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We’re number 8!

UN rankings rate Canada the eighth best country in the world to live in


After Norway, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Ireland, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands, Canada comes in at number eight in the UN’s annual ranking of the best countries in the world to live in. The assessment came in the UN’s human development index, which has been published by the UN Development Program for the past 20 years and combines individual economic prosperity with education levels and life expectancy. At the bottom of the list was Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe. Japan was at the top of the list for life expectancy, at 83.6 years, with Afghanistan at the bottom, at 44.6 years. Liechtenstein, a tiny Alpine state, soared in many areas, including having the top per capita annual income: $81,011.

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We’re number 8!

  1. The UN errs again. Signed: A Canadian.

  2. Dear Canadians – This list is wrong. Can you please invade the US state of Arizona and make us a Canadian colony?

    Our central government sues us because we want illegal aliens to go home or to California or someplace. The president says we are his enemy and he wants to punish us. We are tired of being punished all of the time. The United Nations says it is our right to be Canadians. We will "pre-surrender" like Detroit in 1812. All you have to do is rule us (or not, as you see fit).

    Please liberate Arizona. Canadians will get a hockey team for free and preferential tee times. See the FAQ for Canadians regarding colonization at http://www.disunderstand.com . Thank you in advance for attacking us.

  3. I did my own opinion poll and Canada was rated ''A '' # 1 Best Country in the World to live in. The U.N. poll can get stuffed.

  4. Given the decimation of Canada's international reputation by our incumbent neanderthal government , we are lucky to make the top ten.

  5. The U.N.???? Does this organization still have any credit?

  6. We were # 2 under Chretien. Way to go Stevie

  7. Canada was 11th under the crook in 2003, and it showed.

  8. Is the UN promoting this numbering system as to guide would be refugees where to go?

  9. So spending money on education and health gets your points up, but how long or how bad the service is isn't relevant? Subsidized Education in Canada but inadequate buildings bloated administrations?? The UN is worst than useless.