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When good intentions aren’t good enough

U.S. missionaries charged with child trafficking in Haiti


A group of U.S. Christian missionaries, detained in Haiti on charges of child trafficking, are pleading ignorance, saying they were only trying to help. According to the Idaho-based Baptist missionaries, they travelled to Haiti on their own dime in the wake of the earthquake to rescue orphaned children. The group of 10 were arrested on Friday while trying to take 33 children by bus to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. At the time, the missionaries didn’t have passports for the children of the documents required to take them out of the country. The arrest comes after Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive expressed concern about child trafficking in the wake of the disaster. A local judge is currently reviewing the case against the missionaries to determine whether they will be tried in Haiti or in the U.S.


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When good intentions aren’t good enough

  1. I do not believe they had bad intentions, My goodness can't someone in the U,S, straighten this matter out for them, I will not send anything there until I know these missionaries are home and safe from any charge of trafficking. God knows there intentions. A mistake was made, and innocent one.

    • How would you feel if one of those kids was your kid? You'd probably want them nailed to the cross for their actions. I don't care what their intentions were. There actions were completely idiotic, negligent, and very criminal. And I'm not so sure their intentions were good, because of their sneaky manner. I don't trust them just because they were from a Christian missionary. There are good and bad people, no matter what group they're from, or what their appearance is. So don't bother sending anything, you probably wouldn't have anyway. You're just looking for a lame excuse. And you think that it will help by punishing those who desperately need help. It's a good thing for those suffering that there are others who will help.

    • If a foreign national breaks US immigration law, well intentoned or not, the are automatically deported and subjected to 10 years exclusion – EVEN if the mistake was completely accidental. Why shoud US citizens get a pass in other countries? That you would with-hold giving from this terrible situation involving millions of people because of the stupidity of 10 US citizens is, well, I can't even bring myself to say it. This just confirms to me what the rest of the world believes – Americans (using a very broad brush here) do believe they are the most important people in the world.

  2. Idaho-based Baptist missionaries? Isn't Idaho predominately Mormon?

    And if they are missionaries acquainted with foreign missions, how is it that they had no passports/papers for the kids?

    If they wanted to help let them stay and help, don't decamp with little children making them stateless persons the instant they leave Haiti.

  3. A mistake was made, I don't believe it was an innocenct one. if this would have realy been an above board operation it would have been handled differently. narrow minded ideology can get one into trouble.
    as for withholding your support for Haiti feels like punishing a victim.