What?! Alpine Canada lets Read go


Let me get this straight. Ken Read turns around the Canadian downhill program, helps resurrect the career of Thomas Grandi, helps fill the organization’s coffers, makes us all proud of our team in a sport that, based on climate, terrain and economics we should be kicking ass in.

And yet the Alpine Canada board can’t find its way around an arcane rule stating that “employees” of the organization can’t have kids racing for the team. Who knew that bureaucracy was a bigger threat to skiing in this country than global warming?

You have to think Read had had enough. Either that, or this is the dumbest move by a Canadian sports body in recent memory.


What?! Alpine Canada lets Read go

  1. If the rule had anything to do with it at all, that’s freaking insane. In any case, I can’t understand why Alpine Canada would even mention it.

  2. “Dumbest move by a Canadian Sports body…” Please… It will take more than one “losing Ken Read” to make up the enormous edge of stupidty currently held by the Canadian Soccer Association.

    Why, just last year, they commissioned their CEO to find them a coach promising non-interference, which he did, then refused to hire the coach AND lost the CEO.

  3. Coming up on Balls: an all-time stupid moves ranking for Canadian amateur sport.

  4. I think Ken Read did the right thing. His son wants to be a professional skier, and the last thing his son will need are distractions about whether favoritism played any role in his training or decisions about which events he participates in, and on and on. Had he stayed on, I’m sure the press would not have hesitated picking up on any move made by Ken Read that appeared to favour his son over any of the other skiers on the team.

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