Welcome back Khadr?

Canadian imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay is asking for early release


The saga continues. Omar Khadr, the Canadian teenager/convicted war criminal who has spent the past nine years locked inside a Guantanamo Bay jail cell, is applying for clemency—a move that could see him back in Toronto sooner than expected. In October, the now 24-year-old pleaded guilty to “murdering” a U.S. soldier on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and was slapped with an eight-year sentence. As part of his plea deal, Khadr is allowed to apply for a transfer to a Canadian prison after serving one more year at Gitmo, but his lawyers have confirmed that they are now asking the head of the U.S. Office of Military Commissions to shorten his punishment. If approved, Khadr could be allowed to apply for his Canadian transfer before next fall. Ottawa has already said it will not oppose the application.

Toronto Sun

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Welcome back Khadr?

  1. xenophobia is not very pretty

  2. its better than letting these scumbags in to the country

  3. Omar Khadr killed and terrorized people in Afghanistan, he should be sent there for trial and punishment. He should not get a free pass because he holds a passport from the West, that would diminish Afghan beliefs in a system of justice that is supposed to be fair for everyone.

  4. He had no choices , He had to work with Al-Qaeda cause His father was a member of it. I would do the same, It's related to nationalist feeling. Bside He was a child back then when he was serving for Al-Qaeda..

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