What a recession looks like

A photo gallery

Photographer Simon Hayter went into some of the hardest hit areas in California. He came out with a very clear picture of the painful reality. Be sure to listen to the audio clips attached to some of the images.

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What a recession looks like

  1. Hello,
    While it’s good (I guess in some ways) to see what a recession looks like in CA, USA I’m more interested in the recession in Canada. Living in SW Ontario, I know that the recession has hit hard here. Macleans doesn’t need to go to the USA to see the effects of the recession. We in SW Ontario are living and breathing it.

  2. The media is largely to take blame for the downward spiral in the ecconomy. The relentles negative reporting puts a lot of people into panik mode and stops them from spending. So what if we have 7% unemployed. What about the other 93% that are working and making money? The media makes it sound like to 7% are responsible to keep the ecconomy going. If the other 93% would hear and read some positive news and a bit less sensetionalizm life and teh ecconomy would fair much better.

    • People will eventualy get tired of all the negative reporting and go back to normal habits no matter what the media will do. It seems to be already starting.

    • X Betsch,
      do you keep spending house budget even though you know you won’t have tomorrow for a bread to buy?
      Media reports what they see, hear, and they saw Wall Street crashed, automobile industry colapsed ( the ONLY industry USA can depend on???????),.
      Banks. Why would Government bail out Banks? Weren’t they the same ones reporting HUGE billion $$$$$$$ profits decades in a row? WHERE IS THAT MONEY?
      Where did Madoff backers stashed $50 billion???Today every cent can be traced on Wall Street. Who is behind Madoff?

    • It still seems that you don’t get it. The relentless spending, which I might add is mostly with credit cards, is the reason we’re in this mess to begin with. Try to resist the urge to go to Wal-Mart for just a day, alright?

  3. I agree with MM — I’d much prefer to see how the recession is affecting Canadians. Though interesting, I can see pictures of this anywhere, so why at Macleans? Across Canada, conversations about the collapse are being overwhelmed by US stories, news and statistics.

    Maclean’s should emphasize the impact of the crisis in Canada.

    • Didn’t you get the memo? Harper = Bush, therefore we don’t need to cover Canada any more.

      • Harper=Bush is the NDP, Liberal, CBC mantra. I agree that the media, in particular the CBC have delighted in spreading gloom and doom; with great delight. They are too lazy to develop Canadian stories, so they just siphon from the USA. MacLeans is little better.

  4. This is what happens when a society lives beyond its means. Eventually those credit card bills, lines of credit, home equity loans, will come due. People are to blame for this mess. The tent city is a prime example of people who should of rented not owned homes they cannot afford. One should live within there means and not spends other peoples money to live in a fantasy land.

  5. A large number of Stockton residents have always been gripped in a recession. Skeletons of developments, both business and residential, have always been plentiful in Stockton, CA. Good choice for a worst case scenario, Macleans.

  6. Photos of blacks grabbing freebies is certainly no indictaor of a recession.
    They will live in that manner whether the times are prosperous or not.
    The picture means nothing to those that know this race

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