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What’s a Green’s favourite part of the sheep?


Former Green leader Jim Harris held a party fundraiser in his new Toronto home.


When Green leader Elizabeth May arrived, the rain started. Folks poured into the house and then returned outside when there was a break. The speeches began and when May stood on a large stone block to speak, it began to rain again. The Green leader was sporting a lovely secondhand Queen of England-esque yellow outfit and brought her daughter Victoria Cate.


Green volunteer Derek Pieper.


Guests included Governor General awardwinning Lois James, an environmentalist.


Green trooper Darcy Higgins.


Lots of healthy nibblies.


The fertilizer at the side of the house was sheep manure.

Gift bags for guests included biodegradable green-leaf plates and tableware.


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What’s a Green’s favourite part of the sheep?

  1. Jim & Lee-Anne – What a perfect house to host a green party fundraiser !

    Roevel M. Guzman

  2. Looks like tasty food.

  3. Queen of Canada, please. Or just the Queen.

  4. Dear M. Grégoire,

    I sincerely hope you aren’t clogging the tubes of the Internet with ignorant remarks.

    Is there any reason you show contempt for an offhand remark about her attire? By simply wearing something that makes her look regal and stunning, is she stating she is the Queen? No.

    How about the fact that the piece of attire she is wearing is obviously in perfect condition, yet is second hand. The fact that she saved it from entering the trash receptacle and stopped it from becoming another useless artifact of misguided human phylosophy, is a testament to the ideals she promotes.

    Try to be more courteous to others, maybe you’ll feel better about yourself. I like that you have contempt for a Queenly figure, you must be educated enough to understand that the idea of a Queen (or King) ‘ruling’ the masses is something that limits our sense of self. Try taking that further, are you fully integrated and understanding of everything within your-self?

    – The party looks like it was a ton of fun, I wish I could have made it. Elizabeth and VC look radiant.

  5. However, I think I may have misinterpreted your remark … if that was the case you can ignore my response to it. =)

  6. My apologies to M. Grégoire on behalf of M. Dempsey, I think MD mistook criticism of the Macleans bloggers’ sloppy terminology for criticism of Elizabeth (May)’s outfit.

    E II R is indeed the Queen of Canada which is of greater relevance to Canadians than that she is also Queen of England. Having seen both in person, I agree that the outfit would suit either Elizabeth, although the Queen wouldn’t be seen without a matching hat.

    I’m sorry a prior engagement far away kept me from what was clearly a lovely do.