When Lily did Britney


Here’s the song you’re going to be playing all day tomorrow,  from the stupidly addictive hypemachine.

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When Lily did Britney

  1. so seven weeks ago…

  2. I dunno Mr. Big Daddy. I was away seven weeks ago.

    The phrasing is timeless, nonetheless.

  3. Oh, and Mr. Potter — good catch!

    • VIsit PotterGold for all of your seven-week-old cultural findings.

  4. With all the money and time Macleans has invested in getting us to this website and keeping us here, I’m sure they’d appreciate it if you used links that open new browser windows.

    I just hate having to navigate back myself.

    • “and keeping us here,…”

      Free us now!

      Some people really do live to whine.

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