When Senate appointments go horribly wrong


From this morning’s post-QP scrums; Denis Coderre responds to comments reportedly made by Senator Michael Fortier on whether he would have asked questions about Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend:

Question: [Senator Michael] Fortier seems to be saying that if he was in opposition —

Denis Coderre: He would have done the same thing?

Question: Yes. What do you make of that since
the prime minister yesterday said you’re all, what is it, busybodies?

Denis Coderre: Well, is that odd couple? I think that Mr.
Fortier should learn what’s ministerial solidarity I guess but it seems
that now we know that when they were in opposition they were acting
even worse than that. All we care is to ask a legitimate question on
national security. But to have Mr. Fortier who’s saying those kind of
things. I think that the prime minister should take a look of the
friendship between Mr. Fortier and Mr. Bernier.


When Senate appointments go horribly wrong

  1. Just wondering where all the Liberal moral angst was when Bill Graham was the Foreign Minister and acting PM or when Alphonse Gagliano was a member of their party.

  2. Right, because there’s never any need to concentrate on current failings if someone else failed first.

  3. Bill Graham was never acting PM, although he did act as Leader of the Party. Of course that was when the party was in Opposition, therefore he could not have been a Minister at the same time.

  4. The PM was right. They and many others are busybodies.
    It may be useful to investigate the past girl friends and boyfriends of ALL MPs and Journalists to discover any possible untoward relationships that influenced their behaviour.

    Why be busybodies on a selective basis?

  5. Pffft… the daughter of Ed Broadbent’s chief fart catcher is unlikely to ask ‘any’ questions of the left.

  6. Stephane Dion: Misser Speaker, d’honable member from Beauce has come in da House widout ‘is shirt tucked in! Dis is a disgrace, an’ we deman’ dat ‘e resign!

  7. Bill Graham has been accused of a very dispicable act and yet there was very little press coverage about that. Could there be a double standard? Me thinks so.

    As well I suspect that Couillard had a background check but Harper is not going to give the Opposition the satisfaction of telling them that.

    Perhaps if Dion and Ignatieff had framed the questions properly in the first place as did Bob Rae today they would have got a more receptive answer.

  8. Funniest comment so far – made by Don Martin on CBC Politics Show – on the Couillard/Bernier kerfuffle.

    “Tempest in a D-cup”

  9. If the Conservatives are so upset with the media about this, then why are they leaking such damaging comments about Bernier to them?

  10. I am sure that Margaret Trudeau will be greatly relieved to learn that our friends in the trenches of transparency and accountability have sworn of being busybodies. These same noble conservatives are probably saving up their allowance to send some spring flowers to Belinda Stronach, to make up for the lapses in character and couth that led to her being dragged through the mud, being called a whore, a bitch and a dog. And just to show their North America largesse, the SPP workgroup types will surely be sending Hillary a Mother’s Day card. Perhaps our right wing pals should go look up Profumo/Keeler, just for context.

  11. Belinda Stronach, to make up for the lapses in character and couth that led to her being dragged through the mud, being called a whore, a bitch and a dog.

    Belinda worked hard to earn her place in the proper annals of Canadian political history.

    She made her bed, her and everyone else can sleep in it.

    All I see is “ex” girlfriend and “alleged” connections, but I’m sure enough for the already disgraced libs to strike out from the gutter (seems to be their permanent residence these days) and try to bring down a public figure.

  12. Black Bart-
    That was c o m p l e t e l y uncalled for. If you have an issue with being a ‘busy-body” or with Dion’s policies, then say it. Don’t waste your time, as many have, by attacking his linguistics. If you recall, they tried the same thing with Chretien. And look where that got him. No need to insult the speaking of someone for whom said language is not his/her first.

  13. If only Max was not such a complete goof. It’s not so much who he dates, sleeps with or not. Few really care. But it is rather funny to watch Steve go on and on about how Canada is now respected on the world stage, and his ‘we are number one’ chant. Max screws that up at a regular pace, as does Petey “I’m sooo blue” MacKay. Idiots both of them, when it comes to women, foreign policy, defence, and what was it Maxie was up to with OOOda before? I forget but it was screwy too.

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