What does Rob Ford say? 22 Minutes spoofs the Toronto mayor


The musical talents of the This Hour Has 22 Minutes are on display again in the music video “What Did Rob Ford Say?”

It aired Tuesday night and is a spoof of the viral video “The Fox.”

And yes, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford really did say “I effed up” and “I have plenty to eat at home.” Just in case you missed it.

In fact, Ford has had plenty to say in the last two days, since he threatened an “outright war in the next election” at council Monday and then launched a media blitz. Ford, alongside his brother Doug Ford, appeared on major U.S. and Canadian cable networks on Monday and Tuesday after mostly avoiding reporters since allegations of the crack video first surfaced in May.

You can watch the Ford brothers in their interviews with Peter Mansbridge, CNN’s Bill Weir and The Today Show over here.

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What does Rob Ford say? 22 Minutes spoofs the Toronto mayor

  1. If the man commits suicide after something like this – who takes responsibility for bullying?

    • This man is so arrogant, suicide is the last thing on his mind. I would be more worried about what he would do to his wife. He is a bully, not the other way around.

      • Arrogant – granted – mentally ill – most definately! I’m not a professional, but wouldn’t you at least say he was a sociopath?
        He is a bully – agreed but two wrongs don’t make a right… I think we should take our lead from his council – and turn our backs.
        The video just makes me sad…

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