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What are the rules for air travel right now?

Advice on flying over the next few days: get to the airport early and courier your bags to your destination


After Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab set himself on fire on a Detroit-bound plane, no one really knows what the rules for airlines are, though CBS’s Peter Greenberg notes one universal rule: “get to your airport early.” Transport Canada ordered a ban on most carry-on luggage for flights to the United States (a ban that had already been announced by some of the individual airlines), with only a few seemingly-harmless items allowed on the planes. WestJet airlines told the National Post that these restrictions would last until Wednesday. But even as your backpacks and other sacks are being banned from airplanes, your
flight might leave a little sooner than it did yesterday; some of the harsher travel restrictions have been quietly lifted, like the rule that you can’t leave your seat in the last hour of the flight. However, pilots are still banned from telling the passengers which U.S. cities or landmarks they’re flying over. Greenberg thinks all of this is essentially useless, “an attempt to make people who didn’t fly very often feel better.” But he adds that people who do fly often do in fact know better. His advice for getting through these rules with a minimum of inconvenience: arrive at the airport two or three hours early, and “courier your bags ahead of time.”

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What are the rules for air travel right now?

  1. Courier your bags? No carry on luggage would have prevented this most recent incident in what way?
    Perhaps the best way to travel is to totally avoid airports?

    • not sure that Greenberg is suggesting that no carryon bags would have prevented the episode; i think he is more suggesting that if you courier you bags you will have to go through fewer inconveniences at the airport(s).

  2. Used to have to fly all the time because of my job. Thank God I don't have to anymore. Would rather crawl over an acre of broken glass to get anywhere. It would be less painful!

  3. i think its perfectly justifiable for their to be profiling based on peoples origin or even religious or political beliefs …better that we are safe ..these people may have to travel by car or walk

  4. I think it is a big conspiracy by the company that makes naked scanners. Simple failure to believe in what the father of the terrorist said . Now you can profile and get some sick pleasure out of it. Do not ever question why the the father of terrorist was not taken seriously.