What Elizabeth May did between debates


Green party leader Elizabeth May flew to Toronto between the leaders’ debates to be on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. A car was on standby in case of airline trouble. May flew Porter Airlines and took the ferry from the island airport to the CBC studios.


May’s daughter, Victoria Cate, has been with her mom the entire campaign.


Greens gathered at bars across the nation to watch May in the debates. Here is Ontario Green party leader Frank de Jong watching the debate in Toronto.


He was with the group campaigning and supporting Toronto federal Green candidate Sharon Howarth.

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What Elizabeth May did between debates

  1. I bet the Globe’s John Barber is very peeved with Elizabeth May today – he hates the Island Airport. Won’t see David Miller endorsing the Greens today either!

  2. The Greens don’t run a very strategic campaign. They are increasing in popular support, but they never elect any candidates. They are wasting their resources, trying to run as if they were a national party, running people in every riding. If I was running the campaign strategy, I would focus all of my resources on 10 or 20 key ridings across the country, with the goal of getting official party status. And for God’s sake, stop running the leader against a high profile candidate!

  3. It is disppointing that the leader of the Green Party would take a short haul flight when this is the most polluting form of travel.

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