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What will happen to Paul Bernardo when the Kingston Penitentiary closes?

Killer requests transfer to a medium-security prison


For the past 18 years, notorious schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo has lived 23 hours a day in a 1.5-by-3-metre solitary confinement cell at the maximum security Kingston Penitentiary. He’s let out an hour a day to exercise or watch TV.

With the institution closing this fall, there are reports that Bernardo, now 48, has asked to transfer to a medium-security prison.

Don’t expect that to happen, Toronto lawyer Richard Shekter told Canada AM. There is zero public sympathy for Bernardo, who was sentenced to two
life terms in 1995 for the murders of students from St. Catharines, Ont., Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French.

Moreover, he’d be a target in the general prison population.

“Baby killers or child molesters, people who are despised within the pecking order of these institutions, are not safe,” Shekter said.

Federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said he’s been assured a transfer is unlikely.

Meantime, Karla Homolka, his ex-wife and partner in crime, has three children and lives in Guadeloupe as Leanne Bordelais, after cutting a plea deal and serving a lighter sentence.

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What will happen to Paul Bernardo when the Kingston Penitentiary closes?

  1. Regardless of where he’s sent, the general prison population there will eventually find a way to deal with this low life. Sooner or later. That’s a guarantee.

    • He now has a job in the prison library . They would not put him in there unless he was safe from the general population . The library job will also improve his lifestyle by giving him more credits to spend in the canteen .To have taken him out of solitary confinement is a travesty of justice . We should fight this by writing to our M.P. to voice condemnation and overturn this stupid decision .

  2. CHCH TV Hamilton Ontario / August 5, 2013 had an interview with Mrs. Donna French saying that Bernardo was working in the library at in prison .

  3. Simple, open up a prison in the north and send him there.

  4. just put him to death already and low lifes like him .
    why should there be a p.c save overcrowding.

    • I think we should FRY Mr. “Inch Dick” Bernardo……. that’s why he had to rape innocent young girls……. because his pecker was as big as mine when I relieve myself (when he was erect) damn slimebucket………. hang him!

  5. What is the answer to the question asked in the title of this article? Now that Kingston Penitentiary is closed, where is he located?

  6. Welcome to Canada!!! 2 life sentences and he still get food and lodge after killing people and taping them, millions of taxpayers spent on this psycho, a bullet or a rope is much cheaper…..

    • Amen

      Bring back Street Justice

    • Actually it’s not. Death penalty cases are up to 10x more expensive for taxpayers than life sentences. Do your research.

  7. Over the past 10-12 years I have read all the books, newspaper articles, watched and listened to interviews with Karla, Paul and their friends….does anyone else think that Karla was WORSE then Paul? Obviously what he did was heinous and I agree he should be in jail, but I mean, Karla had every chance to end it before Leslie and Kristen.. Paul even left Karla at home with Kristen and she still didnt make a run for it.