What?! Doesn’t every sports blog need a mascot??


Probably not. But that isn’t stopping us from adopting the Canadian men’s rowing team as ours—based solely on the video they made in the streets of San Fran last year. Watch the Sony ad that inspired it all before checking out their spoof—shot by team member Kevin Light. (And read Ken MacQueen’s profile of the world champion Men’s Eight team here.)


What?! Doesn’t every sports blog need a mascot??

  1. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the world. Without this groundbreaking journalism where oh where could the average person on the internet find video of half naked men! p.s , I read blogs for opinion, if I wanted video i’d go to youtube.

  2. Well Mr. Hyland, I read blogs for videos of guys running around in their speedos.

    p.s. If I wanted to read really annoying comments laced with sarcasm I would go to youtube.

  3. mr. hyland – the point I take from this video is that these World Champion/future Olympic champions decided to do something creative in response to a lack of sponsorship. Is it not impressive that instead of sitting there complaining about it they produced something unique, attention grabbing and hey, FUNNY?
    Good job boys- and good luck in Beijing!

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