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Welcome to Twitter, @Laureen_Harper_


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen Harper, has joined Twitter, with a new account under the name @Laureen_Harper_.

While Stephen Harper’s Twitter account is used mainly to tweet policy talking points and grip-and-grin snapshots from public events (and is quite obviously manned by a PMO staffer), Laureen Harper’s account already has a bit more personality, with a bio reading: “From Turner Valley. Wife of PM Harper and mother to Ben and Rachel. Lover of animals. Must have items include: hiking boots, snowshoes and tents.”

She was welcomed with a shout out from prolific tweeter and Treasury Board President Tony Clement:

And her first tweet was a reply:

Clement does have some solid advice for the Twitter novice, which he has learned from his own mistakes after calling out a 15-year-old teenage boy who had insulted his spelling skills.

Always good advice.

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Welcome to Twitter, @Laureen_Harper_

  1. Well, I guess at age 52 years myself, I should sign on and use/post/chat on the big Twitter too, instead of writing comments all over the place on old web pages and stuff. Besides, I do
    happen to have a couple of things in common with the 2 people spoken here. Tony Clement, and Laureen Harper. Tony and family at one time attended same church as me- St. Pauls in
    Brampton. Also, do I ever know Muskoka. Laureen Harper, do you still love horses? I’m a Thoroughbred owner who kept mine after I raced at Woodbine and Fort Erie etc. Also, I have 4 cats all from barns, other horse owners passed on to me. Never mine, the dozens I’ve spayed/neutered/rehomed. No more of that though. I’ve seen enough. Animal Cruelty/Neglect in Canada has to stop along with horse slaughter in Canada too. I pray occasionally, for a realistic chance of BILL C-322 being seriously debated and passed in 2013. No horse deserves cruel horrific death in one of 6 horse slaughters plants. Kids in Europe eating toxic horsemeat, seriously? Burger King Restaurants recently announced concerns they have.
    Ok, I will shut up now because I don’t want to be called a jackass lol for posting this rant on here. Im pretty sure someone will call me much worse on Twitter. Or do they take that down?
    Also, http://www.Macleans.ca very cool still!

  2. 10: Ray Novak – The gatekeeper

    Rarely has a prime minister shown so little interest in
    surrounding himself with people he’s grown to trust. None of the political
    aides and advisers thought to be close to Harper from before he won power in
    2006 remains in his PMO—except for Ray Novak.

    Starting out as Harper’s executive assistant in opposition
    way back in 2001, Novak basically carried the boss’s bags. Now, he carries some
    of the government’s most weighty responsibilities and delicate duties. As
    Harper’s principal secretary, he is, among other things, the key point of
    contact for foreign governments and provincial premiers. As well, Novak is the
    guy Harper trusts most to advise him on where he should travel and when.

    He is rivalled inside the PMO only by Nigel Wright. While
    the chief of staff might have more to do with managing the day-to-day affairs
    of government, the principal secretary manages the moment-to-moment movements
    of the PM.

    And there’s history to consider. How to assess the fact
    Novak once lived, when Harper was Opposition leader, above the garage at
    Stornoway? In a regime where personal
    attachments rarely add up to power, Novak is the standout exception.