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Where did all the Tiger Woods ads go?

The golfer’s face is everywhere but TV commercials


None of the corporations that use Tiger Woods as their pitchman have dumped the disgraced golfer since his extramarital dalliances made headlines— at least publicly. But new data from Nielsen Co. reveals that ads featuring Woods vanished from prime-time broadcast television  and cable channels following reports of his extramarital affairs. The  last prime-time ad featuring the 33-year-old golfer was a 30-second  Gillette Co. spot on Nov. 29, two days after he crashed his car outside his house. One of the commercials pulled from the schedule was one for  Pac-10, a college athletic conference, due to be shown on ESPN on Thursday. The promotional spot hailed him as an “inspiration” and “an influential figure both on and off the golf course.” A Pac-10 spokesman said: “I don’t know when, or if, it will be used again.” Yesterday, Gatorade, which signed a $100 million, five-year deal with Woods in 2007  became  the first brand to drop a Woods product when it announced its Tiger Focus drink, launched in March 2008, will be discontinued.

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Where did all the Tiger Woods ads go?

  1. Tiger, you should have ignored Nike's 'Be Like Mike' ad. Hang around with bad family guys; you become a bad family guy. You needed Jordan as a mentor like a hole in the head. He was a bad influence on you. His demeanor (emphasis on 'mean') at his HOF induction tells it all. He can not get out of the limelight. Having him at the President's Cup was a joke. I get sick when I see him in that Charlie Sheen ad. Have no idea what the product is, just one bad guy after another. Follow Rick Reilly's advice and you have a shot to be the best golfer in the world, as you have left it now…it is all about Jack!

    ps You fooled millions of people, including kids who now have to ask their parents what 'transgressions' are after reading it on your website. How does that feel?