Where do you go after ‘Change’? Barack Obama unveils his re-election campaign slogan


It all comes down to one word: “Forward.”

President Barack Obama’s team has unveiled a video launching his re-election campaign with a central message: “While there’s still more to do, there has been real progress.” Over seven minutes, the president talks about his accomplishments, including avoiding a complete economic collapse, repealing the anti-gay policy in the Army, and passing health care and equal-pay legislation. About one minute is dedicated to remind Americans that Republican legislators have conspired to “deny the president a second term” by opposing every piece of legislation proposed by the Obama administration.

Though “Forward” is not as catchy as “Change” was in 2008, the video is sure to get supporters fired up for the November vote.



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Where do you go after ‘Change’? Barack Obama unveils his re-election campaign slogan

  1. Regardless of Obama or Romney, they are in tailspin. As many of us were witness to the end of the British and the Soviet empires, we are seeing the end of the American one, almost before they realized they had one.
    Gandhi was right. In the end, all empires fall. Always. Lets just hope it’s as relatively graceful and decent as the Brits, and as relatively peaceful (aside from Chechnya) as Gorbachev’s Soviets. Knowing the players, and their penchant for violence and mass stupidity, it’s not likely. My hope is that they don’t do something even more insane than Iraq or Afghanistan, but just fade quietly away. Not likely. Time to distance ourselves from them economically, politically and militarily. Again, and with this government, not likely

  2. Gee, it’s like the White House is taking its cues from MSNBC or something…

  3. Forward, condrade!

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