Where’s Iggy? Where’s Rae? Where’s LeBlanc?



Where's Iggy? Where's Rae? Where's Leblanc?

Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae and Dominic LeBlanc are seeking leadership of the Liberal party. That leadership race is now on and the biggest issue before the country is whether or not replacing the Harper government with a coalition of its opponents is in the best interests of the country. If a coalition is to happen, one of these three men would become prime minister next May.

Earlier this week, they stood side-by-side-by-side before the cameras and pledged their support for Stéphane Dion as both leader of the Liberal party and prime minister in a Liberal-NDP government. Whatever the Governor General decides Thursday morning, that coalition now hangs in the balance. If she agrees to prorogue Parliament, the next seven weeks will double as a Liberal leadership race and a mini-election campaign. And if Messrs Ignatieff, Rae and LeBlanc stand behind this coalition, they must be front and centre.

For sure, the coalition will live or die on the abilities of Stéphane Dion, Jack Layton and, yes, Gilles Duceppe, to legitimize it. But whereas Mr. Dion would be prime minister for a matter of months, one of Ignatieff, Rae or LeBlanc would, if the agreement holds, lead the country for at least a year. If they were reluctant to overshadow their party leader before, they must now find a way to stand, if not in front of him, at least prominently beside him.

In the days and weeks that follow we will be closely following their words and deeds. Given the responsibilities that may soon be theirs and the stakes which could not be higher, they deserve as much scrutiny as any of the individuals who are now debating no less than the fate of this nation.


Where’s Iggy? Where’s Rae? Where’s LeBlanc?

  1. Who the hell are “The Editors?”

  2. Yes, a full flushing out is needed, now more than ever. Will the Liberal upcoming leadership have the courage?

  3. Iggy is my personal best hope for a climb-down on the Liberal side. Lets hope the Conservative caucus’s sense of self preservation kicks in and they throw Harper overboard to reciprocate.

  4. <i<Given the responsibilities that may soon be theirs and the stakes which could not be higher, they deserve as much scrutiny as any of the individuals who are now debating no less than the fate of this nation.

    And remember…this is the publication that inflicted David Frum Mark Steyn and Barbara Amiel on Canadians. So take their concern about the “fate of the nation” with a grain of salt.

  5. In my view Dion is the weakest link. As a Conservative supporter, I’d be nervous if Iggy takes over in the next month.

  6. Ah, editors, ( tee hee ) the burden of responsibility for the national destiny lies heavy on your shoulders.

  7. Liberal sinking ship got secretly converted into a fire ship as it was the only thing that it was still good for. It was anchored in an open harbour badly listing to one side, Captain Dion bravely stood on the bridge and shouted commands, some old blind and hobbling sailors moved around pretending that they were still able to raise the sails and man the cannons.
    Other two ships that decided to plunder it under a pretext that they were joining it to form a flotilla and attack Conservative Man of war were in a very nasty surprise. As they boarded fire ship under the pretext of signing some kind of a treaty Conservative Man of War approached fired its canons and set the fire ship ablaze. It was only then that the captains of the other two ships come to realise what kind of a trap they got themselves into.
    As the crew of Liberal ship float about in their row boat they rejoice watching this scene of mayhem and destruction.
    Who said that it is only Captain Harper who is the master strategist??

  8. If I was in Liberals’ shoes if the parliament is prorogued, I would hold the leadership convention sooner in January. This way if the coalition is going to govern they will not need to change the prime minister in 3 months and if there is an election they would contest with a new and more popular leader.

  9. Bob Rae was on both Don Newman’s Politics and Mike Duffy Live on Tuesday, speaking strongly about the coalition. He hasn’t disappeared.

    No one knows who Dominic Leblanc is and I can’t imagine he’s missed by anyone.

    Ignatieff is the one MIA.

  10. I have heard a few people on tv, in print, claim that Coalition was dependent on Dion being leader or else Layton/Duceppe wouldn’t have agreed. If true, Layton/Duceppe know they can roll Dion to get their own way before anyone else can step in and try to establish authority.

    I am not surprised Iggy is in hiding, he must be agonizing over how to play this. Iggy will have zero legitimacy as PM if he takes over in a few months because the average person has no idea who he is, he’s never held a cabinet post and the only reason why he’s where is he is now is wealth and influential friends.

  11. “I have heard a few people on tv, in print, claim that Coalition was dependent on Dion being leader or else Layton/Duceppe wouldn’t have agreed. ”

    That alone tells you they are not in this for the long haul. If they wanted the coalition to be successful, they would have gone with a leader that could actually win an election.

  12. I hope Ignatieff stays in hiding. He’s gutless in my opinion. I wouldn’t want him to lead the Liberals. Someone said he was the Obama of Canadian politics. What a joke. He should be front and center if he’s that great. If he gets elected as leader I’ll never vote Liberal again.

  13. Did the GG call in the opposition leaders after? There were stories that she might. It’d be funny if she told them that there was no way that a Liberal party scoring its lowest ever popular-vote showing in the last election would be allowed to govern, and that any non-confidence vote would mean an election. Coalition over right then and there.

    I heard that all coalition MP’s were asked (read made) to sign that petition to the GG, saying that a majority of MP’s had lost confidence in the government. I read that 161 signed … hmm, who was the holdout (and if Bill Casey signed, then who were the two holdouts?)? Frank Valeriolette, from Guelph? I saw he was making noises yesterday, saying this was a bad deal for the Liberal party (finally! some sanity).

    Ignatieff I’m sure doesn’t want this … but if he goes against it too publically, then it could hurt his chances of winning the leadership. He got seriously screwed over by both Dion and Rae. Those two, for varying reasons, both couldn’t give two sh*ts about the Liberal party.

    Why didn’t the coalition raise motions to adjourn the House early Tuesday and Wednesday? Sure, the Conservatives would’ve trotted out the “get to work” line, but that is a way to demonstrate that the Government no longer has control of the House. That would’ve raised the question more than the coalition agreement did. Let’s remember, the opposition voted confidence in the government less than a WEEK ago!!! I think it’s a bit contradictory to essentially say “we like your agenda” and then try to bring down the government before seeing any part of that agenda (that vote was after the economic statement, after all).

    Lastly, Derek Lee (CP had him as Derrick; he’s been an MP forever and they got his name wrong!), who I thought was a pretty level-headed guy, takes the Godwin’s Law Award for his “this is just like when the Nazi’s burned down the Reichstag” comment of today, referring to the prorogation.

  14. The Liberals really need to get their act together and find a way to replace Dion asap, whether by caucus vote or some other means.

    Derek Lee actually referred to the “Bundestag”, oddly. I don’t think KRB has the quote exactly right otherwise, either.

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