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Where will the world’s leaders watch the World Cup games?

G20 Summit officials are working to solve the question


As the G20 leaders descend on Toronto later this month, there’s a pressing logistical question that must be solved: where will the delegates watch the World Cup games? Fourteen of 24 nations represented at the G20 are participating in the most popular sporting event on earth, and the summit, which begins on June 26, will coincide with key matches as teams advance to the finals. Officials at the Summit Management Office (SMO) in Toronto say they are trying to determine where leaders and their  aides can view the live games. In the meantime, they have assured delegates that they will receive regular updates about the sporting event. South African President Jacob Zuma will perhaps be the leader who is missingthe most: he’ll be holed up at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with Prime Minister Stephen Harper while one of the biggest celebrations ever to be held in his country carries on.

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Where will the world’s leaders watch the World Cup games?

  1. Hopefully they will be watching the games as ten thousand people tear down the fence and pour in to join them.

  2. They will be watching them lakeside, duh.

  3. They can watch them in hell for all I care. Toronto is so desperate for recognition as a world class city (which it isn't) that it's willing to host a clusterf**k like the G20 summit. All we can hope is that the rioters burn the city to the ground so we can start again, and build a proper city this time around.