sexual addiction.  He also appears to have his wife’s support and the support of 51% of his constiuents.  I hope the women were not in anyway traumatized by the pictures.  If they were, I might have to change in my stance.

          • It just makes sense, but some people refuse to see it. I would feel the same way about this, regardless of his political stripes.

            Some people will defend their own against all odds.

        • It is a personal matter, and if it never came out, or if he was the one who brought it up, it would still be just that. I would agree with you, if that was all there was to the story.

          The fact that he lied for over a week, that he alluded to someone ‘hacking’ his account, and that he let a reporters’ reputation (which by some accounts wasn’t good in the first place, but that doesn’t make it right) get dragged through the mud, is what should cause alarm about this story. He has lost all credibility (and even folks on the left are saying this). How can he effectively represent his constituents, when everyone he talks to cannot take him at his word? That is the bigger picture.

          If he had just come out and said, yeah, it was me – oops, this wouldn’t even have been a story. The lying and hurting others was not a personal story.

          • “I did not have sex with that woman” said Bill Clinton…he lied.  His credibility?  His ability is lead the American people?

          • Exactly.

      • I am still in favor of it. These two issues are not even close.