Where you going, Frank?




Attention subscriber!

To our regret, we have decided to stop publishing Frank Magazine. Effective immediately, both the online efrank.ca and the bimonthly paper edition have been terminated.

Despite the efforts of our wonderful staff and contributors, our loyal investors and our dedicated subscribers, we could not achieve profitability.

My thanks to everyone involved with Frank over the past 19 years.
It has been a memorable experience, but it is now time to move on.

To efrank.ca subscribers, your Visa accounts have been closed.
Please direct all inquiries to 613-567-2552.

Er, that’s it,
Michael Bate

After countless lawsuits and incarnations, it is with sadness and mock fury that I announce the demise, yet again, of Frank Magazine.

For those of you who care, and most of you probably won’t, Frank has been the perpetual thorn in the arse of politicians and journalists alike for–-ker-rist, nearly 20 years? Have you wasted that much of your life, Bate?

No one–-not Brian Mulroney, not Rick Mercer, and certainly not Maclean’s Magazine— has been spared. It punctured egos, pilloried laziness and gleefully shouted down what passes for sacred cows in this country. I can now say that the magazine took no prisoners, because spouting such a gruesome cliché won’t land me on its infamous ‘Drivel’ page, where bad prose from the likes of us inky wretches was appropriately lampooned.

Of course, they dinged my credit card $10.45 two weeks ago, meaning I’m still owed $5.23 worth of filth. Pay up, Frank.

Er, that’s it.

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Where you going, Frank?

  1. The original Frank , out of Halifax is still going. One of the first owners/ publishers/ writers recently ran for the school board in Halifax. Not sure if he won or not.

  2. I was part of a group that was mulling over buying FRANK from Michael Bate – before he sold to the Financial Times reporter – “Febreeze” or whatever his name is…
    Met up with Fabrice and Kim Honey – his editor – one night at a downtown Toronto bar – his attempt to take the magazine in another direction was a total screw-up – Bate had to take it back!
    Sad really – who is going to keep Sewater Boy honest now?

  3. Sweater Boy!!

  4. Atlantic Canada Frank is independently owned and operated. It is in no way, shape or form connected to the Ontario-based edition of Frank Magazine, efrank.ca or Michael Bate.

    John Williams
    Editor, Frank Magazine
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    October 28, 2008.

  5. There’s absolutely no place for a Canadian version of Spy or Eye. The media clique in this country is, far, far too petulant and our defamation laws aren’t sensible enough.

    Not that I care anyway. Our politicians and media personalities are boring anyway. Their peccadilloes are petty and kind of sordid (not grandiose and cinematic) and their ideals are too earnest.

  6. sad day for everyone. though it has been years since I bought the thing, it was a great eye-opener.

  7. If the credit card charge was only two weeks ago, you may have an opportunity to have them cancel the charge as the product or service was not delivered.

    Was this the now-lamented publication that distributed some rape-and-torture fantasy involving a/the family member(s) of a public figure, many years ago? If so, I am sorry it took this long for these excrement-for-brains to close shop.

    If I am suffering a memory mix-up, I apologetically retract and instead wonder if the taxpayer can recoup its periodical publications support subsidy, or whatever-the-heck they call that perticular piece of corporate welfare. OK, I wonder that wonder anyways, but still…