Wet summer shrinks B.C. pot crop

Fewer plants, smaller yields found after chilly growing season


A cold, wet summer has hit the Vancouver Island pot crop hard, stunting plants and likely putting some grow-ops out of business. The RCMP destroyed just over 7,000 marijuana plants this summer, about a quarter of last year’s yield. The Mounties use helicopters to seek out island grow-ops before officers move in and seize the plants. An RCMP spokesman says this year’s crop is considerably smaller on average than in previous years.

Vancouver Sun

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Wet summer shrinks B.C. pot crop

  1. Wonder how licensed medical pot was effected.  Probably not too much, since it’s mostly indoors.

  2. It’s interesting to realize that because of our laws, a bad growing year is actually a boon for them, as they can increase the price and thus take home better profits with less risk.

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